We All Sure Love Al Sharpton’s Bueberry Pa! And The GOP Clown Show Continues! Since Lowe’s Pulled Out Of Sponsoring The Television Show American Muslim The Brown Muslim Sees This Pull Out As Another Excuse To Claim Their People As Victims Of Racism!

Ummmm, bueberry pa! I can’t stop thinkin about bueberry pa! When i leave her i’m goin’a get me some bueberry pa! You ate ma bueberry pa! When you can’t have pa just eat cake! Those kids have ma bueberry pa all over they face! Want some blueberry pie! Today the newt dropped like wallstreet. Which clown goes down next? The GOP mobile rushing off to another campaign or debate. The HACK! ??????????????????????????? Todays Republicans couldn’t beat this guy running for president.This guy voted Republican. What the Republican party is doing to the American people. What the Republican party should do. Sarah Palin Mitt Romney sings his new hit- Obama did this and Obama didn’t do that!   Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah! I can do this in public because i’m Republican. If Obama did this we Republicans would call on the media and tell the public how bad he is for breathing. Oink, Obama this” Oink, Obama that” Oink, Oink, Oink!The Keystone Republicans….Cliffhanger!The GOP mobile stopped dead on the railroad tracks. Lowe’s pulls out of sponsoring a television show and gets treated like s##t for doing it. Ever since the first television show in 1948 sponsors had pulled out of shows for one reason or another and had never been called RACIST for doing so. What is really going on here is this pull out is another reason to claim “victim” by the brown Muslim. It looks like anyone that doesn’t fall madly in love with this show will be called a RACIST. I believe the finger pointers are just as much a RACIST as the people they are accusing of being one. Also since 1948 television has been showing us shows like “Father Knows Best” shows of families that really don’t exist. We know a lot of times we Americans are shown or told things on television that is far from the truth. I also know if we Americans don’t except what we see and hear on the television show “American Muslim” as truth and nothing but the truth we Americans will be called RACIST for not doing so. These people may think they have a lawsuit over this issue but i find it hard to believe they will win a lawsuit claiming to be victims of racial discrimination. They claim racial discrimination at airports all around the world. They know we all have been getting the treatment at airports since fools from certain countries have been blowing up themselves, planes, buildings, cars, trucks, crowds, and military personnel. Yet they want to see their people as the victims just as the people that have been forcing their way into this country and on the the American system have and just as the black American does. I have proof that white Americans and white Europeans have been victimized by these people countless times for years, decades or even centuries yet its white America and white Europeans that come out the BAD people. Here we see the Muslim hate for the British and the Jewish state. Last year a Muslim protest in the UK turned hatefully ugly with attacks on British police and British citizens. With threats of a Muslim takeover of the British isles. These Muslims will only come out the “victims” the moment their will over the British people don’t go their way.

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