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Self Deportation?..He, He, He, Big Joke, Right! The Mexican American Studies Program Claim Of The Oppression Of Their People By White America Is An Attempt To Cover For Their Own Guilt Of Wrong Doing And The Real Reason For The “Racist” Accusations! Is Being Anti-Illegal Immigration Wrong Or Right? Our People Don’t Do What We Do Its All Just Bad Whitie! And White Racial & Christian Religion Inequality, Whites No Longer Protected By Civil Rights!

Its all just “Whitie the Racist!Here’s a photo of Lalo Alcaraz and one of his illegal immigration supporters Javier Hernandez proudly displaying his gang sign. The mention or thought of self deportation has become a huge joke for stupid people and stupid … Continue reading

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Hundreds Of Latinos And Their Supporters Take Advantage Of The Occupy Wallstreet Protests To Solicit Their “Full Rights For All Immigrants” Which Really Means Full Rights For Everything South Of The American Border With Two Legs And An Over Active Sex Organ That Wants Things They Can’t Get In Their Own Country! Are All Worshippers Of The Mormon Faith Bald Faced Liars Or Is It Just Mitt Romney! Vote Pinky And The Brain For President!

Deportations of illegals is NOT racist or racism. If deportations were, then being deported from the Indigenous Latino invading countries is also a “RACIST” act. The word “RACIST” is the for self righteous holy people that know they are in the wrong and proclaim … Continue reading

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