So Called Minorities Not Required To Have Photo ID Is RACIST And The Ignorant Keep Popping Up On MSNBC Talking About Voter Suppression! Dr. Daniel Shyesteh Says Islam Is A Religion Of Hate & Domination! Cenk Uygur Of Current TV Has Racist’s Opinions Just As Media Shows On MSNBC Does! Mexican-American Studies Are Teaching Hate And Oppression More Stolen From Black America Like The Use Of The Magic Word “Racist”! Jim Nations Of SonLife Broadcasting Is Called A Racist For Referring The Bible Book Of Isaiah Chapter 1 Verse 7 To Illegal Immigration! And Who Is Really The New Poor?

The ignorant continue showing up on MSNBC saying that people (mostly minorites meaning black and brown people) are the victims of suppression simply because U.S. states are asking voters to have photo ID like thats a huge crime or a huge injustice. Again we hear minorites are so picked on BOO HOO. These ignorant people talk about photo ID like it only comes in drivers license form. I got a state ID because i don’t drive either and i got mine from black Americans working at the DMV it was easy. And get this…i don’t even vote so what do you ignorant suppression accusers think about that. So-called minorities not required to have state photo ID simply because they are to reluctant to get it is a racist act against the American public that are required to have state photo ID. And the so called minorities that are not required to have state photo ID simply because they are in the United States illegally is also a racist act against the American public that are required to have state photo ID. Also the wonderful criminal element in American neighborhoods may be to busy throwing their dirt around and preying on their victims to get photo ID. I’m hearing on media shows thats its now excusable for black Americans NOT to have photo ID. It has already been acknowledged that the 10’s of millions of people that has and is still forcing their way and their will on the American system and the American people don’t have to have or even show ID of anykind simply because they are not suppose to be in the U.S. in the first place.  I’m sure we all know if these were white people getting these special privileges it would be called a racist act. Since these privileges go to non-whites these actions become another “thats different.” The white people helping with the excuses to make possession of a photo ID a bad thing is NOT helping these poor picked on minorities. Anybody with good sense knows we need photo ID to live our lives affectively or efficiently. To do less we are only hurting ourselves as we minorities continue blaming “whitie” for the problems we create for ourselves by our reluctance to handle our own business. If we must blame white people blame the “whities” that are helping with the excuses to not possess a photo ID. These right to not have a photo ID helpers is making out like the election for black and brown skinned people to vote for their Obama is a week away. The election for black and brown skinned people to vote for their Obama is nearly a whole year away. If these poor picked on suppressed voters can’t get photo ID within a year then the problem is them NOT whitie suppression. There is no reason NO reason at all for anybody of any skin pigmentation to never be able to possess photo ID. If they never do get a photo ID then that is their sorrya## fault.   Black America MSNBC is trying to tell us their people will be able to get photo ID ever. If you were born in this country there must be a record of your birth somewhere. One black woman spent much of the her hour talking about a 90 year old woman that can’t get a birth certificate to get photo ID. I’m thinking there must be something that can be done so older people like herself can get their vote out for Obama. Surely a sob story like this won’t excuse everybody unable to get a photo ID because their not privileged white. Another black woman on black America MSNBC said there is no evidence of voter fraud. I did some checking and found that there is evidence of voter fraud depending on where you look. Some people of the internet will be telling you there is little to no evidence of voter fraud and other sources will be telling you the opposite. One of these black women said in 2008 black Americans that may have never voted before came out happy faced to vote for their Obama. And she said these black Americans won’t be able to vote for their Obama now in 2012. I bet if these black Americans would had spent the time it takes to get photo ID they could had gotten it over the past 3 or 4 years. Photo ID should only take so many years to get. Personally i believe black Americans was only and will only vote for the black side of Obama. You know the black side of his family. Listening to these black women they would have you thinking photo ID is a priviege only white people can get. Where are the gang members selling fake photo ID when you need them?  It may be difficult to say which race decided their people don’t need to prove who they are first. But my quess is it was black America then everything south of the border ran with it just like they did “civil rights” and the magic word RACIST. Even the brown Muslim believes they should have their face covered on their photo ID and they also have joined the “Rights & Racist” band wagon in Britain, Israel and America. Who has “rights” and who is the “racist” in Muslim dominated countries. In many European countries as well as America Muslims claim they only preach and believe in peace and harmony. Is peace and harmony what we see in Muslim dominated countries?  The hate and evil that we see and hear about in Muslim dominated countries is “reality” NOT Islamophobia and NOT “whitie the racist.” Download photo to see full size or try link   Dr. Daniel Shayesteh the author of the books “Islam The House I Left Behind” & “Islam and the Son of God” says Islam is a religion of hate and that Islam is a religion of domination.  He says Islam (Muslims) hate any and everybody that is not a practising Muslim. He says Muslims pretend to be a peaceful people while they set you up for the kill. He says Muslims are making their own peoples lives miserable as they F-up Muslim dominated countries. And he says you can not trust Muslim leaders. He says the only function of Islam is to hate and dominate. Why not!  The NAACP, illegal immigration supporters, the American federal government and the American federal courts want you to. And of course voter fraud is as easy as Welfare fraud.  I would suggest the young people 18 to 21 that don’t have photo ID go out and get it. Instead of blaming a state law for not being able to commit voter fraud like black Americans and illegal invaders will do. Excusing so called minorities of having proper ID is favoritism and favoritism of a certain people is a racial act. The black American reluctance to get photo ID is NOT whities fault. And the Latino’s & Asians without photo ID are the Latino’s & Asians that sneak over, under or through the southern American border illegally. For people that don’t know thats called breaking the law. In the countries these people come from thats a BAD thing to do. And in their countries there are severe penalties for doing so. Just ask Al Sharpton he’ll tell you thats true. Yes, favoritism of a certain people is racism and breaking the law is bad but thats only when your white! Cenk Uygur says – I think “they” are just trying to keep blacks from voting because they voted four years ago and because their black not simply because they don’t have proper ID….thats my opinion!   My Personal Opinion – My opinion Cenk Uygur is that was your personal opinion and a personal opinion may be right or it may be wrong. Also my opinion of Cenk Uygur’s opinion of Ron Paul saying 95 percent of black Americans are criminals is wrong or racist is…. Its really all about the fact a “white” man said it. If any black American, black or brown Muslim or any Indigenous from south of the American border would have said any of these “racist” things Ron Paul has been accused of saying none of this would have hit the air waves. Black Americans have been saying things like, whitie, cracker, honky and so much more since the 1960’s. As well as “those are the white man’s laws.” You can bet everything with two legs and an over active sex organ south of the American border as well as Native Americans believes the same thing. But thinking like that can’t be RACIST and why? Would it be simply because these people are not white? As the dirt on Herman Cain hit the air waves it was all thought of as a racist attack. The racist being whitie of course. When a black woman on MSNBC was asked by Dylan Ratigan if she believed these accusations coming out about Herman Cain was racist she said yes. The attitude is you have to be white to be a racist. So non-whites can do or say anything they like and its all good. We don’t see and haven’t seen any of that brought out on a news show for the world to see do/have we? And thats not just an opinion! I’m now waiting to hear what the “Muslim” opinion of Al Qaeda stepping up attacks in Iraq now that American troops are pulling out will be? Will it be – OH, “their not really Muslims” or “there is only just a few of them.” Or “Racism, white people said something.” What did the Americans, British or Israelis do to cause these attacks? Or should i say what did “whitie” do now? If the U.S. is getting most of the oil the U.S. consumes from Canada and Mexico then Iran blocking the strait of Hormuz shouldn’t be such a big deal. Iran making a huge nuisance of itself shouldn’t be giving the Canadian and Mexican oil companies an excuse to raise oil prices. Its said that 40% of the worlds oil supply comes through the Hormuz strait. If a large percentage of this 40% comes to the U.S. then Mexico isn’t the big player some televised media stations are trying to make us believe Mexico is. I’m seeing Russia has massive oil fields. European countries could and should be looking to the Russians for oil. Why don’t every country look else where for their oil needs and cut the towel heads completely off. As everything south of the American border becomes more and more precious we are now conditioned by media among others to believe Spanish speaking people with Spanish names are the key players in America’s future like Hispanic is now America’s new greatness. I have hear friends talking about picking up pamphlets in Mexifornia referring to English as a second language and getting free child care. Should we Americans start praying to these people to save our economy, our lives, to save us all? Maybe they can create jobs for Americans as well as their own people. On illegal immigration supporter media stations like MSNBC we here how pissed off the great south of the border baby machine is with the Republican party because the Republicans are not expressing the ass kissing the baby machine wants so they supposably turn to the Democrat even though Obama supposably deported 400,000 illegals in 4 years another thing the great baby machine is pissed off about like they really have a RIGHT to be. During an 8 month period last year the Latino baby machine in the U.S. grew by 2 and a half million and they all were NOT born on this side of the border. If i know math as i do 2,500,000 over 8 months seems to dwarf 400,000 over 4 years. We will never get the truth from illegal immigration supporters like MSNBC but television shows like “Border Wars” will give us a better view of what is really going on at the southern American border. Illegal immigration supporters like American government, Indigenous government as Indigenous countries, American and Indigenous media and Latinos in the U.S. are trying to condition us Americans into believing “illegal” isn’t illegal for Latinos its just illegal for everybody else and that the rising illegal Latino population in America is excusable. The bible verse Isaiah 5:20 – “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” This verse can also be translated into “wrong becoming right and right becoming wrong.” There are people calling themselves christian that will try to tell you that this is twisting GODS word but anyone with good sense can see this verse itself indicates putting good for bad and bad for good. They also don’t want you to tie this verse in with illegal immigration. The Arizona ruling hits Mexican-American studies because the teachers of these programs are claiming Mexicans are the victims of white Americans. Mexicans have used Afro-American claims like the civil rights marches of the 1960’s and the use of the magic word RACIST as their own personal claims to justify the Latino illegal invasion of America. Down in “post a comment” on the CNN story link below are comments like…julobo88 – “Our children need to learn how they been victimized by white majority because color of skin and Hispanic heritage. Why Latino immigrant have to live in fear always? Especially Arizona.”  What julobo88 doesn’t say is the Latino nation really hasn’t been as “victimized” by American whites as the Latino nation wants us all to believe julobo88 also doesn’t say Latinos/Hispanics/Indigenous has far more to fear from their own people and that they are victims of their own people on a daily basis in Mexico and America far more so than they ever have been victims of white Americans julobo88 doesn’t mention the millions of white Americans victimized by these poor picked on people since their invasion started and julobo88 doesn’t say the reason Latino immigrants live in fear in America is simply because they know they came here breaking American law not that bad white people did or said something and julobo88 doesn’t mention the crimes and criminal acts committed in the U.S. by Latinos and black Americans and their victims. The reason julobo88 says “especially Arizona” is Arizona got a lot of attention over a law that Arizona needed to curb illegal immigration as well as crime Arizona didn’t want. After Americans like Al Sharpton ran his BIG FAT mouth about “racist this” and “racist that” as well as this unconstituional business. Like its unconstitutional to curb an explosion of law breakers, law breakers without photo ID. Al Sharpton and his Latinos got away with their racial antics because he’s black and because they are brown. If a white American would have tried addressing racial injustices by black and brown people for other white Americans they all would have been laughed out of existence. All that gets the people that know their guilty and know their wrong out into the streets of Arizona with their RACIST NAZI protest signs. (As we know its Mexico that is now in “police state” mode not Arizona or any other American state.) Knowing this these racist Latino people now full of hysteria thinking, yeah, yeah, its white people thats wrong not us Mexicans that forced our way into America univited. Another comment posted by pardonme123 says – “Watch on youtube “Aztlan Rising” and you’ll begin to understand the mission of Mexicans in this country. They believe that a great part of this nation belongs to Mexico and they are simply taking it back. Thats the purpose of the illegal immigration a.k.a. the Mexican invasion.”  What we are NOT seeing here is the parts of the U.S. Indigenous Mexicans claim to belong to them have all this wonderful white mans world and its this white mans world that these Indigenous Mexicans are really after they don’t want U.S. land with nothing on it. The Indigenous Mexicans claiming they own the whole continent also are being forced out of Mexico. Are they being forced out because they own Mexico? Or is it simply because their own people and their own government don’t want to have to be responsible for their lives and their breeding. Simply put the Mexicans with money believe these over sexed people cost to much. On yesterdays telecast Frances said someone (anonymous naturally) sent in an e-mail calling Jim Nations a “RACIST” for referring the bible Book of Isaiah, chapter 1, verse 7 with illegal immigation.   American Standard Version –  “Your country is desolate; your cities are burned with fire; your land, strangers devour it in you presence, and it is desolate, as overthrown by strangers.”   This is another classic example of a law breaking people using the magic word brought into use to suit the need to claim “victim” of white America by their own wrong doing. Also the e-mailer said the church should do all they can to help the illegal invasion succeed and to give refuge, sanctuary to all that break the immigration laws among other laws as they force their way into the U.S. As we all know states like New York and Mexifornia are already sanctuary states to help these law breaking people believe it is they that are right and American laws that are wrong. Jimmy Swaggart says all you white people can be with me!     In response to the claim by the “RACIST” Latinos/Hispanics/Indigenous forcing their way and their will on the U.S and the American people that white Americans are the illegals in America. Jimmy Swaggart insured white America that they would always have “sanctuary” and a place in the SBN ministries. On Current TV Countdown with Keith Olbermann i heard a lot about how Americans should be more compassionate with Health Care for the world like America can afford the whole world. Unfortunately there is far more compassion in America than there are resources. And Keith Olbermann again brought up that the percentages of the victimized poor black Americans and poor Latinos are higher than the white American percentages. Realistically its white America that now has a higher percentage of poor then ever before. Black America had high numbers of poor since Africans had come to America 400 years ago. Largely the economic problems of black America has been blamed on white America. But i know as a fact by living in black neighborhoods for 18 years that black America’s economic problems are largely due to their attitudes their low esteem of themselves and their overly aggressive violent behavior. Also black Americans believe that life for them is one BIG get down and boogie party. Anyone should know you can’t better yourself with that kind of attitude. Its no secret that a poor economic situation that Indigenous Mexicans & Central Americans created for themselves in their own countries is why the southern American border is continuously under attack. They created their economic situation by breeding uncontrollably in their own countries without trying to better themselves first. Then decades later they overrun the U.S. talking about a better life for themselves as the lives of the American people go to s##t. I heard someone saying they didn’t get what they wanted for Christmas. I said to them “you got your lump of coal what are you complaining about.”    Unfinished!

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