Self Deportation?..He, He, He, Big Joke, Right! The Mexican American Studies Program Claim Of The Oppression Of Their People By White America Is An Attempt To Cover For Their Own Guilt Of Wrong Doing And The Real Reason For The “Racist” Accusations! Is Being Anti-Illegal Immigration Wrong Or Right? Our People Don’t Do What We Do Its All Just Bad Whitie! And White Racial & Christian Religion Inequality, Whites No Longer Protected By Civil Rights!

Its all just “Whitie the Racist!Here’s a photo of Lalo Alcaraz and one of his illegal immigration supporters Javier Hernandez proudly displaying his gang sign. The mention or thought of self deportation has become a huge joke for stupid people and stupid reasons only. The only reason for even bringing up “self deportation” would be to suggest the people that forced their way into the United States would do the right thing. To consider this is the BIG joke if these people were going to do the “right” thing they would have done that in the first place. We hear a lot about there won’t be any mass deportations due to the fact that nearly half of an entire country is now here in this one. The people in question uses this “no mass deportation” thought as if it indicates its their people thats in the RIGHT and the Americans thats not happy with this flood of broke baby makers thats in the wrong. We can surely bet these people will only deport themselves from the countries of their origin and NOT from the country they spent all their waking lives forever trying to fine ways of defeating border patrol to get at all the goodies in America they want for their own people believing their people has every right to it all. Illegal immigration supporters like Lalo Alcaraz claims many Americans has “anti-immigrant hysteria.” Immigration is one thing and illegal immigration is another. Immigration is what people that comes to America the RIGHT way do. And illegal immigration is what Lalo Alcaraz’s people do. There is a BIG difference between the two. One way is RIGHT and the other way is WRONG. People like Lalo Alcaraz and Linda Ronstadt may not know the difference between immigration and illegal immigration but people thats not significantly retarded do know the difference. Since illegal immigration is NOT the right way to come to America anti-illegal immigration supporters are NOT harassing Lalo Alcaraz’s people as he believes they are. The only way Lalo Alcaraz’s poor picked on people would ever deport themselves to the moon would be if the moon were covered with the white European Americans and the Oriental mans conveniences. If the moon were covered with goodies “lifes conveniences” you can bet thousands of these people in question would stole away on anything going that way they could sneak onto. Anything they could hide into would be packed with them. Retraining Americans to do the labor Lalo Alcaraz’s poor picked on victim people come to America to do would not be necessary. Americans and European immigrants have been doing these jobs since the United States became a country, far longer than Lalo Alcaraz’s people has had them. Over time as this illegal invasion of America continues Americans are expected to give in and except the fate of America and except what these people have done and what they are doing as if there was nothing wrong with this nonsense in the first place. Lalo Alcaraz claims his people was asked to show ID to by pizza in California. I checked the net and i find no word of this. Since 2006 California had quickly become Mexifornia its not likely this would ever happen. There is no law that states you must be over 18 or a citizen of the U.S. to buy pizza. Also we all know the stink these people started over ID in Arizona so its highly unlikely they would NOT have made the same noise in California the very minute any American said ID. The reasoning behind making this country a two language country after all these centuries of English being the official language of the United States is Latino public officials welcomed this flood of people their own countries couldn’t wait to see leave and the Federal Government simply turned their backs as another 31 million people some dropping babies on their marry way since the amnesty of 1986 flood past border patrol making Spanish the second language of America was obviously so the massive flood of more people to support would not be inconvenienced. These low paying jobs these people and their supporters brag so much about them having realistically don’t pay for much of anything. So to keep them here in the U.S. with all the conveniences they didn’t have at home somebody (like middle class Americans) had to fork up money they can’t afford so these baby machines can live confortably as they continue dropping more babies to be supported. Meaning the middle class Americans get stuck with the bill they didn’t ask for as they watch their own lives go straight down the shitter. Then people like Lalo Alcaraz and Linda Ronstadt two people that has their money believes the Americans paying out of their asses are just being unreasonable RACIST. Now Lalo Alcaraz’s precious poor picked on victimized people are taking advantage of The Occupy Wallstreet Protests for more of their own peoples immigration demands and their ridiculious nonsense showing us all who they really are as they vandalize anything they please, burn more American flags costing states, costing the real American people millions in damage. As Lalo Alcaraz’s people continue on with their bulls**t we Americans are expected to stay in our place, pay and smile. As complaints by media and minority supporters continue over voter ID’s because many black Americans don’t take care of their business the way they should and many Latino’s don’t have ID’s NOT because they may not have been born in hospitals. They don’t have American ID’s because they were NOT born in the United States. How do these special people function, how do they live with no ID? How do they buy homes, cars, how to they get treated in hospitals, how do they get bank accounts? How do they get jobs or get on Welfare? Even more importantly how to do they pay these taxes they brag so much that they pay? Do they get all this done on their good looks? Do they just get to have life their way? (As a white American if i tried doing any of this with no ID, saying i have RIGHTS, i would get laughed out of the country.) How is it Mexicans & Central Americans, people that are NOT citizens of the United States has the RIGHT to vote in American elections? Can Americans go south of the American border and vote in Mexican & Central American elections? How did they become so privileged? What makes them so important? Is it they (the minorities) are better than everybody else? Just as the python natives of Burma are breeding profusely, putting a stranglehold on native species in Florida wiping them all out. The human breeders of south of the border countries are also breeding profusely wiping out all resources they can get their hands on and causing millions in damage yearly making it harder on the people that was born here in America.   Immigration you say? – If “actual immigration” was what Lalo Alcaraz’s people were doing to come to America there wouldn’t be all these cloke and dagger cat and mouse games at the American southern border. There would have been no hiding the in shadows. There would have not been any illegal immigration marches all across the country with ridiculous nonsense on protest signs since 2006 by Lalo Alcaraz’s people. And Americans like Al Sharpton and Linda Ronstadt would not have made a show of this invasion either. This point i’m going to enjoy getting out. If this invasion of America by Lalo Alcaraz’s people were actual immigration Lalo Alcaraz’s people would have NOT called Americans (white Americans) RACIST NAZIS! Those WHITIES caused me to miss my shot and i call RACISM to get a do over!    The real reason black Americans and now the America can’t live without them Latino’s continue accusing white America of RACISM and BIGOTRY is to continue hammering away to getting their way. I’m saying everytime black Americans and the Latino baby machine has a problem or they want something they start their RACIST accusations. Or even worse, start riots to get that living room set or that color television. Remember the one day Latino strike that was suppose to show America that America can’t survive without the flood of Latino workers coming into America at an alarming pace. The only thing that showed anybody was these Latino strikers missed a days pay. So trying to hurt white America that way was a bust!Praise GOD for this continuous on going flood of super fast over populating over sexed Latino voters. How did America survive this long without GOD’S gift to America.     Dispite president Obama’s claim at the 2012 State of the Union address that illegal border crossing have declined just before his pitch for immigration reform, numbers in rapid population growth and several television shows like “Border Wars” continues to give us the truth about what is really going on at the southern border. These Latino’s unsatisfiable desire to breed uncontrollably does NOT account for the intire rapid population growth of their people in this country so we can get a crediable realistic number by the “millions” that enter wrongfully into the U.S. illegally.Anti-immigration charges – What are anti-immigration charges? If you were accused of being anti-immigrant are you being accused of being against legal immigration or are you being accused of being against illegal immigration? And just who are you accused of being against, would it be immigrants from all over the world or just a certain people. Who would be calling you anti-immigrant, would it be people from all over the world or would it be only a certain people and their supports? It wasn’t until 2006 the U.S. became a two language nation. Is this language spoken by people from all over the world or is this language spoken ONLY in certain countries. And would it be by chance that the anti-immigration charges are coming only from the people that speak this language and their English speaking supporters? Is being anti-illegal immigration wrong or right. That would depend on who we are and what your position is. If we are the people thats NOT doing it we maybe the people that believes breaking immigration laws is wrong. But, if we are the people that has been determined for 40 years that we are going to have access to America and American money our peoples way or else then you probably believe illegal immigration is right. This is another example of certain people (millions of illegal immigration supporters) working 24/7 to turn a wrong into a right and turn anti-illegal immigration into a wrong. But, they are working hard to make illegal immigration to America only a right ONLY for a certain people from certain countries. And they are working hard 24/7 to make illegal immigration haters RACIST NAZIS in America only NOT in their own countries. In a nut shell these “certain people” are telling us “white” Americans that what they say and do is right. And what we illegal immigration haters say and do is all wrong.  All of this WRONG becoming a RIGHT for a certain people only should be called a “racial” act. If these people were “white” it certainly would be. Personally i have completely had it with this illegal invasion of the Latino people to America quickly becoming the holy odyssey and these law breakers quickly becoming GODS gift to the world. I just don’t see the Latino talent of baby making as a vidal asset or a contribution to the United States. What i do see is all this talk about how great this flood of people over the southern border will be for America in reality will only serve the purpose of the people that continue to poor in. Smart people know that over population and purposely having babies you can’t support is a bad problem and only a contribution to more problems in the future. The real purpose of this fast growing Latino population in America not only gets them out of the slums in their own countries but it helps them, their people establish a foot hold in a country that has all the conveniences their hearts could ever desire. I’m saying the real purpose of getting as many of their people they can get into this country is NOT for the benefit of America its for the benefit of the Latino baby making machine only. After the amnesty of 1986 for Latino illegals that snuck into this country earlier nearly every single Latino that came to this country after this amnesty sneaked into this country illegally. In 1986 there was only 19 million or so Latino’s in America now in 2012 there is over 50 million and climbing very single day. That is a whopping 31 million in 26 years. These baby machine people did not drop 31 million babies here that fast. So that means the majority of this 31 milllion broke the law. As this goes on government, media and Latino invasion supporters continue telling us there is only 11 million that did this. They also now tell us since 2006 the Latino vote is so vital that we Americans can’t survive without it. If this is so then how did we Americans survive the past 300 years without the “great” Latino vote? Lately i have heard president Obama saying we all have to play by the same rules. What rules has the people that forced their way into this country been playing by? I hear a lot about the most important people in the world being upset over the “you promised” us Comprehensive Immigration Reform. It should be clear by now this business about immigration reform is all about and only all about the GODS gift to the world Latino people. Now i’m wondering how did we Americans survive so long without them?   Above is visual of percentages from 2003 by race it looks nearly cut up into 3 thirds. Since 2000 about 14 million more of the baby machines has forced their way past border patrol so the whatever they are ? Hispanic/Latino/Indigenous, percentages would be much higher now. This 14 million does not include the babies that has dropped from their baby makers in America since then. As we continue hearing about the 30 million jobs that is not within the grasp of job seekers yet. These proudly talked about jobs will not even cover the 31 million illegal border crossings that took place over the past 25 years and their on going breeding habits. That leaves no jobs for the black Americans that do want to work. The black Americans thats not going to be big super star Rappers, pimps, neighborhood pharmacist or the big bad tough guy money makers with a gun in hand. And if only 30 million jobs are created that leaves nothing for white America so more white Americans will be forced onto Pubic Assistance Programs far more than the large number of white Americans that already crowd these offices..wink, wink. That would be far more white Americans on Welfare for the working Mexican to support. If white America is the largest rescipients on America’s Welfare rolls. Then black America & Latino land cansaying whitie has all the money.These every words by Cesar Chavez is what Mexican American studies is guilty of.  Again The great Latino is outraged this time over the Mexican American studies program. The Latino population is determined they will have the teaching of this course their way instead of teaching it the right way. To cover for their claim that the historic treatment of Mexican Americans was marked by the use of force, fraud and exploition they claim “oppression.” Their claiming their people was oppressed by whitie the racist. Most of their people hasn’t been in this country 30 years to get oppressed. These people was “NEVER” oppressed here in America. Their “oppression” is a well known fact in Mexico NOT in America. They are using “oppression” to cover for their own faults and failures. 3/4th’s of the 50 million plus Latinos living in the United States hasn’t been in the U.S. more than 30 years yet they want us all to believe their people has been oppressed by the white American since the birth of the nation. The poor picked on Latino has NEVER been inslaved by white America only by their own people in their own countries as well as in America. They were only in Detention Centers for breaking laws and comitting crimes, NOT for the color of their skin. And they were NEVER placed on “Reservations” by the white man in America. But Mexicans are now cultivating marijuana on indian reservations. These Mexicans are criminals taking advantage of America NOT victims of white America.  What is really happening here is these people see how the black American civil rights has worked for black America so now to cover for the 2000’s massive illegal invasion of America these Latinos are trying to create the Mexican American civil rights movement here in America pretending that their plight in America is exactly the same as the black American to get special treatment for their own people. A treatment the Latinos that flooded into America illegally do NOT deserve. What they have done is take advantage of the American people and the American system as if they have every right to do so. I can see where the exploition claim is coming from, these people come to America most illegally they except low paying jobs, jobs they where NOT forced to take now they claim their people was exploited. They come to America to take these low paying jobs because these jobs pay far more than any job they could ever get in Mexico. So who’s really exploiting who? Where ever the “fraud” comes in is no doubt total bulls**t. Just how were Mexicans “frauded” in America? Do they understand what the word “fraud” means? And “force” what was forced on these people and or what were they forced to do? We Americans were trying to force these people to obey American laws but as we can see their not having it. Their idea of Mexican American studies is to bad mouth the white American and claim “victim” of their people all in the same sentence. Their reasoning for this lie is to cover their own asses meaning to take “guilty” from themselves and put it all on whitie. To blame whitie for everything and take fault from themselves, from their own people. These people have gotten away with so much they now believe they can get away with this to. I have been hearing much from media and from minority supporters that the supposed 21 million that don’t have photo ID are victims of racism. Since the year 2000 30 million people flooded over the southern American border we can be sure not all of these people have photo ID and these people are thought of by illegal immigration supporters as an instant American just after crossing into the U.S. Its for this reason after so many years we are still told “11 million.” Every year 1 million Central Americans travel through Mexico to try to sneak into the U.S. and every year 3 times that many Mexican baby machines try forcing their way into the U.S. Then they get MAD like they have a right to when a few thousand of their law breaking people get sent back. As we know now American states like Arizona are NOT arresting brown skin people simply over the pigmentation of their skin. Realistically this poster is just another attempt to try to make it harder to get these illegals out just after they have finally succeeded beating border patrol. Its another attempt by these people to get control over the southern border to make it easier for another 100 million to flood into the U.S. Also the poster itself is nothing more than an all out lie. Its Mexico that is the police state. These people have proved themselves to be anything but victims of white America. Realistically its criminals and illegal drug smugglers that hide away people and product in vehicles to move from one country to another knowing full well its breaking international law. Its also criminals and illegal drug smugglers that cross the Rio Grande under the cover of darkness. These criminals also watch border patrols movements in daytime to determine when to throw rocks and cross illegally. These are NOT the actions of victims of white Americans these actions make America and Americans the victim of the brown skinned liar. Considering these people have gotten away with far more than any other people on earth and they know they did and that their version of the Spanish language is quickly becoming the dominate language in America these people do believe they have the upper hand with their illegal invasion of America.Posters like this one proves these illegal invaders do NOT really fear white America or American laws. (Recently i heard a newscaster say the United States and Mexico has the largest population of Latinos far more than anywhere else. Since there has been no attempt by the federal government to stop an infestation at the southern border i think we all know how the United States got them.) Many Americans have stopped calling these invaders “illegals” and now call them “undocumented” to call them undocumented is just one step closer to making this invasion a privileged “right” or as they, the invaders believe, their peoples birth right. These people calling illegals undocumented are also calling this invasion, immigration. To call this invasion immigration is also another step closer to calling this invasion a privileged “right” or again as the invaders insist their peoples birth right. Still their insisting doesn’t make it so and doesn’t make it right. If what these people do here in America is NOT OK in Mexico why should it be OK in the U.S. Many believe these invaders from south of the border should be called “undocumented immigrants” instead of “illegal immigrants” the word “illegal” signifies the act of breaking immigrant laws its this action that continues to happen on a daily basis. The word “undocumented” means there is no record of the existence of these people in the United States. Since the undocumented don’t exist in U.S. live birth records they do NOT deserve to be call “undocumented immigrants.” The only other reason these people would be undocumented would be they haven’t been processed through the proper channels. And why? Would it be 10’s of millions of over sexed baby machines figured America wouldn’t take 100 million brokea** baby makers so the poor picked on”immigrants” decided they would have all the American goodies they could ever want their way or else. Just after these people force their way into the U.S. breaking immigration laws as well as trespassing on the Americans property and causing heavy damage they go get what they need at a Welfare Office and start having as many babies as they can possibly have. Knowing you can’t get the only kind of jobs your qualified for and just start living it up. Then they march around in American streets blocking traffic, making demands, and attacking white America as they call white America RACIST NAZIS.  As their off spring get to going to school age their kids are taught Mexican American studies and are told how bad “whitie” has been to their people (forcing, frauding, exploiting & oppressing their people) and that their parents was only trying to have a better life for themselves and all their children. Millions of children the “immigrants” can’t afford and since they can’t afford children they continue having as many as they can anyway and then they and their supporters complain saying the largest minority is impoverished knowing full well that they were impoverished before the majority of these people forced their way into America in the first place. Then they and their supporters wish to believe their impoverishment is all the RACIST NAZIS fault. Since these people have committed many despicable acts just to get into this country the same despicable acts their people continue committing to get into the U.S. to get that better life they are determined to have living off the American system. They do deserve to be called “illegal immigrants.” American states like California has shot its self in the foot kissing the a** of these people now real Americans are “forced” to live on reduced incomes because Mexifornia has to pay to give millions of these “immigrants” a better life. For us Americans that has seen better days in past decades we can easy see it now is the “end of the world” as we knew it. Getting back to photo ID’s “real” Americans that owe back child support can lose the use of their drivers licence. There must be a number of reasons that would cause Americans to lose the use of their drivers licence being a criminal could be one of them. Whatever the reason a supposed 21 million “minorities” don’t have photo ID you can bet its NOT whities fault. Many people on the air waves are trying to tell us that the “American Muslim” is the “goodie two shoes” of the whole world Muslim and that they are nothing like the Muslims in Islamic dominated countries. And they are telling us we are just Islamophobic for no apparent reason. Again we are just being a “RACIST” and that our fears of terrorism in our own back yards is without merit. I believe there are many people expecting us to be the stupid fools they already believe us to be. Its these people that believe if we let them take advantage of us then we need to be taken advantage of.Its all just bad GOD awful white people. And those blasted Christians and those practitioners of Judaism. Our people can do everything better than white people. We can do this! And in South Africa we can do this! Our people has a birth right to all the goodies and all the technological advances Europeans brought to the Americas. And now the whities have to get the hell out. Eric Holder Attorney General admits no equal protection from HATE CRIMES for whites and white christians. And that whites are no longer protected by civil rights. Holder admitts the “Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Prevention Act” really only protects favored religions such as Judism and Islam. Christians merit no such protection. Example – If a Christian commits a bias motivated crime he are she will be nailed to the cross. And with religions like Islam the Muslim may just get a slap on the wrist or maybe a pat on the back. The federal hate law will be used selectively to the primary disadvantage of whites, white Christians and traditionalists. Hate law convictions of conservative extremists will provide grist for a propaganda message that the right is a source of bigotry, violence, even terrorism. Meanwhile jews, Muslims, homos, blacks and Latinos, etc. will not be considered potential hate crime peretrators. Even when they hatefully attack each other, their misdeeds will not ascend beyond the much lesser punishments of civil law. White Americans must do like the flood of (I Want What You White Americans Have) south of the border people have done which is pick up protest signs and march in American streets blocking traffic with our middle fingers high in the air. Signs with the words “We Are Human”  “Racist Whitie Hating Nazis” and “White Skin Haters” etc.Muslims prosecuting christianity is a daily practice in many countries. Isn’t this religionism like racism?Isn’t this RACIST?  It would be if she was white!    Unfinnished.

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