I Have The Right Alterative To Pick America’s Farm Produce That Is Less Costly Than Migrants! Herman Cain Says Words On Camp Signs Is Offensive And Insensitive He’s Right They Are And Herman Cain Says Wallstreet Protesters Should Shutup And Kiss The ### Of The Greedy Rich Like He Does! Was George Junius Stinney Innocent Of The 1944 Double Murder Of Two White Girls, Meet Willie Bosket Jr. He Shot To Death Two NY Subway Riders In 1977!

The migrant workers and their supports have been throwing up in our American faces that the fruit and vegetables we Americans buy and eat comes from their efforts and that we Americans can not survive without them. This talk is also another tool for their continuous demand for immigration reform for their people. This man Jose Diaz Balert can not complete a subject without pluging “immigration reform” at least three times. Is immigration reform good for America? Is immigration reform good for the American people? Is immigration reform in America good for Mexico? Or should we say immigration reform works only for the people having it their way? TV shows like “Border Wars” like episode “Murder, Capitol” shows proof Mexico/Mexicans as are other south of the border countries are in an undeclared war with the U.S. and its people. As the invasion of America continues and we are still being told 11 million. As these south of the border people come to America to do what they want and get all they can, here is an article by a so-called Professor Lorenzo Cano at the University in Houston intitled The Future U.S. Invasion of Mexico  http://www.aztlan.net/future_us_invasion_of_mexico.htm   articles like this is suppose to cover for what the south of border invaders are doing here in America. This article has a more reliable source – The United States and the Crisis in Mexico  http://countrystudies.us/mexico/43.htm   CASA de Maryland the illegals ACORN http://www.aim.org/special-report/casa-de-maryland-the-illegal-immigrants-acorn/  http://www.google.com/#pq=casa+de+maryland&hl=en&sugexp=gsihc&cp=35&gs_id=21&xhr=t&q=casa+de+maryland+the+illegals+acorn&pf=p&sclient=psy-ab&source=hp&pbx=1&oq=casa+de+maryland+the+illegals+acorn&aq=f&aqi=&aql=&gs_sm=&gs_upl=&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=d6b4e92255e236a9&biw=1024&bih=596 It is now time for the American people to heavy protest the so-called U.S. Justice Department, the so-called federal court and the individuals involved to halt their interference in state immigration laws. When the Justice Department, the federal court and judges involved start paying out of their pockets for this invasion mess then their interference will be welcome. As the American economy gets far worse and American financial problem’s worsen beyond European financial problems and the flood over the southern border continues will the Justice Department, federal court and interfering judges give up their jobs, their bank accounts and their lives to the righteous invaders? When the rioting that can’t be stopped starts these Americans and Mexicans that had made millions off this Mexican invasion will pack up their families move their bank accounts if they hadn’t already and flee to a safer country. Leaving us Americans they forced into this mess here to deal with it. How many jobs can the U.S. create here in America? Can enough millions & millions & millions & millions of jobs be created for the flood flooding over the southern border? How many Americans will have to go without jobs so Mexicans, Central Americans and South Americans can have them? Do Mexicans, Central Americans and South Americans get first pick? I have been hearing that Alabama immigration law is the worse in the country. As we recall it wasn’t that long ago Arizona was the boogie man. I heard a newscaster say immigrants are deporting themselves from Alabama. They are deporting themselves to other states NOT back over the southern border. When Americans move from one state to another or should we say when Americans flee hysterically for their lives its not call deporting. So when undocumented invaders flee hysterically for their lives from the bad immigration law to another American state that is called moving from one state to another NOT deporting to another state. Why is America now responsible for the welfare of every Mexican every Central American and a few million South Americans? Do these people ever take a day off from baby making? Will they ever take responsibility for their own actions? Or will their actions continue being America’s fault! (1) Countries that can’t or won’t take care of their own people are RACIST. (2) Countries that push large numbers of their people onto the Welfare system of another country are RACIST. (3) People from any country that are determined they are going to have their way in a country they are not a citizen of are RACIST. (4) People that demand RIGHTS in a country they are not a citizen of are RACIST. (5) People that are determined they are going to change the laws of a country they invaded to suit their people are RACIST. (6) People that use the word RACIST fluenty are RACIST. (7) People from one country that are determined to take over a country they are not a citizen of simply because they want everything the people of that country have are RACIST. (8) People that demand their families stop being broken up knowing full well they are the cause of the brake up of their families are RACIST. People from the invading countries that now have their own people in the government, federal court, justice department, among other seats of the invaded country are RACIST. (10) A people that has more babies they can’t afford faster than any other people on earth are RACIST. (11) A people that can’t live or survive without the material things created by the people they are forever calling a RACIST are RACIST. (12) A people that gets MAD and calls another people a RACIST when that people tells them the truth about themselves and their people are RACIST. (13) A people from the invading country invading a country they didn’t come from that tells the people of the invaded country to go back to a continent they didn’t come from are RACIST. There are more but you get the idea RACIST.      The constant wrongful use of the word racist by a people believing they are helping their people by the use of this word will only bring much mistrust and dislike to their people. Meaning their constant wrongful “RACIST” accusations will work against them. And the separation of the racists will continue thanks to them making life harder for everybody instead of the use of the word racist making it easier for their people. A smart people would have known this!  Believe these invaders are just victims. This is how low these people will stoop to get American money and American goodies.  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2046487/Psychic-convince-12-year-old-steal-10k-order-lift-terrible-curse.html?ito=feeds-newsxmlLately the invasion supports have been throwing up “tomato’s rotting on the vine” as to say this is what you Americans get for trying to make laws we Mexicans do not and will not support. America doesn’t need a people from an out of control country telling us Americans just how things are going to be here in America now for their benefit. Most Illegal migrants in Alabama hired off the side of the road to cut grass, rake leaves and do other menial jobs didn’t flee for their every lives just the migrants that pick for farmers. What does that tell you? More farms all across the country could become U-Picks Farms “pick your own” lowering the cost to the consumer.  http://www.pickyourown.org/ Do America/American’s really need migrants. Or do migrants need America. Below is what America needs to pick produce. NO MORE ROTTING TOMATO’S      These pickers and harvesters don’t sleep, complain, protest, need a pay check, have sex, say RACIST, NAZI or NAZI RACIST! A factory could be built and employ America’s to build more produce machines and these machines could be operated by American’s to do jobs migrants won’t do.A bean harvester! A potato harvester! A broccoli harvester! A corn harvester! A cotton harvester! A hemp seed harvester! There are harvester and pickers for all fruits and vegetables. This one picks strawberries. Robot harvests and pickers don’t make babies! And robot pickers don’t get uppity! Mexicans and Central American’s have been pulling their kids from schools to avoid a law that forces them to show their status. Most schools in America today look like they belong to the south of the border baby machine. Before the year 2000 this is not what we American’s were accustom to seeing. Mexicans way now – I found out Mexicans have created the new way to stand in line for what ever anyone would stand in a line for. It works like this – so many people begin standing in a line as time goes by more people (Mexicans) walk up to someone standing in this line where ever this person may be. They start talking to these people in line if these people in line speak back the person or persons that just walked up are now automatically in this line where they stand. Meaning by the time you get where you want to be in this line you are now set back 10 or more people further behind. When Mexicans are told they can have (1) i see some of them picking up (2) or more. More proof rules and laws in America mean nothing to these people.Since school overcrowding is a bad thing. The more kids the south of the border law brakers pull from American schools the better it will be for the rest of the students. Mexican and Central American kids are the largest population living in poverty for two reasons (1) Their parents make babies whether they can afford to or not. (2) And poverty is why they came to America in the first place. These people want us to believe their just victims of the system like black American. Herman Cain says these signs have offending words. The second sign as acne.And Herman Cain says this word  OH….WHAT! He wasn’t talking about whitie words?   My bad! A personal note – I think Herman Cain should rise to stardom on his accomplishments and what he could do for America. And not black American’s believing he had been voted into office just for their benefit.. Rising off of “whitie the racist” is not an accomplishment. Oct 5, 2011 – Herman Cain calls Wallstreet protesters anti-American & anti- capitalistic. To people looking for his autograph on copies of his memoir he says, “don’t be jealous, don’t be envious” & “i don’t have patience for someone that does not want to achieve their American dream the old fashioned way. ”   Is Herman Cain saying don’t be jealous and envious of him because big banks and Wallstreet keeps him with a job? Who cares about his patience? Achieving the American dream the old fashion way has NOT been practiced by big banks, Wallstreet, people that own or have control of the largest companies, or Republicans since 1980. 1980 is NOT old fashion. Herman Cain says Wallstreet protesters are basically saying that somehow the government is supposed to take from those that have succeeded and give to those who want to protest. He adds “thats not the way America was built.” We Americans know now American money is taken from the have little and given to the have a lot. We Americans also know Republican’s like Herman Cain are given 100’s of millions every year for campaigns, to line their Republican pockets and to run their big Republican mouths to benefit the greeding rich. That is NOT the way America was built. Protesting has always been the American way until American protesters are getting in the way of corporate criminals. Or until Americans or American protesters are getting in the way of a people from south of the border countries. Herman Cain says Americans should protest the government because Barack Obama a Democrat has the presidency. If a Republican was president Herman Cain would be calling Whitehouse protesters anti-American. Herman Cain conviently forgets who is paying for the mess the greedly rich has gotting all of us Americans into. Herman Cain conviently forgets many of the payers have no job as puppets for the geedly rich like Herman Cain will have a job as long as people like Herman Cain keeps kissing their greedly rich asses. As we can see here Herman Cain is NOT for black American’s that have a low income. Herman Cain says “this country is based on the people who achieve their dreams and work.” Thanks to people like Herman Cain and his masters many American dreams have been destroyed and jobs have been lost. As Herman Cain is still run his big stupid mouth talking nonsense about protesters “should go figure out what America is all about.” Herman Cain should remember he is trying to run a campaign for president, will Herman Cain get enough votes from the people that pays him to run his big mouth to win the presidency? I betting…NOT! Herman Cain says his father said work hard and buy that cadillac instead of stealing someone else’s unless that cadillac belongs to Barack Obama. He means don’t try to get your money back from the thieving banks and Wallstreet because they pay his way. Its not surprising he would use stealing a car as his strike back at Wallstreet protesters knowing other than the vehicle thieves from south of the border who’s people is stealing most of the vehicles in America. Al Sharpton says Herman Cain is not really black, since Herman Cain is not light skined Al Sharpton must be saying Herman Cain is not for the black race. Its a good thing Al Sharpton wasn’t white when he said this. RIGHT!   Herman Cain is no Michael Jackson!I’m Herman (big mouth) Cain guess who’s pulling my strings? Barack Obama tells Republicans like Herman Cain to pass the jobs bill or hit the road before the anti-Americans tar & feather somebody.George Junius Stinney 5ft 1in. weighing 95 pounds when he was led to the gas chamber in 1944 he was 14 and the youngest to be executed in the U.S. He was convicted of murdering two white girls and was said to have confessed to the murders. Stinney was said to have told a bystander that he had seen the girls earlier that day. Reports claim police officers offered Stinney ice cream if he would confess to committing the double murder. Certain people believe him to be a victim of the white man.Meet Willie Bosket Jr. born Dec 9, 1962 in Harlem NY – A homicidal maniac has limited opportunities. He could spend the rest of his life in prison, or he could be put to death by the state. Willie Bosket Jr. is not your everyday homicidal maniac. He is a self described monster and he is said to be intelligent. Personally i don’t believe intelligence leads anyone to prison, prison is not an accomplishment. Willie Bosket now has his own special dungeon at the upstate Woodbourne Correctional Facility he is scheduled to live there until 2020. If his intelligence could stop hurling food and feces at the guards he assaults he could be moved into conventional quarter. His room is lined with plexiglas and has three video cameras. He is known to commit mayhem when anybody gets to close to him. For the safety of overs Bosket is chained backward to the inside of his cell door. When the door is swung open Bosket is pinned to the bars like a specimen in a bug collection. You ask what did Bosket do to deserve such barbarous treatment? The anwser is…plenty! In 1977 he was 15 when he shot to death two NY subway riders newspaper headlines reads Baby Faced Butcher. Is there a coincidence here? Two girls murdered in 1944 then two NY riders shot to death in 1977? Since then Willie Bosket Jr. tried to rob a half blind 72 yr.old man. While in prison he stabbed a prison guard, smashed the skull of another prison guard with a lead pipe. Set his cell on fire seven times, choked a secretary, battered a reformatory teacher with a nail studded club. He tryed to blow up a truck, he sodomized inmates, he beat up a psychiatrist and mailed a death threat to Ronald Reagan. At his own admission Bosket claimed to have committed 2,000 crimes by the time he was 15.  He also claims to be a loving and caring person. He says if the system hadn’t had been so quick to incarcerate him as a child he could have become a well known attorney or a Senator. Instead he says he’s a “political prisoner” embarked on a “revolutionary stuggle” aimed at killing anyone who represents oppression. Willie Bosket says if NY brings back the death penalty he won’t kill he’ll just maim. He wants to continue living just to make, in his own words “them regret what they done to me.” Apparently his only concern is for his self and not for anyone he has victimized. The product of a broken home in Harlem. By age 9 Willie Bosket Jr. was a chronic and violent troublemaker. He had been given mental tests and he threatened to set fire to the hospital ward and kill a doctor. Tests showed bosket was suffering from antisocial personality disorder. His helpless mom had him sent to a reform school, where he began to emulate his father. Bosket never met his father but the parallels between the two are dramatic. Both has only a third grade education, Bosket’s father was sentenced to the same reform school at age 9 his father commited double murders. In prison Bosket’s father studied hard and became the first convict to be inducted into the Phi Beta Kappa honor society. After his release from prison in 1983 Bosket Sr. found work as a university teaching assistant. In 1985 Bosket Sr. was arrested for molesting a 6 yr. old child. Later after a shoot out with police during an escape attempt, Bosket Sr. shot and killed his girlfriend and then blew his own brains out. Bosket Jr. has filed a lawsuit against his mother, charging cruel and unusual punishment at Woodbourne. He is also angry about authorities ignoring an eight page handwritten letter. Bosket had volunteered himself for study as a way to help prevent future Boskets. En route to court Bosket Jr. kicked a guard then shouted to photographers , “Did you get that picture?” “Did you get that on film?” Bosket Jr. plunged a makeshift 11-in. knife into the chest of a guard, in full view of a newspaper reporter. “Sensationalism sells newspapers” the baby faced butcher blithely explains,” and the system responds to violence.

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