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Why Can’t Senator Menendez And His Colleagues Introduce Comprehensive Immigration Reform In Latin American Countries? We Americans Should Be Telling Latin Americans If You Want Comprehensive Immigration Reform In America Then You Latin Americans Reform Immigration In Your Countries First! Latin Americans Love Being First!

Why, because our Latin nations don’t have to do squat! But demand you Americans take in and pay for this mess our people created.   Why can’t anybody Spanish speaking or with a Spanish name jump up and down over Comprehensive Immigration … Continue reading

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If Certain People Think Neal Boortz Should Be On The Death List Just What Will They Think Of All Of This Racism! Feast Your Eyes On This Reality! The Call To Get Whitie Is Neverending!

White people did BAD things again today. And our people and the Latin Americans have been victimized. This is for all the MAD people that got so out of joint over the kill urban thug rant of Neal Boortz i … Continue reading

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The Claim By Ed Schultz Of MSNBC & Also Circulating By “Certain” Other People That Neal Boortz Asked For Whites To Arm Themselves And Kill Urban (Black) Thugs Is An Ed Schultz & “Certain” Other People All Out Racial Lie! What Do They Have To Say About Their People Talking About Killing White People And Their Babies! Chicago Is Busting Out At The Seams With “Thugs” And Memorial Day “Thug” Mayhem Weekend Across America!

Ed Schultz of MSNBC doesn’t know when to stop! It appears there are people in this world that can make anything out of anything. Meaning certain people can say someone said something they didn’t say. The real reason all this … Continue reading

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Support Free Speech Support WikiLeaks Don’t Let Government Or Let Guilty People Calling You A Racist Stop You From Telling Or Getting Out The Truth! Since The Latin Invasion Of America Has Gone Nearly Unchallenged Latin Nations And Their People Believe They Are Above The Law Here In America! And Again These Latin Countries Use Jeopardizing Diplomatic Relations As A Threat As They Continue To Dump Their Responsibility To Their Own People Into The U.S. Demanding The U.S. Provide Everything To Their Breeders! Does The U.S. Really Need Diplomatic Relations With Nations Of Leeches?

I support WikiLeaks and i support the truth. believe in telling the truth about people even if the guilty call you a RACIST! Protect free speech not just for the people that call themselves victims of white people but … Continue reading

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Ed Schultz Of MSNBC And Michael Eric Dyson Goes “Whitie The Racist” Hunting Again Claiming Neal Boortz Is A Racist For Speaking The Truth! Ed Schultz And His Black Friends Says White People Talking About Blacks Drinking A 40 Ounce Is Racist What About White Men Drinking 40 Ounces Is That Racist? Would Jamal Simmons Show Up On MSNBC To Talk About How Bad John McCain Is If He Had Said “White People” Started The Arizona Fires?

In the song lyrics of the Eminem song “White America” is this – (Yo’, I want everybody to listen to the words of this song) is Eminem being racist for saying Yo” in his lyrics you stupid white hunky Ed … Continue reading

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Why Don’t We Americans Make Every Indigenous Hispanic Latino In The Whole World A “Voter” And Possibly A Citizen Of The United States! And Why Don’t The U.S. Create Jobs For 590 million Latin Americans, Then Maybe Just Maybe The U.S. Can Create Jobs For Americans! Plus Get Your Loretta Sanchez Endorsed America Voters ID To Vote For Jobs And “Amnesty” For 590 Million Indigenous Hispanic Latino Baby Machines!

And get it all, everything your heart desires from Since the great proud Latino can’t get it from their own countries.   What do Latin countries do? I always hear something about Asian, European and American stock markets but never anything about … Continue reading

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Toilet Mouth Woman Spends $7,200 At Clothing Store In Oceanside Mexifornia For Mexicans Only! Who Should Be Held Responsible For The Separation Of South Of The Border Families As They Continue To Defy U.S. Laws! More Hispanic Latino’s Less Crime! Is That How It Works?

A sailor mouth man hating woman Claudia Smith 66 bought $7,200 worth of clothing Tuesday night for more than 50 Mexican women only at a discount clothing store. Store manager Paolia Garcia said Smith came in and told Mexican women to … Continue reading

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