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Luis Gutierrez And His Invasion Supports Will Protest South Carolina Now For Passing Immigration Laws Just As 3 Other States Have, And Will They Protest Another 13 States Ready To Pass Immigration Laws? Luis Gutierrez’s World Of Racial Profiling In America! Regardless Of The Denial Of Mexican Racism The Truth Is Racism Does Indeed Exist In Mexico!

Luis Gutierrez says “why don’t you white Americans just give up, our people are winning one way or another.”  Luis Gutierrez also says – “American states can not pass immigration laws only the federal government can do that. ” Why is he … Continue reading

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The Federal Government Has Proven They Are Behind Illegal Immigrant And The Government Just As Illegals Don’t Have To Abide By U.S. Laws! Ever Wonder What Happened To Jesse Ventura He Says He Was Paid Millions Of Dollars To Stay Off Television For Three Years By The Mexican Indigenous Racist Bigot Imperialist A**kissing MSNBC! Ah! I Found Word That Says Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory Third Season Will Air In 2012! That Is Unless There Is Another Conspiracy To Duck Tape His Mouth Shut! MSNBC A Supporter Of The Mexican Invasion Would Never Air This. America’s Unemployment Rate Is Two Or Three Times As High As Mexico’s Yet Mexico/Mexicans Are The Poor Victims! And More Mexican Indigenous Racist Bigot Imperlism!

Simply Minded Advise – One good way to stay on top in the polls is to blurt out three of the same number continuously and to have several women come out of nowhere and accuse you of being a busy … Continue reading

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The Best Idea Yet! Hold The First Annual Firing Squad For The Republican Party! Do Mexicans Believe In Reverse Racism And The Constitution Of The United States And The Bill Of Rights Contains Anything Within For Them? Again In Oakland Mexifornia The “Great” Baby Machine And Their Supporters Tries To Tell America Who The Boss Is!

Another Republican Senator that tryed to get away! Illegal immigration a successful business for countries of origin like Mexico and U.S. business men in ?   You probably have heared that the “Latino” popuation is the fastest growing population in America. And all … Continue reading

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