Hundreds Of Latinos And Their Supporters Take Advantage Of The Occupy Wallstreet Protests To Solicit Their “Full Rights For All Immigrants” Which Really Means Full Rights For Everything South Of The American Border With Two Legs And An Over Active Sex Organ That Wants Things They Can’t Get In Their Own Country! Are All Worshippers Of The Mormon Faith Bald Faced Liars Or Is It Just Mitt Romney! Vote Pinky And The Brain For President!

Deportations of illegals is NOT racist or racism. If deportations were, then being deported from the Indigenous Latino invading countries is also a “RACIST” act. The word “RACIST” is the for self righteous holy people that know they are in the wrong and proclaim themselves as the victims. And the Arizona law sb1070 as was illegal immigration laws in other states was blocked to stop Americans from having laws that get in the way of the over populating Latino baby machine and their take over of America. The real reason to have deportations of illegals stopped is so Mexicans, Central Americans and the people that leave their countries of origin for Mexico for the sole purpose of sneaking into the U.S. is so they can run amuk throughout the U.S. unopposed without having to answer to anybody including law enforcement to do anything they want anywhere they want anytime they want. The countries these people come from does NOT and will NOT put up with this illegal immigration business yet these people and their governments demand we Americans do. Furthermore the countries of these peoples origin will NOT put up with illegals marching in their streets making “we demand “magical” full rights in your country” demands. The countries of these peoples origin will NOT put up with millions upon millions of illegals flooding into their country having instant “RIGHTS” and they will NOT let an adjoining country dump their entire population of broke breeding machines into their country either. This being fact i see no reason why the American people should be forced to do so and why white Americans must be called RACIST if these illegals demands are not met to the letter. Who’s the RACIST when demands are not met in their own countries? This is one of many punishments that will happen to the people that make demands in the countries these illegal immigants flooding into America come from.  Since amnesty was first given in 1984 to millions of ungrateful smarta##es they now believe amnesty for everything with two legs and an over active sex organ south of the American border is a GOD given right. This is another example of selfish organized greed. And another example of their people is their only concern. Black America the Native American and the invaders from south of the American border has expressed their hatred of white America without a doubt. Just as Islam has expressed their hatred for everyone thats not an AK 47 carrying allah worshiping Muslim. After the sermon “Death To Israel & America” in a Mosque is preached there may be a discussion on Islamophobia. Before i left Michigan, Dearborn was mostly white America and Detroit was dominated by whitie hating black America. During the past 10 years of Iraq nonsense Dearborn Michigan “magically” became “American Muslim” and now these Muslims suddenly have all these “magical” RIGHTS just like every Mexican, Central American & Oriental from China that sneaks over the southern American border “magically” has. RIGHTS they all get from the Magical RIGHTS fairy. To turn a wrong (illegal immigrant) into a right (instant rights to do anything they want) these people use “victim” of white America as their excuse. Also since there are so many “minorities” flooding in illegally and they don’t have photo ID. And many black Americans that could have got photo ID didn’t bother. These “minorities” and their supporters use this to claim “victim” of “racist” whitie. There is a claim that hundreds of Latino baby makers rallied to breath new life into the Occupy Wallstreet movement. Realistically the Occupy Wallstreet movement didn’t need a “better life” breathed into it. Its the south of the border “full rights for our people” that does. Realistically the south of the border invasion has no real concern with all immigrants just the 95% of the which is their own people. The south of the border invasion movement is demanding full  for “their people” the people that continues to force their way into the U.S. and force their way onto the American system at a time and place when and where the real American people are trying to get their own lives out of the shitter. These actions only prove that the Latino invasion movement is only concerned with their own people and don’t really give a rats ass about the problems real Americans are facing. Again the Latino invasion movement was really out to denounce the deportations and illegal immigration laws called “harsh immigration laws” in their view. As we all know American federal judges have put the pinch on all state made illegal immigration laws which renders them ineffective so realistically these laws are NOT the problem. Its the south of the border illegal invasion movement that is. The number of deportations these people think they have a “magical right” to bitch about is dwarfed by the growing numbers of Latinos still forever forcing their way into the U.S. any and every way they can 24/7, 7 days a week non stop. And by the millions of babies they continue dropping knowing full well they can NOT support them. I have a question?  What kind of a RIGHT is – “We over sexed Mexicans & Central Americans reserve the to demand America support millions upon millions of our own people that we can not support our-selves in our own countries as we continue breeding uncontrollably.”  The way these people have carried on with their forcing and demanding would show they believe its their people that have all the RIGHTS and the real Americans (white Americans) have none. The luck past immigrants had is the fact they came to America legally in a orderly fashion they didn’t play a rock throwing dangerous cat and mouse game with law enforcement like its American law enforcement that has no RIGHT. Past immigrants didn’t march in American streets all across America determined to turn a wrong into a right with lies, deceit and self pity on protest signs designed to portray a flood of law breakers as the victims of white American racism. And they didn’t drop babies uncontrollably at the drop of a hat and making demands with their middle fingers up for all to see. Pinky and the Brain for president! 

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