With Latino Crimes Heavily On The Rise Its Not Surprising Mexifornia’s Mayor Antonio Villarigosa And Police Chief Charles Beck Believes Handing Out Drivers Licenses To 33+ Million Latino Illegals Is For Public Safety, How Will Illegals Possessing A Valid Drivers License Make Americans Safer? Sure Illegal Latino Immigrants Should Be Able To Get A Valid Drivers License And Why? Because They Are Illegal Of Course! And To Give Them A Valid Drivers License Helps Make The Illegal Latino Invasion Of American Look More Like A Civil Right!

OH” come on America, lets give my people what they want. Their going to get it all eventually anyway. So give in and give or they will continue calling you a RACIST NAZI. Since the first amnesty in 1986 our people have been determined we would get another 100 million of our oversexed baby machines into this country to get what you white Americans have and we are determined you whities will not stop us. Remember, we can say RACIST! Its because we are brown skinned Latino we get the green light. Our people has the right to America the way it is now NOT the way it was before 1848. We must be a highly evolved highly intelligent people if we Latinos believe we see the face of Jesus in a tortilla…its a miracle!   Also the white Americans afraid they’ll be called a RACIST will join our Latino invasion.Hand over what Mexicans & Central Americans want Americans. Police Chief Charles Beck says this is not an immigration issue and in the same breath he says its about these peoples immigration status. As i see it to say its about these peoples immigration status is to say its an immigration issue. I think we Americans know its NOT just Americans like Mayor Villarigosa and Police Chief Charles Beck that believes illegal Latinos (not all illegal immigrants) should have a valid drivers license so do all of breeder land. Maybe Villarigosa and Police Chief Charles Beck could stand at the southern border and tell his people come on all of you my wonderful people, Americans can’t stop you. As he tells them all this he can shake their hands and hand out drivers licenses to his people as they cross over into the promised land. The last time Mayor Villarigosa “looked” there where no terrorists coming from Indigenous countries. Mayor Villarigosa just as many other Latinos and illegal Latino immigration supporters are telling us Americans since their people are supposably not terrorists they should get special privileges even though they break many American laws.Villarigosa believes we Americans are forcing 10’s of millions of the “we are going to have it all our way people” from having drivers licenses simply because they broke laws coming to America to get that “better life.” That better life Americans are quickly losing. Some how its OK for a certain people to sneak into this country get into a vehicle of some kind and start driving anywhere they want in America like its nobody’s business. And a lot of them the “me no speaka English” people have no idea what the road signs say! Mayor Villarigosa believes its unfair that the Northern border patrol can’t stop the 10’s of millions of Canadians and other illegals pouring into this country from Canada. Can Mayor Villarigosa tell us where are all the Canadian gang members? What American schools do Canadian kids control? Where are all the Canadian criminals? How many Canadians are here living off the American system thinking, “Have More Babies” Have More Babies.” Do we see Canadians standing out in front of the 7 11 looking for a job? Are Canadians standing out on the city streets and in parking lots throughout the state looking for a job? Are Canadians determined to get illegal drugs into the U.S. anyway they can. Are Canadians really playing a cat and mouse game with border patrol? Are illegal Canadians driving in the U.S. with no drivers license? Why don’t Canadians march all over America with “We Are Human” signs with their middle fingers high for all to see? Are Canadians really doing what the “brown” are determined to believe they are? When the Catholic Pope came to America in 2007 to broadcast all across America to tell us Americans we should except the flood of illegals with open pocket books was he here on the behalf of the invading Canadians? How many Canadians have marched in American streets demanding Comprehensive Immigration Reform? I’d like to know why we don’t hear from media, government and illegal immigration supporters telling us just how wonderful and important our undocumented Canadian voters are since there are so many of them in America. These links ahead show more attempts to suggest the brown man is a poor picked on victim and the white man is so bad!   http://www.quora.com/Are-there-many-Canadians-living-and-working-illegally-in-the-United-States   In 2008 70,000 undocumented Canadians worked and lived in the U.S. thats less than 100,000 one hundred thousand is 1/tenth of a million.  http://www.canadaupdates.com/news/illegal_immigrants_from_canada_steal_us_jobs-28502.html   Regardless of the Latino excuses if south of the border people are kicking over deportations of their people why should Canadians be deported?  http://www.terrygreenesterling.com/2010/06/27/arizona-lawmaker-to-latino-journos-%E2%80%9Cillegal%E2%80%9D-canadians-can-stay-because-they-have-money/    Here another Mexican illegal immigration supporter plays the “Race Card.”  http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20100514035941AANad7N    The truth about illegal immigration.   http://www.endillegalimmigration.com/Mexico_&_Canada/index.shtml    Not counting the border with Alaska the U.S. Canadian border is nearly 4000 miles long. Adding Alaska the borders with Canada are 5525 miles long. The Canadian government hasn’t been trying to dump 10’s of millions of oversexed baby machines into the United States and we also haven’t been hearing a lot about terrorist activity coming from Canada have we. The border shared with Mexico is nearly 2000 miles long. As we all know the Southern border patrol hasn’t been successful in stopping the flood of broke baby makers and the tons of illegal drugs coming from where the border problem really is. Mayor Villarigosa was asked by a news reporter if illegals were handed over drivers licenses would or could they get more benefits than they are already getting. His anwser was NO! I think we all know when these people get passed border patrol they all have to go somewhere. We don’t see 10’s of millions of these people walking the streets of America. This means they get pretty well provided for in this country regardless of ID of anykind. To say we Americans are denying these illegals a drivers license would be assuming illegals have the right to come to this country and start driving as soon as they get here. I believe as crimes committed by the Latino population in Mexifornia and other parts of America rise there is now another push to get these people a drivers license before the high crime rate makes it even more difficult. As we all know this whole “illegal” business is about (we the 100 million south of the border people want things) so “we” (our people) are right and Americans (white Americans) are wrong. For sometime i have seen ICDC College commercials on television advertising to teach Latinos to protect the American borders. And to teach Latinos to enforce laws in Mexifornia schools already controlled by fewer black and mostly Latino students. This unruly student problem probably is or will be blamed on white students just as everything else that happens in this country is blamed on the white population of America. So the black and Latino populations can be the poor picked on innocent victims of America. Question – My question to the ICDC Colleges would be to teach Latinos to protect American borders from what? Canadians? White Americans? White terrorist? I have seen a number of college television commercials most trying to get the attention of black Americans and Latinos. I haven’t seen any trying to cater to illegal Canadians or all the bad terrorists coming over the northern border from Canada. If there are no terrorist coming from Mexico since the last time Villarigosa looked then it can’t be protecting the southern border from that. One thing i know is 100% true is Mexicans, Central Americans and their supporters will say anything regardless of how stupid it sounds to get their way. Realistically to give these people a drivers license is just another way of getting their foot further in the door and another way to say they have “RIGHTS” and we Americans have “NO RIGHTS” concerning this invasion of America by 80% of Mexico & Central America. Most of Canada’s population is NOT trying to live off the American system. And most of Canada’s population is NOT trying to have millions of babies they can’t support. Newscasters are saying this drivers license issue is not going to go away. I think we Americans are smart enough to know that just as we know this illegal immigrant & illegal drug WAR at the southern American border will NOT stop until the American government wants it to stop. When the American government wants something to stop they make it stop no matter how many American lives it cost. Americans die for the American government like “oh well” and life goes on like nothing happened. Mayor Villarigosa and Police Chief Charles Beck says to give all of “illegal land” a drivers license would make it safer. What they mean by making it safer simply by handing out drivers licenses to illegals they need to explain. The last time i “looked” police are NOT aloud to stop these people because they might be here illegally. The brown people self righteous excuse is they would all be stopped because their skin is brown making stopping them a RACIST act instead of why they really would have been stopped. Evidence of possible terrorist activity showing its ugly head all along the southern American border NOT the northern American border Antonio Villaraigosa.  http://www.aim.org/guest-column/middle-east-terrorists-operating-along-arizona-southern-border/   http://azcapitoltimes.com/news/2012/03/23/hezbollah-terror-threat-on-u-s-mexico-border-is-real/   http://writer-david.hubpages.com/hub/Terrorists-At-Our-Southern-Border   http://www.theblaze.com/stories/former-intelligence-agent-terror-group-hezbollah-has-infiltrated-our-southern-border/   When these terrorists start making their attacks they will be A look at some very special drivers licenses for very special people. If 50 million creatures called “bigfoot” came down from the mountains and out of the wooded areas and jumped into vehicles of all kinds and started driving around in American streets we Americans would then be forced to give them all a drivers license. If this happened in Mexico they would all be shot dead and no questions would be asked. If millions of aliens from other planets come here we Americans would be forced to give them a drivers license to. And if they showed up in Mexico they would simply be considered as nothing more than illegal aliens. Maybe illegal, i mean undocumented Latino immigrants can get special drivers licenses that look like these below to since their so special. We Americans are supposed to call Latino “illegals” undocumented immigrants now because “undocumented” sounds more like they have every RIGHT to be in this country than the word “illegal” sounds. As we Americans know these people have RIGHTS in America because they breed profusely having babies they can’t support and also because they want things, things they can’t get in their own countries.     http://arc.asm.ca.gov/BudgetFactCheck/?p_id=289  http://arc.asm.ca.gov/BudgetFactCheck/?p_id=289  Even though white Americans are no longer the majority in Mexifornia we Americans are constantly told the majority on America’s public assistance rolls are white Americans. When the wide spread foreclosures started in 2009 we were all told by the liars of America that fear black and brown people might get mad at them that it was white people that bought homes beyond their means and white people that was losing their homes due to their own stupidity. As it is today we now know the truth.The National Security Award should go to the people that want to pass out valid drivers licenses to the people that have no legal right to be here in this country. It appears as we Americans continue hating being taken for fools and taken advantage of we will continue hearing about our selves being the all time RACIST as this long dragged out invasion and occupation of America continues. Its obvious this will drag on until Mexico and Central America is satisfied dumping their broke oversexed baby makers on the U.S. economy. As we know the greedy are never satisfied. Is obvious the American government aloud this to happen and its obvious they will continue letting it go on. As this invasion and occupation by the Indigenous Latino supremacist continues we Americans are expected to shut up, give in, and except it. If this so-called Latino immigration would have been conducted in the right manner i wouldn’t have had any problem with it. Since we Americans (white Americans) had been treated like RACIST s**t by American Latinos, the Indigenous, Indigenous countries, the invading countries like Mexico, The American government, the Mexican government, Latino illegal immigration supporters, news stations like MSNBC, some of MSNBC’s newscasters, whitie hating black Americans, black civil rights leaders still trying to stick it to whitie and people of other races that simply hate white people. The whole time this hatred goes on American laws are broken continuously just so 100 million out of control breeders and criminals can have their way with us and have their way with the American system. I will continue giving my point of view of an act we all know is wrong. And we all know no other people on earth would have gotten away with this. This is where the foolish Latino breeding is going to get all of us as the Latino breeders and their baby popping supporters believe the American cup runneth over with American money. This blog is now full so i must move on back to a blog i had started some time ago.  http://scantlessscank.wordpress.com/2010/10/01/hello-world/  I also had filled this blog some time ago.  http://scantlessscank.wordpress.com/2012/03/08/los-angeles-authorities-say-fight-between-black-football-players-mexican-taggers-at-carson-high-school-in-carson-mexifornia-was-not-racially-motivated-why-no-white-students-to-blame-racial-atta/   Oh’ yes and i also did this.  http://americanmexorcist.wordpress.com/2010/10/23/how-to-perform-a-mexorcism/

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