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Why Don’t We Bad White Americans Hand Out Southern Border Door Prizes For Anything And Everything Determined To Get Into America For Lawrence (Turncoat) O’Donnell Of MSNBC! Isn’t This Baby Talk? “We Were Here First” “We Were Here First”

Door prizes for busting into America the “we are going to have it our way” people can get. Why don’t we! Why don’t we Americans (white Americans) just give in and wear the “Kick Me” signs the poor picked on out of … Continue reading

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It Was Michelle Malkin That Inspired Me Into My Own Website And Blogs Now She Inspires Me With The Fact She Has Nothing To Hide! MMMMMMMMMMM Michelle!

I bet that was nice. Judging by the expression on her face.  She liked it!    I love looking up to Michelle Malkin. I’ll never be able to see her the same way again. Yea, baby! OH, mine doesn’t feel weird!Michelle Malkin this … Continue reading

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Other Than To Claim Righteousness To American Money And The American Good Life Why Are The Native Americans And The South Of The Border Breeder People So Determined Their Precious Indigenous People Were Always In The Americas Knowing There Is “NO” Fact To This Claim!

The Native American and south of the border baby popper belief that their people were always in the Americas and didn’t come from Asia is of word of mouth only and this claim has absolutely no scientific or paleontology fact. … Continue reading

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Ed Schultz of MSNBC Makes Another Stupid “Whitie The Racist” Accusation This Time Without His “Whitie The Racist” Hating Buddy Al Sharpton! Maybe This Time Al Sharpton Thought To Accuse Whitie Of Racism Over Beer, Malt Liquor and Rap Would Be Stupid!

Are you high Ed. Do you know what is racist or are you just doing what many black Americans and everything flooding from the southern border is doing. Which is claiming everything whitie does or says that blacks and Mexicans … Continue reading

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Why Don’t We Americans Legalize The Whole World Why Can’t The Whole World Have The Good Life, A Better Life In America!

No one in the whole world is illegal in America! Yay! Everybody in the whole world is only illegal in Indigenous countries below the America border! Yay! Because their Indigenous people are better than everybody else in the world. Yay!Yes, everybody in … Continue reading

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The Great Baby Poppers South Of The Border Somehow Believes America Owes Them All A Free Life! How Is That! Will This Fix The Economy? How Much More Insane Nonsense From These Crazy Baby Machines Are We Americans Going To Be Forced To Put Up With! How Can The American Government Think This Insanity Is OK!

Have all these “WE ARE HUMANS” lost their minds! How can they believe America owes their baby popping asses anything! I’m living it up comfortably in America on the white mans Welfare. Now all i have to do is lay … Continue reading

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I Have Been Hearing MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell Verbally Defending This South Of The Border Over Population Of Socialist As A Gift To America! If 80 Million Commie Baby Machines Is A Gift Here In The U.S. Then Why Is It Treated Like Vermin Where The Insane Breeding Frenzy All Started! Comrade Commie O’Donnell!

Early today i heared the admitted socialist Lawrence O’Donnell talking just for a moment about the supposed end of the world May 21 2011 deadline just like a teenage boy would with He, He, He, Snicker, Snicker, Snicker. Surely it would seem unlikely … Continue reading

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