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Do You Know Whats “Racist” And Whats Not! American Trade With Mexico And Who’s Getting The Better Deal!

At a time when the American people is scratching and clawing to survive. The great Indigenous baby machine in the U.S. and south of the border is MAD because Barack Obama didn’t hand over the United States to all of Indigenous baby … Continue reading

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Was The Deadly Beating Of Kelly Thomas The Result Of A “Racial” Act? Gretchen Carlson Said On A Fox & Friends Broadcast That She Wonders If Serena Williams Comments During A Tennis Match Had Racial Undertones! Oh” The Humanity! It Appears Grechen Carlson Didn’t Get The Memo Stating White People Are Not Aloud To Question What Black Americans, Hispanics Or The Arab World May Say Or Do!

This is what Kelly Thomas looked like before Officer Manuel Ramos was said to say “i’m going to F you up.”          Sep 21, 2011 – Was the beating of Kelly Thomas in Fullerton Mexifornia the result of a perpetrated racial … Continue reading

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Why Is The American & Mexican Governments Powerless To Stop The Mexican Drug Cartels? Political Correctness, An Invention To Suppress The Truth! American Big Banks & Wall Street Is Public Enemy No. 1!

The drug problems in the Americas is in reality caused by the Indigenous demand for American money and American, European and Oriental goods and goodies!  If Americans are the major cause of this Indignous drug problem then as more drugs are … Continue reading

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