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So Called Minorities Not Required To Have Photo ID Is RACIST And The Ignorant Keep Popping Up On MSNBC Talking About Voter Suppression! Dr. Daniel Shyesteh Says Islam Is A Religion Of Hate & Domination! Cenk Uygur Of Current TV Has Racist’s Opinions Just As Media Shows On MSNBC Does! Mexican-American Studies Are Teaching Hate And Oppression More Stolen From Black America Like The Use Of The Magic Word “Racist”! Jim Nations Of SonLife Broadcasting Is Called A Racist For Referring The Bible Book Of Isaiah Chapter 1 Verse 7 To Illegal Immigration! And Who Is Really The New Poor?

The ignorant continue showing up on MSNBC saying that people (mostly minorites meaning black and brown people) are the victims of suppression simply because U.S. states are asking voters to have photo ID like thats a huge crime or a huge injustice. Again … Continue reading

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We All Sure Love Al Sharpton’s Bueberry Pa! And The GOP Clown Show Continues! Since Lowe’s Pulled Out Of Sponsoring The Television Show American Muslim The Brown Muslim Sees This Pull Out As Another Excuse To Claim Their People As Victims Of Racism!

Ummmm, bueberry pa! I can’t stop thinkin about bueberry pa! When i leave her i’m goin’a get me some bueberry pa! You ate ma bueberry pa! When you can’t have pa just eat cake! Those kids have ma bueberry pa … Continue reading

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For The NAACP’s People To Get A State ID It Won’t Hurt Them As Much As They Might Think Even Non-Citizens Can Get State ID! The NAACP’s Victim People Beautifying America!

Getting a state ID really isn’t that painful its not as hard as the picked on people might think. This is what state ID looks like you don’t have to use a mugshot of yourself your picture will be taken … Continue reading

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