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Anything And Everything Latin America Don’t Like, Don’t Want To Do And Don’t Want To Hear In America Is Racist Or Racism! What Do Latin Americans Call What They Don’t Like, Don’t Want To Hear And Don’t Want To Do In Latin American Countries!

If light skinned people made this claim wouldn’t they be called Racist? That was a stupid question wasn’t it! Light skinned people can’t do this without being called RACIST!  RACIST Website!        Putting RACIST on “whitey” takes RACIST off of us!  These … Continue reading

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See The Professionalism Of Casey Anthony’s Defense Attorney Cheney Mason!

I don’t think this looks like a professional attitude for an attorney. If you people like this kind of silliness then this is the attorney for you. Cheney Mason!  For people that need directions type attorney’s address at top. reading

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