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An Advertisement Of A New TV Show “All American Muslim” Contains The Admission Of Muslim Woman Telling Plane Passenger “To Get Their A** Off”! What Would Happen If The Plane Passenger Told This Muslim Woman To Get Her “Bleep” Off? “Reverse Racism” And The Uncanny Similarities Between Blacks, Arabs And Hispanics And Their Continuous Play Of The Race Card Being Just One Of Them! Whites Brutally Beaten Or Murdered By Muslims And Blacks Somewhere On Earth Daily!

Over the past fifteen years (1996/2011) i have been seeing more and more brown Muslims popping up out of seemingly no where. Numbers i have never seen the 40 years before. So all of these large numbers of brown Muslims could … Continue reading

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MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell The Illegal Immigration Hand Puppet Of Illegal Immigration Activists! America under Mexican Imperialism & Bigotry! Is The Word “VOTER” The Now Politically Correct Way Of Saying Illegal Immigrant!

This is Lawrence (the hand puppet) O’Donnell of MSNBC! Above are just a few of the hands behind the scenes controlling the Lawrence O’Donnell hand puppet. Oct 27. 2011 – Jose Diaz Balert appears on MSNBC today to say his people are … Continue reading

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Is Herman Cain Really “White” …WOW” Really!… He Doesn’t Look Racist! Or Is It This Wave Of Blacks Accusing Herman Cain Of Being A “Uncle Tom” Is More Of The We Can’t Be “Racist” Because We Are Not White! This Article Will Show You Where Much Of The Racism, Hate And Hate Crimes Is Coming From!

OH, GOD” I’m white! Well according to many blacks he thinks he is.   I had read this article   and realized it was time to put my article out. From 1966 to 1984 i had seen black whitie hating racism throughout … Continue reading

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I Have The Right Alterative To Pick America’s Farm Produce That Is Less Costly Than Migrants! Herman Cain Says Words On Camp Signs Is Offensive And Insensitive He’s Right They Are And Herman Cain Says Wallstreet Protesters Should Shutup And Kiss The ### Of The Greedy Rich Like He Does! Was George Junius Stinney Innocent Of The 1944 Double Murder Of Two White Girls, Meet Willie Bosket Jr. He Shot To Death Two NY Subway Riders In 1977!

The migrant workers and their supports have been throwing up in our American faces that the fruit and vegetables we Americans buy and eat comes from their efforts and that we Americans can not survive without them. This talk is … Continue reading

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