The Federal Government Has Proven They Are Behind Illegal Immigrant And The Government Just As Illegals Don’t Have To Abide By U.S. Laws! Ever Wonder What Happened To Jesse Ventura He Says He Was Paid Millions Of Dollars To Stay Off Television For Three Years By The Mexican Indigenous Racist Bigot Imperialist A**kissing MSNBC! Ah! I Found Word That Says Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory Third Season Will Air In 2012! That Is Unless There Is Another Conspiracy To Duck Tape His Mouth Shut! MSNBC A Supporter Of The Mexican Invasion Would Never Air This. America’s Unemployment Rate Is Two Or Three Times As High As Mexico’s Yet Mexico/Mexicans Are The Poor Victims! And More Mexican Indigenous Racist Bigot Imperlism!

Simply Minded Advise – One good way to stay on top in the polls is to blurt out three of the same number continuously and to have several women come out of nowhere and accuse you of being a busy body.  Do you think Michele Bachmann is tutti frutti?  NO,” you “hostile ” reporters will NOT ask anymore questions about (white) women or questions that make the politician look incredibly stupid or unqualified to be president.    Herman Cain now has Secret Service service because reporters keep asking questions??? Did any other politician throughout the history of the United States ever get Secret Service protection from reporters??? Or is this something special for someone special??? Herman Cain – “Who knows all there is about everything”……..well”……..i’m waiting?”  My question is – Who doesn’t know much about anything?   Herman Cain says – “We need a leader not a reader.” If what he says is true then that would vote Herman Cain off the island!   We Americans need a president who knows foreign policy in Uzbecky-Becky-Becky Stan. I hope a white woman named “Becky Stan” doesn’t come out from nowhere and say loudly – “Herman Cain tried to touched it!”poll taken for “do allegations against Herman Cain matter” a 61% poll says no. This would be more proof that men are filthy PIGS and treating women like s**t means nothing to them. Herman Cain supporters trying to have their way with women on the beach.                         A Personal Observation – I knew a black man from Jamaica in 1978 he worked at a hospital in Detriot. His job was to walk from foor to floor during the night shift and insert a key connected to a box in a key hole next to every door. This would prove he made his rounds and what time it was. As he made his rounds he would loudly chant “triple nines” every single night. I asked him about that and he said thoses were his lucky lottery number. He would play only these three numbers. He didn’t get rich so these numbers are only as lucky as you want them to be.     Since MSNBC is a huge supporter of this ridiculous invasion from south of the border i wasn’t surprised to here Jesse Ventura had been paid an unknown number of millions of dollars to disappear for three years. I wish MSNBC would pay me millions of dollars to stay off the internet. Hopefully after MSNBC reads this article maybe they will consider it. I want it known i can be bought “if” The Price Is Right! As i conducted a search looking for info on this subject i had also found more insight on this insane flood from Mexico and Central America. Jesse Ventura says the greedy rich in America is behind this unlawful broke and busted baby maker invasion the plan was for the greedy rich to steal as much of America’s money as they could steal and blame America’s financial destruction on illegal immigration. Illegal immigrant supporters no doubt know all about this and don’t care if there people are being used just as long as 10’s of millions of Hispanic breeders get everything here they can’t get in their own countries. He didn’t use the words broke, busted and baby maker thats my doing i believe in calling the kettle black and i don’t care who or what gets MAD over it. From 2006 to 2008 i had seen people that looked like they just got into this country receiving bundles from a bank teller of American money it looked nothing short of a bank robbery i knew right then it was a pay off to keep these people here. Jesse Ventura taking about political pawns and media jackals sounds like something i would write. GOD i love this guy! Nov 30, 2009 – Ventura tells the Los Angeles Times that MSNBC cancelled “Jesse Ventura’s America” because he (Jesse) wasn’t praising the Iraq War enough to suit MSNBC. Jesse says his contact states he couldn’t have any other cable TV or news shows and that MSNBC had paid millions to cover his contact. Jesse Ventura has become wealthy to do nothing. After Ventura’s show had been cancelled in 2003 he has been receiving 2 million annually. A source close to production said the show was cancelled due to high production costs..ha! We all know we have been lied to by government, media, banks, wallstreet, illegal immigration supporters, etc. The conspiracy deepens so far this doesn’t explain what happened to his show Jesse Ventura’s TruTV Conspiracy Theory. Feb 13, 2010 – At this time the word is the season simply ended there was only 6 or so shows planned. Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory first season premiered on Dec 2, 2009 and the second season premiered on Oct 15, 2010. A third season is being created and will air in 2012.  MSNBC seems to have a habit of pulling people off the air Cenk Uygur wouldn’t dance to the music so he left he was told by MSNBC management to “tone it down” because “we (MSNBC) are the establishment.” He says he didn’t want to work at a place that didn’t want him to do his kind of show. He goes on to say he didn’t want to challenge power. If any of these people would like to get up in my face and tell me their the establishment they could find themselves lying on the floor with their establishment head busted open. I’m seeing Ashleigh Banfield was axed by MSNBC and NBC for bashing the networks war coveage in Iraq. She complained the networks weren’t covering the gruesome reality of what was really going on in Iraq these networks were just showing us what they wanted us to see. They had us seeing the grand and glorious picture they wanted us to see. This bulls**t coverage was said to please advertisers. I would hate to think these advertisers were using the Iraq War to advertise as if they were advertising from time to time during the super bowl game coverage. As i recall news coverage like this is NOT new this also happened during the Vietnam War and in WWII. MSNBC and NBC are supporters of senseless war and deeply in favor of Americans going overseas to their deaths as Mexico wages an undeclared war with the United States. Of all the large numbers of Americans drafted in all the wars the U.S. has ever been in since America became a country. Mexico has sent 100 times that many of its broke and busted baby machines over or under the southern border to live off the American system. Over the past 18 months Time Warner Cable has jacked up my bill from $137.00 monthly to $170.00 a few days ago i had received a phone call from the company demanding immediate payment. I had soon found out my cable bill had magically gone from $154.00 to $170.00 looking at the statement i couldn’t find out why. I didn’t save any statements since i called for their services to get ripped off. So i tryed to get to the info online. If i ever had a password i don’t know where it could be now so i had to try to find out what it could be through them. To do so i now had to type in a box my favorite music singer or something??? I could see here getting access wasn’t going to be easy to see these records. As i still wondered how and or exactly when did my bill go up $10.00 i heard on television that Time Warner Cable was going to give $10.00 a month internet access to poorer people or so the newscaster says to poor children as my bill goes up. I then thought this announcement probably meant giving cheaper internet access to a people that comes to America illegally broke then their supporters come on a news channel and complains that their people are among the poorest in the nation like its another racial issue. These people come to the U.S. broke, busted and pregnant then the Hispanic population and Hispanic activist complain that their people are among the poorest in the nation like its America’s or the American peoples fault. And its America’s responsibility to give 100 million Mexicans everything they want. And the country of their origin is exempt from all responsibility for their welfare of any kind. Or its their country’s responsibility to demand the United States support all of baby making Mexico. The irresponsible people that are not only the poorest in the nation but the poorest all around the world are the people that have more babies than any other people on earth combined. These people can’t support themselves why the hell are they dropping babies like theres no tomorrow. We hear they love kids. That is the stupidest reason to have just one child let alone having many. If the stupidest people on earth really loved kids they would do what has to be done before they have children instead of dropping babies left and right before they do anything else. Giving birth to 10’s of millions of children to live miserably in poverty is no kind of love people. Then their way is to claim that a country they are NOT a citizen of isn’t paying and kissing their a** enough to satisfy them and their supporters.      Anyway i have checked with Verizon online to see exactly what my options are it was looking a lot better if i broke up my services between the two companies. First i will call Verizon and ask what will my bill really be after the first two years and i mean NOT the price i’m being told on the phone but what my bill will say when i get it. After i get worked out with Verizon what i had planned i’ll call Time Warner Cable and ask them are they now trying to mimic the big money grubbing banks and Wallstreet? Then i’ll tell someone to cut 2 thirds of the services off and think about telling them where to stick it. Nov 10, 2011 –  Jon Huntsman is supposedly going to appear on Telemundo he just appeared on MSNBC to say a few words about the growing breeder problem he says “we can’t just” like so many illegal immigration supports before meaning we Americans have to put up with this flood that is still coming through the southern border anyway Mexico can bust in. Just like many before him he’s saying we can’t just sent them back. Mexican invasion supports have been saying “we can’t just” for the past 6 years. Now there are millions more than there were then and these supports are still saying “we can’t just.” Jon Huntsman also was saying something about in his words “people have jobs they pay taxes” meaning the people that forced their way into America. As he’s saying this i’m thinking what people have jobs? 80% of these people are on public assistance. He’s talking this s**t  as others have about coming out of the shadows. Realistically if anybody is in any “shadows” in America its the criminal element NOT the poor precious baby makers that forced their way into the U.S. that now deserves any and everything America has “left” to offer like they have a “right” to it all. I can clearly see Hispanics are far less concerned with what is happening in America to or for everybody as a people of the United States. They are far more concerned with what they believe their Hispanic people should have here in America so screw everybody else. Also an associate of Telemundo on MSNBC at this time spoke of president Obama’s performance as president as being undesirable because he (Obama) hasn’t passed Comprehensive Immigration Reform. Meaning Obama as of today hasn’t handed over the whole country to these baby dropping Hispanic people yet. What i think these self righteous people should be saying is “WE CAN’T JUST” keep flooding into the U.S. expecting America to foot the bill for all of our people to live and pay far more for our unsatisfiable oversexed sex organs. Believing we have every RIGHT to force “give our people full rights” in your country because we want things. And what we Mexicans should do is unf**k our own country before we F-up America like we F’d up Mexico.All the illegal immigrant activists believe – “As long as we are persistent we will get all of our people into this country of plunder…..we already have our foot in the door”.  Many of us have seen and heard these “we have rights” people loud and uppity marching in American streets with signs that say their not criminals. I have seen over the years hundreds of recorded cop shows showing Hispanics getting arrested for selling illegal drugs as their children are looking on. And the past 3 years i have seen recordings of Hispanics driving off in a stolen vehicle with one or more of their children in the vehicle as the recording continues the recording shows the child or children are aware they are in a stolen vehicle. Tonight i will be watching a TV show called Bordertown Laredo i bet i will see more of these people hard at work being a criminal just like i have on many other episodes and many episodes of Bait Car as well as so many episodes of every cop show that had aired since the 90’s. Tonight on Bordertown Laredo the police will be trying to catch “The Candy Man.” How many kids get a hold of this candy?  Nov 11, 2011 – The Dylan Ratigan news program on MSNBC had a discussion about bad Alabama not continuing their a** kissing of illegal migrants and the businesses that hire them losing many of their illegal employees. The discussion goes on with Americans (legal citizens) sometimes take these jobs and quit soon after because the work is hard and undesirable. As this discussion continues it becomes apparent its another attempt to victimize the country claim jumper as the victim of all victims as usual. And now this time to victimize the businesses that hire these people. Its like oh’ what are these poor businesses going to do if they don’t have their illegal Mexicans and Central Americans. The big problem in America today is businesses DON’T want to pay employees they want slave labor. Americans CAN’T live off of a few dollars a week and busting their ass trying to get that little money surely is NOT appealing to anybody. Even these illegals are NOT going to put up with this “hard work for almost no pay” any longer than they have to. Unless employers pay what Americans can live on this problem will only continue. What are these businesses going to do when every single broke baby maker from Mexico and Central America are in this country and NOBODY meaning NOT even illegals want their sh**y jobs? The U.S. bailout of Mexico.,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb       Of course these self righteous people have signs that say “amnesty for all immigrants” realistically they are only concerned with their own people the 90% of illegal migrants that invaded America. This is the thanks America gets for financially bailing out Mexico. Since 1980 Mexico’s unemployment rate has been under 5 & a half percent    That would suggest Mexico never really had that bad of unemployment. The real problem was Mexicans could always get more money here in America than they could from their own people in their own country yet they wave the Mexican flag proudly. That also would suggest that the Mexican breeder is really only a victim in their own country considering Mexican laws are far more NAZI than American laws could ever be. That would also suggest Americans are the real victims considering unemployment is over 9 percent or as high as 16 percent depending on how you are looking at it. Unemployment in America does NOT look like its going to get any better any time soon yet Mexico’s unemployment will only get lower as more oversexed Mexican baby makers pour into the U.S. over the next few years. Most Mexicans and many Americans believe Mexicans have “RIGHTS” and sould have “FULL RIGHTS” here in the U.S. as Americans have very little to “NO RIGHTS” in Mexico in fact the Indigenous in Central America have little to “NO RIGHTS” in Mexico. Yet Mexico is portrayed as a victim of the United States. Its no wonder Mexicans believe they are far more important (better) than any other people on earth.  If it wasn’t for blood thirsty murdering criminals, the petty theft criminals Mexicans claim they are not, slave labor employers and Mexico’s NAZI laws Mexico would be a wonderful place to live. On the other hand thanks to the greedy bastard rich and the flood of 40 million (we are better than you) Mexicans over the past 10 years the American people now live in HELL!…..So what do the Mexican “RIGHTS” invasion supporters think about this MSNBC?  The real Nazi Mexican flag and here below is another Indigenous racist bigot blog. Wordpress blogs is another thing created by the white man or the European that the Indigenous brown racist bigot bas**rd takes advantage of to use and abuse. They feel high and mighty as they take advantage of the white mans creations like they “own” it. Even though they could get access to wordpress by internet in any broke and busted Indigenous country this is another example of why these smarta** baby makers force their way into white America claiming we Americans are the illegals. The internet is also another thing created by the white man or the European these continent owners take advantage of like they own that to. The black whitie hating American racist has been talking about taking over white America and the White House since the 1970’s they haven’t been able to stop lying, stealing, drinking, partying, using illegal drugs as well as selling them or getting serious about education so they still blame whitie for all their peoples problems. The brown Muslum also has been blaming Jews, Europeans and Americans for all their peoples problems instead of blaming what they do on themselves. The Indigenous racist bigot wants us all to believe they have a common cause with palestine. The story here is Jews stole the palestinian homeland. The connection is white Americans stole the Indigenous homeland. Realistically Jewusalem Israel is the Jewish homeland. And the North & South American Continents are just lands the Indigenous had come to, they never had ownership papers on anything. Realistically they don’t own squat. If the European had not have come to the America’s these self righteous Indigenous would still be living as a prehistoric blood thristy people still fighting and killing (murdering) their own and other Indigenous from other tribes. Blacks, Brown Muslims and the Indigenous talk about slavery like it all started in America the slavery that ended with the Civil War. Realistically slavery started in prehistoric times. Africans had enslaved their own people from other tribes for thousands of years as they still do today. Brown Muslims had enslaved their own people from other tribes and Jews for thousands of years. The Indigenous had enslaved their own people from other tribes for thousands of years. Yet they all point the guilty finger at bad “whitie.”    I’m thinking F Mexico’s Northern & Southern borders a**hole!      Again all the lying Indigenous racist bigots accuses the white American of being everything they are themselves. The Indigenous racist bigot accuses white America of being squatters on a land they claim they own. Simply because the Indigenous racist bigot wants control of white America’s financial system and everything white Americans have the Mexican Indigenous racist bigot can’t get in Mexico. The only reason the Indigenous racist bigot isn’t accusing black America of being everything they accuse “whitie” of is black America doesn’t have anything they want. Mexico’s Indigenous policy of extending territorial acquisition with the fictional Mexican Aztlan. And Mexico’s Indigenous political hegemony, Mexico’s/Mexicans indirect imperial rule over white America by claiming the Indigenous own the whole continent. In turn the Indigenous racist bigots claim that everything white Americans built, created and have belongs to the Indigenous racist bigot. The Indigenous racist bigot also claims white America is aging. Their saying we white Americans are not making babies. Obviously their saying we white Americans are not having babies senselessly like the stupid breeder fools they are. Their saying were dying. Obviously they mean dying out as a human species. They don’t know even though they breed like senseless animals there are far more white people on planet earth than black or brown. The Indigenous racist bigot says its just a matter of time. Then the Indigenous racist bigot brags “the explosion is in our population.” In Mexico the Mexican Indigenous racist bigot breeded foolishly until they had 80 million brokeass baby popping Mexicans living in eye sore shacks and squalor. This mess they created for themselves was NOT “whities” fault. Do the Indigenous racist bigot believe they are the HOT commodity? Nearly everything the Indigenous racist bigot owns, has, or ever had in their whole lives over the past 250 years was built or created by Europeans. Even the Spanish they speak is a European language. Its obvious the Indigenous racist bigot thinks they are the HOT s**t but realistically the Indigenous racist bigot cannot survive without the goodies created by Europeans and Orientals. The Indigenous racist bigot believes once they successfully pillage America from the white man the Indigenous racist bigot will live happily ever after. Without whitie who’s going to continue building and creating so the Indigenous racist bigot can continue being the BIG s**t of the whole continent? The Indigenous racist bigot probably believes they will pillage and plunder Canada as well. Here is some shocking news for the Mexican Indigenous racist bigot. Smart people know over population is nothing to be proud of. We smart people know there is NOT enough resources on earth to sustain any more population explosions. When the time comes for so many people to die for the good of others to survive remember what people has weapons of mass destruction and what people don’t! The world population of white people is at 1.376 billion and the entire world population of the Indigenous range from 300 to 350 million. This means there is as many white people in the United States alone as there is the Indigenous in the entire world so what do you think of that Mexican Indigenous racist bigots. Many Indigenous populations have declined and face extinction. So if you Mexican Indigenous racist bigots are going to catch up with the white population any time soon your breeder people will have to start humping up and down at super high speed like sexual vibrators. The gaining race populations in years ahead will be as follows Africans, Central Asians, East Asians and Southeast Asians following behind will be the Amerindian-Mestizo (Mexicans & Central Americans) even though the white population will decline we whities can blow up the smarta** people any time we want so think about that Mexican Indigenous racist bigot. The people in these countries like Africa, Mexico and Central America don’t do a whole lot of thinking or planning ahead unless its “i know, lets invade America and march around demanding RIGHTS.” So they have babies thoughtlessly like four legged animals then think “woe is me” or “woe i is?”  They know they can’t support themselves and or the children they already have yet they “hump” around like animals in heat. Soon after its all “whities” fault again!   Bad racist whitie!   You better pay for us to live and have more sex we demand it.The Indigenous countries are among the most blood thirsty criminal countries in the world Mexico has had its share of horrendous murders. Africa is a land of a blood thirsty warmongering trible breeder people. Africans can’t care for their own people either and they have babies like theres no tomorrow. Arabs are a long time blood thristy people they are among the most barbaric they have committed some of the most horrendous murders throughout history. Boom! The Mexican Nazi salute!    The reasoning behind “11 million” is an attempt to make Comprehensive Immigration Reform look better. A story in 2008 suggests there maybe as many as 20 million another article suggests the American government planned to let 100 million illegals into this country then hand over Comprehensive Immigration Reform or amnesty on a silver platter. At that time i thought the number to be higher because these people were and still are flooding in like roaches invading an apartment building. With all the “hoopla” over deportations they are still flooding in and they know they are their illegal immigration supports like La-Raza knows they are.   This webpage suggests “20 million” in 2004.          This is why all Indigenous countries sue American states when Americans get in their way. And why Mexico, Mexico’s baby machine and all the illegal immigration supporters in America really want Comprehensive Immigration Reform. This report was posted the year Mexican migrants stormed the southern border in unbelievable numbers   After reading this report do you still believe.   Here is another sad truth of what is to come because breeders are great. And another reason why illegal immigration supporters have been demanding immediate Comprehensive Immigration Reform and why they didn’t want us Americans to have any time to think about it.   One of the labels Americans are branded with is dark skins favorite and that label is An article dated 2006 by the Center for Immigration Studies says in 2000 more than half of the Mexicans residing in the U.S. were illegals now that there is an admission by illegal migrant activists of 50 million Hispanics in the U.S. you can bet more than half of that 50 million are in deed illegals.   You can bet this “11 million” we all keep hearing about is in deed total s**t.  Illegal Immigration Facts – Facts you won’t get from the Mexican racist!   Immigration Counters suggests there are nearly 24 million illegals in this country.    History of Legal Immigration into the United States is told far differently than this by the smarta** Mexican.   Vote on Immigration 911!  I bet we all know who won’t place their “votes” here!   Illegal entry into the U.S. by people from countries like China is so small compared to the number of the “middle finger flippers” coming from Mexico and Central America entries from around the world hardly ever make it as news.   More facts and more of the truth about illegal immigration. The truth Mexicans that force their way into America don’t care about.    US-Mexico Border Fence – Even Mexicans and the Mexican Indigenous Racist Bigot Imperialist know why the Northern American border doesn’t have this problem.    People that practice “so-called” law in the U.S. jump for joy over this border problem and why? Because they can make (steal legally) millions or billions off these “middle finger flipping” people.    Maybe this Visa Lottery isn’t working because these people figure why wait when they can force their way into the U.S. saying f**k American laws.    American victims of illegal immigration (invasion). They don’t care what they have caused here either.  The Federal Government has proven they are in deed behind this illegal invasion of America simply by telling hard pressed states suffering from to many depleting state resources that states can not have laws that gets in the way of the Hispanic invasion. Naturally illegal immigration activist don’t give a s**t about states financial problems as long as its their people depleting them. The Federal Government says they don’t have to abide by U.S. laws and their flood from Mexico doesn’t have to either. That is all we Americans need to know that our own government is crappy s**t!  In 2009 when states like Arizona complained to the Federal Government to do something about this unimaginable flood of Gime, Gime, Gime, the Government told these states to handle there problem the best they can. As these states try to handle this problem the best they can. The Federal Government, Federal Courts and all of Indigenous land south of the border sues these states for trying to save themselves from total bankruptcy. This means the feds and the Indigenous decides who has to abide by American laws and who doesn’t. Again another state is accused of being “RACIST” this time its Alabama everytime illegal immigrant comes up everybody always assumes its the poor, poor, poor picked on brown skin victim from Mexico. Why is that? There are illegals from many countries here in America. Would it be maybe just maybe instead of the brown skinned Mexican being the singled out poor, poor, poor victim of the hateful bad whitie. Maybe besides illegal drugs being a serious problem its the brown skinned Mexican that has become the “huge” illegal immigration problem here in America costing all 50 states “FARRRRRRRRRRRR” more than an other illegal immigrants from any other country in the world.  If or when Comprehensive Immigration Refrom or Amnesty as some call it happens. You can bet there will be dancing and partying in American streets all across the country people jumping for joy with huge smiles on their faces everywhere and they will be chanting “we got you” “we got you” white Americans this is our country now. And who will be the “RACIST” then?      Words of wisdom!   And i’m thinking if you must please do i have a match! The South of the border Indigenous Communist with stop at nothing to turn America into a country like their precious Venezuela now the 90% of the illegal migrants that forced their way into this country is using Occupy Wallstreet to flaunt their political views and socialism. It should be clear these south of the border invaders intend on eliminating white America the American flag and the American way of life. President Obama once said – “We are at war…against a foe that is bent on our distruction.” The whole while the American government is playing war games over seas costing the U.S. trillions. A huge invasion from south of the border “has” invaded America and they are also even more so bent on the distruction of the white American and America as we know it….as of today since the damage is already being done as we knew it before 2005. The strategy of the south of the border invasion force and the south of the border invasion force supporters is – “as long as you white Americans get in the way of the brown Mexican takeover and as long as you white Americans continue telling the truth about what is really going on we will use the full of s**t  accusations against you!

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