The Best Idea Yet! Hold The First Annual Firing Squad For The Republican Party! Do Mexicans Believe In Reverse Racism And The Constitution Of The United States And The Bill Of Rights Contains Anything Within For Them? Again In Oakland Mexifornia The “Great” Baby Machine And Their Supporters Tries To Tell America Who The Boss Is!

Another Republican Senator that tryed to get away! Illegal immigration a successful business for countries of origin like Mexico and U.S. business men in ?   You probably have heared that the “Latino” popuation is the fastest growing population in America. And all in the same breath we hear the illegal population is holding at 11 million. The “Latino’ population grew by 2 million in the passed 6 months. I know these people have babies faster than any animal on earth but still NOT that fast. It would take all of baby popping Mexico to grow a population that fast. The talk stops at population. What you don’t hear is the “Latino” population is the fastest growing of a people in human history. You also probably have heard the “Latino” has a high unemployment rate. Did these “Latinos” leave their country of origin flat broke or did they come to America with suit cases full of money and their pockets so full of cash moneys falling out of their pockets? And are these “Latinos” coming to a country with jobs for everybody or without? You may have heard the “Latino” voter (illegal immigrant) may hold back their votes because their people didn’t get “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” (more RIGHTS than the America people) yet. And now their MAD because white America hasn’t created millions of jobs fast enough for their people. A recent poll suggests that president Barck Obama re-elect percentage is at 49 with Mitt Romney at 43% if the “great” baby machine isn’t voting because their not getting it all their way. Then these percentages suggest the “great” baby machine is NOT the vital voters we all have been told they are.Every few months the “Latino” population in America grows by this many people as they continue coming to a country with NO jobs, dwindling resources and an all ready financially choked to death Welfare system. And they all still tell us “11 million.” Since 2006 i have been hearing Mexicans talking about the Constitution of the United States like its suppose to work for them and more talk of their Rights this and their Rights that. I haven’t seen anything in the Constitution of the United States that depicts “We The Mexican People” neither have i seen anything in the Bill of Rights that says Mexicans and or Central Americans have full rights in America. Realistically non citizens of the United States have far fewer RIGHTS than the south of the border invasion force supporters want us Americans to believe. Also i don’t believe this “We Were Here First” business holds any merit. This document is NOT the Constitution of Mexico  And this document is not The Mexican Bill of Rights.  It would appear the words Mexicans love using every time a American citizen, American sheriff, American governor or the American federal government gets in their Mexican baby making way are the words  is just a mouth full of s**t. This looks exactly like the term “reverse racism” so who looks like the RACIST here? Actually these protest signs among many others like Racist, Whitey, Nazi, Our Indigenous Continent is nothing more than a frail attempt to be right. Realistically how can “we have the Mexican & Central American Indigenous babies & your White American system pays” be right? They obviously haven’t thought their messages out very well. If white people went to Europe (not back to) where is the “money” among other resources payed for by white Americans & Orientals going to come from? Would it come from Mexico? Central America? How about any other Indigenous country? So in short if whitie leaves who pays for the south of the border Indigenous to live and breed. Will the Native American pay your “this is our continent” bills?,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=bcbe901454e3f0e0&biw=1024&bih=602 As long as the breeder breeds they are going to have to be supported this they obviously know and that is why they are here in America. The more babies they have the more Hispanics living in poverty we are all going to continue hearing about. Who is really the victim here? Below America and Americans will pay and pay for our people to live and breed NOT our own Indigenous countries. Again the “great” south of the border baby machine takes advantage of another situation. A downtown Oakland Wells Fargo branch closed its doors yesterday Nov 5, 2011 so called immigrant rights protestors crowded the entrance to condemn the banks ties to companies that run immigrant detention centers. Again Mexicans are trying to tell us Americans who the boss is here in America. We know and they know the flood of 10’s of millions of broke a** breeders that has been forcing their way into the U.S. for years is NOT immigration. Again the south of the border out of control baby making machine is telling us Americans that we are getting in their way again. Some how Mexico/Mexicans and Central Americans now have themselves completely convinced that the United States is responsible (not their own countries) for giving them everything they want and libel to pay for the lives and welfare for every baby they continue dropping at the drop of a hat. Personally i do believe in immigration rights but what Mexicans and Central Americans are doing to this country and doing to get into this country is NOT immigration. They are called immigration rights groups, these groups have nothing to do with immigrants from all around the world just the Hispanic invasion flooding in from the southern border. Pablo Paredes says this “occupy” movement is very exciting its another cause for the Latino community to take advantage for their own people. As the out of control south of the border baby machine and their supporters has demonstrated since the 1980’s they are determined America NOT their own countries will pay for them all to live and breed until life as we all know it comes to an end. We the Indigenous baby machine has the right to the whole continent as long as America and Americans (NOT our own Indigenous countries and people) pays for our people to live, breathe, eat like pigs and to hump up and down sticking it in and out. This American money created by white America is our brown Indigenous Mexican and Central American peoples money Americans because we want things our own people don’t create and or provide for us in our own countries. So we the Indigenous from south of the border have full RIGHTS in your country Americans to do anything and to have anything we want. Because we the Indigenous from south of the border are the boss in your America white Americans. The sign above shows what little if any education this baby popper has.  Jesus was a Jew, Mexican and the Jews in Israel have a white skin tone Arabs are brown skinned. Even if Jesus had been brown skinned that still would NOT excuse the “great” Mexican of invading America and trying to holy righteous this invasion. For the Mexican to claim “racial profiling” simply because they are not a citizen of the United States and they don’t have proper ID is “reverse racial profiling” white America. Jesus probably would NOT deport the people that made a country for themselves and prospered instead of siding with an out of control baby popping people that did the opposite of prosper f-ing up their countries then demanding the people that did prosper give up their country to the f-up people so they can soon bury that country in babies costing this country billions yearly for a stupid people white America shouldn’t have to pay for. And i don’t believe Jesus would say you white Americans pay for these brown Indigenous people to live and breed and kiss their as**s because the brown Indigenous people demand it. Do Mexicans believe Jesus was a Mexican? Do Mexicans believe Jesus wants them to take advantage of another country, take advantage of the people of that country, take advantage of that country’s system and other resources of that country because Mexicans can’t control their sex organs?  Here is another sorry a** attempt the Mexican makes to holy righteous a “right” to the American system, American resources, American money by claiming Americans stole lands they believe they own because of their blood relation to the Native American. As you can see here they make other accusations anything they can think of to make Americans, Europeans or forefathers wrong and to make themselves right. Educated people knows the Native Americans believe nobody no matter who or what you are can own the lands. Only the stupid Mexican believes they can own the whole continent simply because they as do the Native Americans believe their people were on this continent first. Many believe their people were always here. No monkey or people was always on this continent and the monkeys here before the people didn’t own squat here either. All these sick lies the Mexican throws up into our American faces not for land Mexicans didn’t come to America for empty land lots. They are throwing all this bulls**t at us Americans to claim a “right” to everything the American people has, everything Americans did NOT get or take from Native Americans or over sexed Mexicans. If millions of over sexed monkeys were lose on the southern border they to would be sneaking onto anywhere they know they could steal a meal or anything to their liking. Grabing and snatching everything they can taking chances and getting greedy. They to would believe everything they wanted belonged to them to. Mexican spotters stand watch all along the entire length of the southern border day and night seven days a week playing a cat and mouse game with American authorities to get illegal drugs and their breeders to drop babies on the American side to claim citizenship and a Welfare check to get a “better life.” Public assistance is part of the American system NOT part of the continent Mexicans own. So that means the American Welfare program and all other resources do NOT belong to Mexicans. And the American Welfare program as well as other resources in America was NOT designed to support 80 million over sexed baby making Mexicans. Many people call this immigration to keep from calling it what it really is. All that i have seen going on with Mexicans to get their illegal drugs and 10’s of millions of their illegal baby dropping breeders into the U.S. as well as commit many other crimes in the U.S., all this going on looks criminal to me. Unfinished!

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