An Advertisement Of A New TV Show “All American Muslim” Contains The Admission Of Muslim Woman Telling Plane Passenger “To Get Their A** Off”! What Would Happen If The Plane Passenger Told This Muslim Woman To Get Her “Bleep” Off? “Reverse Racism” And The Uncanny Similarities Between Blacks, Arabs And Hispanics And Their Continuous Play Of The Race Card Being Just One Of Them! Whites Brutally Beaten Or Murdered By Muslims And Blacks Somewhere On Earth Daily!

Over the past fifteen years (1996/2011) i have been seeing more and more brown Muslims popping up out of seemingly no where. Numbers i have never seen the 40 years before. So all of these large numbers of brown Muslims could NOT have been secretly born in the United States. Also i have been seeing an advertisement on television for a television show called “All American Muslim” it didn’t surprise me to hear this Muslim woman say, this is her own words – “I was on a flight to DC. I had a passenger behind me getting very uncomfortable. I turned around and told them to get their a*s off because i have a meeting to get to, to educate people like you.” As i was saying i’m not at all surprised a Muslim would say something like this knowing full well what would happen if this passenger would have told this Muslim Woman to get her “bleep” the hell off. When does “get your bleep off” become acceptable? Is it now acceptable because the “great” American Muslim said it? Is this kind of language acceptable to Allah?Furthermore i don’t believe there is anything this “great” Allah lover could teach the passenger behind her or anybody else on that flight. Worshipping something you are taught by the people all around you don’t make you the great teacher of anything!To their own admission of “superiority” over all others of earth Muslims believe “Allah” will help Islam (Muslims) defeat and conquer the world. All these people brown Muslim, black American or black Muslim speak of RACISM what i see here on this page is called “reverse racism” is that cool?,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=bcbe901454e3f0e0&biw=1024&bih=602There are many similarities between blacks, Hispanics and Arabs its these similarities that brings them together to blame white America for all of their problems. (1) These three races believe “whitie” is the bad race. (2) These three races believe they are the picked on races, picked on by whitie. (3) These three races know their people are guilty of what they have been accused of. (4) These are the three races that has ancestry from conflicting countries that have many deaths yearly caused by their own people (and NOT caused by whitie). (5) These are the three races that live largely in poverty caused by their own peoples actions or their own religious beliefs (also NOT the fault of whitie). (6) These three races believe they can’t be racist! (7) These are the three races that use the magic word RACIST like they have never used another. (8) These are the three races that originate from countries trafficking in illegal drugs to be sold on the world market. (9) These are the three races more likely to be jailed or imprisoned for crimes ranging from theft to murder. (10) These are the three races that continuously play the race card. (11) These are the three races that want control in the United States. (12) These are the three races that have most of the babies in this world they can’t support. The Mexican excuse is they love kids. I would think if you love kids that much you would do what had to be done to have a family instead of just simply humping up and down like animals. (13) And these are the three races that want everything “whitie” has but they want it all the easy way. Not many religions are know for blowing up themselves and public transportation. If Americans or Jews were waging a jihad blowing up cars, buses, trains or planes full of brown Muslims these Allah lovers wouldn’t be as relaxed as they are. They know its less likely their jihading family members will blow them up since they know they are not the targets. If these brown Muslims really were the targets to be religiously murdered you can bet they would be demanding special transportation to carry their picked on people alone. The brown Muslim believes its their people thats “racially profiled” at airports because (truth) “reality” is a hard pill to swallow. How many of these people that didn’t cause airport jihad security checks do you think will claim racial profiling? Is this white woman wrongfully singled out or is frisking her holy righteousness? How about this white woman she has her hands up? Maybe she has a bomb to blow up the plane and brown Muslims for Christianity! This white woman has her hands up to as shes checked by a black man. Can she claim racial profiling? This Asian man could be saying oh, you got me! Maybe he had planned to Buddha-had the plane in the name of Yoda. Checks like these are cool just so long as its not brown Muslims. RIGHT! Muslims HATE the Jew as did Hitler. Many people don’t know the Hitler family had/has Jew blood.Here is a treat for Muslim women all around the world. Here we see the Muslim calling the Jew the Nazi. As we know Mexicans in American states called Americans that tryed to pass laws that don’t go the Mexicans way the Nazi. Whack off the head is something Africans, Arabs and Mexicans have in common. A few photos of Muslim hate below. What kind of paradise do blood thristy murderers go to? And here we see Muslims accusing Christians of being Muslims. Do they know Jesus was a Jew? This is the Muslim way to teach children? Muslims in the UK attack buses carrying Catholic school children. See the HATE in this guys face. Sticks in hand these Muslims were yelling threats to white residents. Muslims beating and kicking white man in UK many black Americans will like seeing this. After the beating. This old man was beaten by Muslims. And this Christian was set on fire by Muslims in Egypt. 600 hundred homes were attacked by mobs of Muslims in Vallage Bahmani Kasur Punjab. South African mob hunting white people. I was watching a TV show called Cellblock 6-Female Lock Up on TLC this black inmate used the word “cracker” several times like “so what” in front of about 8 jail staff not once did the word RACIST ever appear. Is this acceptable, do darker skinned people simply get a free pass to say anything they want without repercussion?White woman beaten in Zimbabwe. Above – Girl beaten by 9 blacks in U.S.  And below – A black woman shouts i hate you fu**ing white people to the victim of this beating here in the U.S. Beat whitie night at Iowa fair. White boy beaten by blacks in U.S. Black mob yells kill all the white people and black gang lynches white youth in South Carolina. Muhammads goal was to kill 6 white people a day for 30 days.  

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