The Federal Government Has Proven They Are Behind Illegal Immigrant And The Government Just As Illegals Don’t Have To Abide By U.S. Laws! Ever Wonder What Happened To Jesse Ventura He Says He Was Paid Millions Of Dollars To Stay Off Television For Three Years By The Mexican Indigenous Racist Bigot Imperialist A**kissing MSNBC! Ah! I Found Word That Says Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory Third Season Will Air In 2012! That Is Unless There Is Another Conspiracy To Duck Tape His Mouth Shut! MSNBC A Supporter Of The Mexican Invasion Would Never Air This. America’s Unemployment Rate Is Two Or Three Times As High As Mexico’s Yet Mexico/Mexicans Are The Poor Victims! And More Mexican Indigenous Racist Bigot Imperlism!

Simply Minded Advise – One good way to stay on top in the polls is to blurt out three of the same number continuously and to have several women come out of nowhere and accuse you of being a busy body.  Do you think Michele Bachmann is tutti frutti?  NO,” you “hostile ” reporters will NOT ask anymore questions about (white) women or questions that make the politician look incredibly stupid or unqualified to be president.    Herman Cain now has Secret Service service because reporters keep asking questions??? Did any other politician throughout the history of the United States ever get Secret Service protection from reporters??? Or is this something special for someone special??? Herman Cain – “Who knows all there is about everything”……..well”……..i’m waiting?”  My question is – Who doesn’t know much about anything?   Herman Cain says – “We need a leader not a reader.” If what he says is true then that would vote Herman Cain off the island!   We Americans need a president who knows foreign policy in Uzbecky-Becky-Becky Stan. I hope a white woman named “Becky Stan” doesn’t come out from nowhere and say loudly – “Herman Cain tried to touched it!”poll taken for “do allegations against Herman Cain matter” a 61% poll says no. This would be more proof that men are filthy PIGS and treating women like s**t means nothing to them. Herman Cain supporters trying to have their way with women on the beach.                         A Personal Observation – I knew a black man from Jamaica in 1978 he worked at a hospital in Detriot. His job was to walk from foor to floor during the night shift and insert a key connected to a box in a key hole next to every door. This would prove he made his rounds and what time it was. As he made his rounds he would loudly chant “triple nines” every single night. I asked him about that and he said thoses were his lucky lottery number. He would play only these three numbers. He didn’t get rich so these numbers are only as lucky as you want them to be.     Since MSNBC is a huge supporter of this ridiculous invasion from south of the border i wasn’t surprised to here Jesse Ventura had been paid an unknown number of millions of dollars to disappear for three years. I wish MSNBC would pay me millions of dollars to stay off the internet. Hopefully after MSNBC reads this article maybe they will consider it. I want it known i can be bought “if” The Price Is Right! As i conducted a search looking for info on this subject i had also found more insight on this insane flood from Mexico and Central America. Jesse Ventura says the greedy rich in America is behind this unlawful broke and busted baby maker invasion the plan was for the greedy rich to steal as much of America’s money as they could steal and blame America’s financial destruction on illegal immigration. Illegal immigrant supporters no doubt know all about this and don’t care if there people are being used just as long as 10’s of millions of Hispanic breeders get everything here they can’t get in their own countries. He didn’t use the words broke, busted and baby maker thats my doing i believe in calling the kettle black and i don’t care who or what gets MAD over it. From 2006 to 2008 i had seen people that looked like they just got into this country receiving bundles from a bank teller of American money it looked nothing short of a bank robbery i knew right then it was a pay off to keep these people here. Jesse Ventura taking about political pawns and media jackals sounds like something i would write. GOD i love this guy! Nov 30, 2009 – Ventura tells the Los Angeles Times that MSNBC cancelled “Jesse Ventura’s America” because he (Jesse) wasn’t praising the Iraq War enough to suit MSNBC. Jesse says his contact states he couldn’t have any other cable TV or news shows and that MSNBC had paid millions to cover his contact. Jesse Ventura has become wealthy to do nothing. After Ventura’s show had been cancelled in 2003 he has been receiving 2 million annually. A source close to production said the show was cancelled due to high production costs..ha! We all know we have been lied to by government, media, banks, wallstreet, illegal immigration supporters, etc. The conspiracy deepens so far this doesn’t explain what happened to his show Jesse Ventura’s TruTV Conspiracy Theory. Feb 13, 2010 – At this time the word is the season simply ended there was only 6 or so shows planned. Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory first season premiered on Dec 2, 2009 and the second season premiered on Oct 15, 2010. A third season is being created and will air in 2012.  MSNBC seems to have a habit of pulling people off the air Cenk Uygur wouldn’t dance to the music so he left he was told by MSNBC management to “tone it down” because “we (MSNBC) are the establishment.” He says he didn’t want to work at a place that didn’t want him to do his kind of show. He goes on to say he didn’t want to challenge power. If any of these people would like to get up in my face and tell me their the establishment they could find themselves lying on the floor with their establishment head busted open. I’m seeing Ashleigh Banfield was axed by MSNBC and NBC for bashing the networks war coveage in Iraq. She complained the networks weren’t covering the gruesome reality of what was really going on in Iraq these networks were just showing us what they wanted us to see. They had us seeing the grand and glorious picture they wanted us to see. This bulls**t coverage was said to please advertisers. I would hate to think these advertisers were using the Iraq War to advertise as if they were advertising from time to time during the super bowl game coverage. As i recall news coverage like this is NOT new this also happened during the Vietnam War and in WWII. MSNBC and NBC are supporters of senseless war and deeply in favor of Americans going overseas to their deaths as Mexico wages an undeclared war with the United States. Of all the large numbers of Americans drafted in all the wars the U.S. has ever been in since America became a country. Mexico has sent 100 times that many of its broke and busted baby machines over or under the southern border to live off the American system. Over the past 18 months Time Warner Cable has jacked up my bill from $137.00 monthly to $170.00 a few days ago i had received a phone call from the company demanding immediate payment. I had soon found out my cable bill had magically gone from $154.00 to $170.00 looking at the statement i couldn’t find out why. I didn’t save any statements since i called for their services to get ripped off. So i tryed to get to the info online. If i ever had a password i don’t know where it could be now so i had to try to find out what it could be through them. To do so i now had to type in a box my favorite music singer or something??? I could see here getting access wasn’t going to be easy to see these records. As i still wondered how and or exactly when did my bill go up $10.00 i heard on television that Time Warner Cable was going to give $10.00 a month internet access to poorer people or so the newscaster says to poor children as my bill goes up. I then thought this announcement probably meant giving cheaper internet access to a people that comes to America illegally broke then their supporters come on a news channel and complains that their people are among the poorest in the nation like its another racial issue. These people come to the U.S. broke, busted and pregnant then the Hispanic population and Hispanic activist complain that their people are among the poorest in the nation like its America’s or the American peoples fault. And its America’s responsibility to give 100 million Mexicans everything they want. And the country of their origin is exempt from all responsibility for their welfare of any kind. Or its their country’s responsibility to demand the United States support all of baby making Mexico. The irresponsible people that are not only the poorest in the nation but the poorest all around the world are the people that have more babies than any other people on earth combined. These people can’t support themselves why the hell are they dropping babies like theres no tomorrow. We hear they love kids. That is the stupidest reason to have just one child let alone having many. If the stupidest people on earth really loved kids they would do what has to be done before they have children instead of dropping babies left and right before they do anything else. Giving birth to 10’s of millions of children to live miserably in poverty is no kind of love people. Then their way is to claim that a country they are NOT a citizen of isn’t paying and kissing their a** enough to satisfy them and their supporters.      Anyway i have checked with Verizon online to see exactly what my options are it was looking a lot better if i broke up my services between the two companies. First i will call Verizon and ask what will my bill really be after the first two years and i mean NOT the price i’m being told on the phone but what my bill will say when i get it. After i get worked out with Verizon what i had planned i’ll call Time Warner Cable and ask them are they now trying to mimic the big money grubbing banks and Wallstreet? Then i’ll tell someone to cut 2 thirds of the services off and think about telling them where to stick it. Nov 10, 2011 –  Jon Huntsman is supposedly going to appear on Telemundo he just appeared on MSNBC to say a few words about the growing breeder problem he says “we can’t just” like so many illegal immigration supports before meaning we Americans have to put up with this flood that is still coming through the southern border anyway Mexico can bust in. Just like many before him he’s saying we can’t just sent them back. Mexican invasion supports have been saying “we can’t just” for the past 6 years. Now there are millions more than there were then and these supports are still saying “we can’t just.” Jon Huntsman also was saying something about in his words “people have jobs they pay taxes” meaning the people that forced their way into America. As he’s saying this i’m thinking what people have jobs? 80% of these people are on public assistance. He’s talking this s**t  as others have about coming out of the shadows. Realistically if anybody is in any “shadows” in America its the criminal element NOT the poor precious baby makers that forced their way into the U.S. that now deserves any and everything America has “left” to offer like they have a “right” to it all. I can clearly see Hispanics are far less concerned with what is happening in America to or for everybody as a people of the United States. They are far more concerned with what they believe their Hispanic people should have here in America so screw everybody else. Also an associate of Telemundo on MSNBC at this time spoke of president Obama’s performance as president as being undesirable because he (Obama) hasn’t passed Comprehensive Immigration Reform. Meaning Obama as of today hasn’t handed over the whole country to these baby dropping Hispanic people yet. What i think these self righteous people should be saying is “WE CAN’T JUST” keep flooding into the U.S. expecting America to foot the bill for all of our people to live and pay far more for our unsatisfiable oversexed sex organs. Believing we have every RIGHT to force “give our people full rights” in your country because we want things. And what we Mexicans should do is unf**k our own country before we F-up America like we F’d up Mexico.All the illegal immigrant activists believe – “As long as we are persistent we will get all of our people into this country of plunder…..we already have our foot in the door”.  Many of us have seen and heard these “we have rights” people loud and uppity marching in American streets with signs that say their not criminals. I have seen over the years hundreds of recorded cop shows showing Hispanics getting arrested for selling illegal drugs as their children are looking on. And the past 3 years i have seen recordings of Hispanics driving off in a stolen vehicle with one or more of their children in the vehicle as the recording continues the recording shows the child or children are aware they are in a stolen vehicle. Tonight i will be watching a TV show called Bordertown Laredo i bet i will see more of these people hard at work being a criminal just like i have on many other episodes and many episodes of Bait Car as well as so many episodes of every cop show that had aired since the 90’s. Tonight on Bordertown Laredo the police will be trying to catch “The Candy Man.” How many kids get a hold of this candy?  Nov 11, 2011 – The Dylan Ratigan news program on MSNBC had a discussion about bad Alabama not continuing their a** kissing of illegal migrants and the businesses that hire them losing many of their illegal employees. The discussion goes on with Americans (legal citizens) sometimes take these jobs and quit soon after because the work is hard and undesirable. As this discussion continues it becomes apparent its another attempt to victimize the country claim jumper as the victim of all victims as usual. And now this time to victimize the businesses that hire these people. Its like oh’ what are these poor businesses going to do if they don’t have their illegal Mexicans and Central Americans. The big problem in America today is businesses DON’T want to pay employees they want slave labor. Americans CAN’T live off of a few dollars a week and busting their ass trying to get that little money surely is NOT appealing to anybody. Even these illegals are NOT going to put up with this “hard work for almost no pay” any longer than they have to. Unless employers pay what Americans can live on this problem will only continue. What are these businesses going to do when every single broke baby maker from Mexico and Central America are in this country and NOBODY meaning NOT even illegals want their sh**y jobs? The U.S. bailout of Mexico.,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb       Of course these self righteous people have signs that say “amnesty for all immigrants” realistically they are only concerned with their own people the 90% of illegal migrants that invaded America. This is the thanks America gets for financially bailing out Mexico. Since 1980 Mexico’s unemployment rate has been under 5 & a half percent    That would suggest Mexico never really had that bad of unemployment. The real problem was Mexicans could always get more money here in America than they could from their own people in their own country yet they wave the Mexican flag proudly. That also would suggest that the Mexican breeder is really only a victim in their own country considering Mexican laws are far more NAZI than American laws could ever be. That would also suggest Americans are the real victims considering unemployment is over 9 percent or as high as 16 percent depending on how you are looking at it. Unemployment in America does NOT look like its going to get any better any time soon yet Mexico’s unemployment will only get lower as more oversexed Mexican baby makers pour into the U.S. over the next few years. Most Mexicans and many Americans believe Mexicans have “RIGHTS” and sould have “FULL RIGHTS” here in the U.S. as Americans have very little to “NO RIGHTS” in Mexico in fact the Indigenous in Central America have little to “NO RIGHTS” in Mexico. Yet Mexico is portrayed as a victim of the United States. Its no wonder Mexicans believe they are far more important (better) than any other people on earth.  If it wasn’t for blood thirsty murdering criminals, the petty theft criminals Mexicans claim they are not, slave labor employers and Mexico’s NAZI laws Mexico would be a wonderful place to live. On the other hand thanks to the greedy bastard rich and the flood of 40 million (we are better than you) Mexicans over the past 10 years the American people now live in HELL!…..So what do the Mexican “RIGHTS” invasion supporters think about this MSNBC?  The real Nazi Mexican flag and here below is another Indigenous racist bigot blog. Wordpress blogs is another thing created by the white man or the European that the Indigenous brown racist bigot bas**rd takes advantage of to use and abuse. They feel high and mighty as they take advantage of the white mans creations like they “own” it. Even though they could get access to wordpress by internet in any broke and busted Indigenous country this is another example of why these smarta** baby makers force their way into white America claiming we Americans are the illegals. The internet is also another thing created by the white man or the European these continent owners take advantage of like they own that to. The black whitie hating American racist has been talking about taking over white America and the White House since the 1970’s they haven’t been able to stop lying, stealing, drinking, partying, using illegal drugs as well as selling them or getting serious about education so they still blame whitie for all their peoples problems. The brown Muslum also has been blaming Jews, Europeans and Americans for all their peoples problems instead of blaming what they do on themselves. The Indigenous racist bigot wants us all to believe they have a common cause with palestine. The story here is Jews stole the palestinian homeland. The connection is white Americans stole the Indigenous homeland. Realistically Jewusalem Israel is the Jewish homeland. And the North & South American Continents are just lands the Indigenous had come to, they never had ownership papers on anything. Realistically they don’t own squat. If the European had not have come to the America’s these self righteous Indigenous would still be living as a prehistoric blood thristy people still fighting and killing (murdering) their own and other Indigenous from other tribes. Blacks, Brown Muslims and the Indigenous talk about slavery like it all started in America the slavery that ended with the Civil War. Realistically slavery started in prehistoric times. Africans had enslaved their own people from other tribes for thousands of years as they still do today. Brown Muslims had enslaved their own people from other tribes and Jews for thousands of years. The Indigenous had enslaved their own people from other tribes for thousands of years. Yet they all point the guilty finger at bad “whitie.”    I’m thinking F Mexico’s Northern & Southern borders a**hole!      Again all the lying Indigenous racist bigots accuses the white American of being everything they are themselves. The Indigenous racist bigot accuses white America of being squatters on a land they claim they own. Simply because the Indigenous racist bigot wants control of white America’s financial system and everything white Americans have the Mexican Indigenous racist bigot can’t get in Mexico. The only reason the Indigenous racist bigot isn’t accusing black America of being everything they accuse “whitie” of is black America doesn’t have anything they want. Mexico’s Indigenous policy of extending territorial acquisition with the fictional Mexican Aztlan. And Mexico’s Indigenous political hegemony, Mexico’s/Mexicans indirect imperial rule over white America by claiming the Indigenous own the whole continent. In turn the Indigenous racist bigots claim that everything white Americans built, created and have belongs to the Indigenous racist bigot. The Indigenous racist bigot also claims white America is aging. Their saying we white Americans are not making babies. Obviously their saying we white Americans are not having babies senselessly like the stupid breeder fools they are. Their saying were dying. Obviously they mean dying out as a human species. They don’t know even though they breed like senseless animals there are far more white people on planet earth than black or brown. The Indigenous racist bigot says its just a matter of time. Then the Indigenous racist bigot brags “the explosion is in our population.” In Mexico the Mexican Indigenous racist bigot breeded foolishly until they had 80 million brokeass baby popping Mexicans living in eye sore shacks and squalor. This mess they created for themselves was NOT “whities” fault. Do the Indigenous racist bigot believe they are the HOT commodity? Nearly everything the Indigenous racist bigot owns, has, or ever had in their whole lives over the past 250 years was built or created by Europeans. Even the Spanish they speak is a European language. Its obvious the Indigenous racist bigot thinks they are the HOT s**t but realistically the Indigenous racist bigot cannot survive without the goodies created by Europeans and Orientals. The Indigenous racist bigot believes once they successfully pillage America from the white man the Indigenous racist bigot will live happily ever after. Without whitie who’s going to continue building and creating so the Indigenous racist bigot can continue being the BIG s**t of the whole continent? The Indigenous racist bigot probably believes they will pillage and plunder Canada as well. Here is some shocking news for the Mexican Indigenous racist bigot. Smart people know over population is nothing to be proud of. We smart people know there is NOT enough resources on earth to sustain any more population explosions. When the time comes for so many people to die for the good of others to survive remember what people has weapons of mass destruction and what people don’t! The world population of white people is at 1.376 billion and the entire world population of the Indigenous range from 300 to 350 million. This means there is as many white people in the United States alone as there is the Indigenous in the entire world so what do you think of that Mexican Indigenous racist bigots. Many Indigenous populations have declined and face extinction. So if you Mexican Indigenous racist bigots are going to catch up with the white population any time soon your breeder people will have to start humping up and down at super high speed like sexual vibrators. The gaining race populations in years ahead will be as follows Africans, Central Asians, East Asians and Southeast Asians following behind will be the Amerindian-Mestizo (Mexicans & Central Americans) even though the white population will decline we whities can blow up the smarta** people any time we want so think about that Mexican Indigenous racist bigot. The people in these countries like Africa, Mexico and Central America don’t do a whole lot of thinking or planning ahead unless its “i know, lets invade America and march around demanding RIGHTS.” So they have babies thoughtlessly like four legged animals then think “woe is me” or “woe i is?”  They know they can’t support themselves and or the children they already have yet they “hump” around like animals in heat. Soon after its all “whities” fault again!   Bad racist whitie!   You better pay for us to live and have more sex we demand it.The Indigenous countries are among the most blood thirsty criminal countries in the world Mexico has had its share of horrendous murders. Africa is a land of a blood thirsty warmongering trible breeder people. Africans can’t care for their own people either and they have babies like theres no tomorrow. Arabs are a long time blood thristy people they are among the most barbaric they have committed some of the most horrendous murders throughout history. Boom! The Mexican Nazi salute!    The reasoning behind “11 million” is an attempt to make Comprehensive Immigration Reform look better. A story in 2008 suggests there maybe as many as 20 million another article suggests the American government planned to let 100 million illegals into this country then hand over Comprehensive Immigration Reform or amnesty on a silver platter. At that time i thought the number to be higher because these people were and still are flooding in like roaches invading an apartment building. With all the “hoopla” over deportations they are still flooding in and they know they are their illegal immigration supports like La-Raza knows they are.   This webpage suggests “20 million” in 2004.          This is why all Indigenous countries sue American states when Americans get in their way. And why Mexico, Mexico’s baby machine and all the illegal immigration supporters in America really want Comprehensive Immigration Reform. This report was posted the year Mexican migrants stormed the southern border in unbelievable numbers   After reading this report do you still believe.   Here is another sad truth of what is to come because breeders are great. And another reason why illegal immigration supporters have been demanding immediate Comprehensive Immigration Reform and why they didn’t want us Americans to have any time to think about it.   One of the labels Americans are branded with is dark skins favorite and that label is An article dated 2006 by the Center for Immigration Studies says in 2000 more than half of the Mexicans residing in the U.S. were illegals now that there is an admission by illegal migrant activists of 50 million Hispanics in the U.S. you can bet more than half of that 50 million are in deed illegals.   You can bet this “11 million” we all keep hearing about is in deed total s**t.  Illegal Immigration Facts – Facts you won’t get from the Mexican racist!   Immigration Counters suggests there are nearly 24 million illegals in this country.    History of Legal Immigration into the United States is told far differently than this by the smarta** Mexican.   Vote on Immigration 911!  I bet we all know who won’t place their “votes” here!   Illegal entry into the U.S. by people from countries like China is so small compared to the number of the “middle finger flippers” coming from Mexico and Central America entries from around the world hardly ever make it as news.   More facts and more of the truth about illegal immigration. The truth Mexicans that force their way into America don’t care about.    US-Mexico Border Fence – Even Mexicans and the Mexican Indigenous Racist Bigot Imperialist know why the Northern American border doesn’t have this problem.    People that practice “so-called” law in the U.S. jump for joy over this border problem and why? Because they can make (steal legally) millions or billions off these “middle finger flipping” people.    Maybe this Visa Lottery isn’t working because these people figure why wait when they can force their way into the U.S. saying f**k American laws.    American victims of illegal immigration (invasion). They don’t care what they have caused here either.  The Federal Government has proven they are in deed behind this illegal invasion of America simply by telling hard pressed states suffering from to many depleting state resources that states can not have laws that gets in the way of the Hispanic invasion. Naturally illegal immigration activist don’t give a s**t about states financial problems as long as its their people depleting them. The Federal Government says they don’t have to abide by U.S. laws and their flood from Mexico doesn’t have to either. That is all we Americans need to know that our own government is crappy s**t!  In 2009 when states like Arizona complained to the Federal Government to do something about this unimaginable flood of Gime, Gime, Gime, the Government told these states to handle there problem the best they can. As these states try to handle this problem the best they can. The Federal Government, Federal Courts and all of Indigenous land south of the border sues these states for trying to save themselves from total bankruptcy. This means the feds and the Indigenous decides who has to abide by American laws and who doesn’t. Again another state is accused of being “RACIST” this time its Alabama everytime illegal immigrant comes up everybody always assumes its the poor, poor, poor picked on brown skin victim from Mexico. Why is that? There are illegals from many countries here in America. Would it be maybe just maybe instead of the brown skinned Mexican being the singled out poor, poor, poor victim of the hateful bad whitie. Maybe besides illegal drugs being a serious problem its the brown skinned Mexican that has become the “huge” illegal immigration problem here in America costing all 50 states “FARRRRRRRRRRRR” more than an other illegal immigrants from any other country in the world.  If or when Comprehensive Immigration Refrom or Amnesty as some call it happens. You can bet there will be dancing and partying in American streets all across the country people jumping for joy with huge smiles on their faces everywhere and they will be chanting “we got you” “we got you” white Americans this is our country now. And who will be the “RACIST” then?      Words of wisdom!   And i’m thinking if you must please do i have a match! The South of the border Indigenous Communist with stop at nothing to turn America into a country like their precious Venezuela now the 90% of the illegal migrants that forced their way into this country is using Occupy Wallstreet to flaunt their political views and socialism. It should be clear these south of the border invaders intend on eliminating white America the American flag and the American way of life. President Obama once said – “We are at war…against a foe that is bent on our distruction.” The whole while the American government is playing war games over seas costing the U.S. trillions. A huge invasion from south of the border “has” invaded America and they are also even more so bent on the distruction of the white American and America as we know it….as of today since the damage is already being done as we knew it before 2005. The strategy of the south of the border invasion force and the south of the border invasion force supporters is – “as long as you white Americans get in the way of the brown Mexican takeover and as long as you white Americans continue telling the truth about what is really going on we will use the full of s**t  accusations against you!

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The Best Idea Yet! Hold The First Annual Firing Squad For The Republican Party! Do Mexicans Believe In Reverse Racism And The Constitution Of The United States And The Bill Of Rights Contains Anything Within For Them? Again In Oakland Mexifornia The “Great” Baby Machine And Their Supporters Tries To Tell America Who The Boss Is!

Another Republican Senator that tryed to get away! Illegal immigration a successful business for countries of origin like Mexico and U.S. business men in ?   You probably have heared that the “Latino” popuation is the fastest growing population in America. And all in the same breath we hear the illegal population is holding at 11 million. The “Latino’ population grew by 2 million in the passed 6 months. I know these people have babies faster than any animal on earth but still NOT that fast. It would take all of baby popping Mexico to grow a population that fast. The talk stops at population. What you don’t hear is the “Latino” population is the fastest growing of a people in human history. You also probably have heard the “Latino” has a high unemployment rate. Did these “Latinos” leave their country of origin flat broke or did they come to America with suit cases full of money and their pockets so full of cash moneys falling out of their pockets? And are these “Latinos” coming to a country with jobs for everybody or without? You may have heard the “Latino” voter (illegal immigrant) may hold back their votes because their people didn’t get “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” (more RIGHTS than the America people) yet. And now their MAD because white America hasn’t created millions of jobs fast enough for their people. A recent poll suggests that president Barck Obama re-elect percentage is at 49 with Mitt Romney at 43% if the “great” baby machine isn’t voting because their not getting it all their way. Then these percentages suggest the “great” baby machine is NOT the vital voters we all have been told they are.Every few months the “Latino” population in America grows by this many people as they continue coming to a country with NO jobs, dwindling resources and an all ready financially choked to death Welfare system. And they all still tell us “11 million.” Since 2006 i have been hearing Mexicans talking about the Constitution of the United States like its suppose to work for them and more talk of their Rights this and their Rights that. I haven’t seen anything in the Constitution of the United States that depicts “We The Mexican People” neither have i seen anything in the Bill of Rights that says Mexicans and or Central Americans have full rights in America. Realistically non citizens of the United States have far fewer RIGHTS than the south of the border invasion force supporters want us Americans to believe. Also i don’t believe this “We Were Here First” business holds any merit. This document is NOT the Constitution of Mexico  And this document is not The Mexican Bill of Rights.  It would appear the words Mexicans love using every time a American citizen, American sheriff, American governor or the American federal government gets in their Mexican baby making way are the words  is just a mouth full of s**t. This looks exactly like the term “reverse racism” so who looks like the RACIST here? Actually these protest signs among many others like Racist, Whitey, Nazi, Our Indigenous Continent is nothing more than a frail attempt to be right. Realistically how can “we have the Mexican & Central American Indigenous babies & your White American system pays” be right? They obviously haven’t thought their messages out very well. If white people went to Europe (not back to) where is the “money” among other resources payed for by white Americans & Orientals going to come from? Would it come from Mexico? Central America? How about any other Indigenous country? So in short if whitie leaves who pays for the south of the border Indigenous to live and breed. Will the Native American pay your “this is our continent” bills?,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=bcbe901454e3f0e0&biw=1024&bih=602 As long as the breeder breeds they are going to have to be supported this they obviously know and that is why they are here in America. The more babies they have the more Hispanics living in poverty we are all going to continue hearing about. Who is really the victim here? Below America and Americans will pay and pay for our people to live and breed NOT our own Indigenous countries. Again the “great” south of the border baby machine takes advantage of another situation. A downtown Oakland Wells Fargo branch closed its doors yesterday Nov 5, 2011 so called immigrant rights protestors crowded the entrance to condemn the banks ties to companies that run immigrant detention centers. Again Mexicans are trying to tell us Americans who the boss is here in America. We know and they know the flood of 10’s of millions of broke a** breeders that has been forcing their way into the U.S. for years is NOT immigration. Again the south of the border out of control baby making machine is telling us Americans that we are getting in their way again. Some how Mexico/Mexicans and Central Americans now have themselves completely convinced that the United States is responsible (not their own countries) for giving them everything they want and libel to pay for the lives and welfare for every baby they continue dropping at the drop of a hat. Personally i do believe in immigration rights but what Mexicans and Central Americans are doing to this country and doing to get into this country is NOT immigration. They are called immigration rights groups, these groups have nothing to do with immigrants from all around the world just the Hispanic invasion flooding in from the southern border. Pablo Paredes says this “occupy” movement is very exciting its another cause for the Latino community to take advantage for their own people. As the out of control south of the border baby machine and their supporters has demonstrated since the 1980’s they are determined America NOT their own countries will pay for them all to live and breed until life as we all know it comes to an end. We the Indigenous baby machine has the right to the whole continent as long as America and Americans (NOT our own Indigenous countries and people) pays for our people to live, breathe, eat like pigs and to hump up and down sticking it in and out. This American money created by white America is our brown Indigenous Mexican and Central American peoples money Americans because we want things our own people don’t create and or provide for us in our own countries. So we the Indigenous from south of the border have full RIGHTS in your country Americans to do anything and to have anything we want. Because we the Indigenous from south of the border are the boss in your America white Americans. The sign above shows what little if any education this baby popper has.  Jesus was a Jew, Mexican and the Jews in Israel have a white skin tone Arabs are brown skinned. Even if Jesus had been brown skinned that still would NOT excuse the “great” Mexican of invading America and trying to holy righteous this invasion. For the Mexican to claim “racial profiling” simply because they are not a citizen of the United States and they don’t have proper ID is “reverse racial profiling” white America. Jesus probably would NOT deport the people that made a country for themselves and prospered instead of siding with an out of control baby popping people that did the opposite of prosper f-ing up their countries then demanding the people that did prosper give up their country to the f-up people so they can soon bury that country in babies costing this country billions yearly for a stupid people white America shouldn’t have to pay for. And i don’t believe Jesus would say you white Americans pay for these brown Indigenous people to live and breed and kiss their as**s because the brown Indigenous people demand it. Do Mexicans believe Jesus was a Mexican? Do Mexicans believe Jesus wants them to take advantage of another country, take advantage of the people of that country, take advantage of that country’s system and other resources of that country because Mexicans can’t control their sex organs?  Here is another sorry a** attempt the Mexican makes to holy righteous a “right” to the American system, American resources, American money by claiming Americans stole lands they believe they own because of their blood relation to the Native American. As you can see here they make other accusations anything they can think of to make Americans, Europeans or forefathers wrong and to make themselves right. Educated people knows the Native Americans believe nobody no matter who or what you are can own the lands. Only the stupid Mexican believes they can own the whole continent simply because they as do the Native Americans believe their people were on this continent first. Many believe their people were always here. No monkey or people was always on this continent and the monkeys here before the people didn’t own squat here either. All these sick lies the Mexican throws up into our American faces not for land Mexicans didn’t come to America for empty land lots. They are throwing all this bulls**t at us Americans to claim a “right” to everything the American people has, everything Americans did NOT get or take from Native Americans or over sexed Mexicans. If millions of over sexed monkeys were lose on the southern border they to would be sneaking onto anywhere they know they could steal a meal or anything to their liking. Grabing and snatching everything they can taking chances and getting greedy. They to would believe everything they wanted belonged to them to. Mexican spotters stand watch all along the entire length of the southern border day and night seven days a week playing a cat and mouse game with American authorities to get illegal drugs and their breeders to drop babies on the American side to claim citizenship and a Welfare check to get a “better life.” Public assistance is part of the American system NOT part of the continent Mexicans own. So that means the American Welfare program and all other resources do NOT belong to Mexicans. And the American Welfare program as well as other resources in America was NOT designed to support 80 million over sexed baby making Mexicans. Many people call this immigration to keep from calling it what it really is. All that i have seen going on with Mexicans to get their illegal drugs and 10’s of millions of their illegal baby dropping breeders into the U.S. as well as commit many other crimes in the U.S., all this going on looks criminal to me. Unfinished!

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An Advertisement Of A New TV Show “All American Muslim” Contains The Admission Of Muslim Woman Telling Plane Passenger “To Get Their A** Off”! What Would Happen If The Plane Passenger Told This Muslim Woman To Get Her “Bleep” Off? “Reverse Racism” And The Uncanny Similarities Between Blacks, Arabs And Hispanics And Their Continuous Play Of The Race Card Being Just One Of Them! Whites Brutally Beaten Or Murdered By Muslims And Blacks Somewhere On Earth Daily!

Over the past fifteen years (1996/2011) i have been seeing more and more brown Muslims popping up out of seemingly no where. Numbers i have never seen the 40 years before. So all of these large numbers of brown Muslims could NOT have been secretly born in the United States. Also i have been seeing an advertisement on television for a television show called “All American Muslim” it didn’t surprise me to hear this Muslim woman say, this is her own words – “I was on a flight to DC. I had a passenger behind me getting very uncomfortable. I turned around and told them to get their a*s off because i have a meeting to get to, to educate people like you.” As i was saying i’m not at all surprised a Muslim would say something like this knowing full well what would happen if this passenger would have told this Muslim Woman to get her “bleep” the hell off. When does “get your bleep off” become acceptable? Is it now acceptable because the “great” American Muslim said it? Is this kind of language acceptable to Allah?Furthermore i don’t believe there is anything this “great” Allah lover could teach the passenger behind her or anybody else on that flight. Worshipping something you are taught by the people all around you don’t make you the great teacher of anything!To their own admission of “superiority” over all others of earth Muslims believe “Allah” will help Islam (Muslims) defeat and conquer the world. All these people brown Muslim, black American or black Muslim speak of RACISM what i see here on this page is called “reverse racism” is that cool?,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=bcbe901454e3f0e0&biw=1024&bih=602There are many similarities between blacks, Hispanics and Arabs its these similarities that brings them together to blame white America for all of their problems. (1) These three races believe “whitie” is the bad race. (2) These three races believe they are the picked on races, picked on by whitie. (3) These three races know their people are guilty of what they have been accused of. (4) These are the three races that has ancestry from conflicting countries that have many deaths yearly caused by their own people (and NOT caused by whitie). (5) These are the three races that live largely in poverty caused by their own peoples actions or their own religious beliefs (also NOT the fault of whitie). (6) These three races believe they can’t be racist! (7) These are the three races that use the magic word RACIST like they have never used another. (8) These are the three races that originate from countries trafficking in illegal drugs to be sold on the world market. (9) These are the three races more likely to be jailed or imprisoned for crimes ranging from theft to murder. (10) These are the three races that continuously play the race card. (11) These are the three races that want control in the United States. (12) These are the three races that have most of the babies in this world they can’t support. The Mexican excuse is they love kids. I would think if you love kids that much you would do what had to be done to have a family instead of just simply humping up and down like animals. (13) And these are the three races that want everything “whitie” has but they want it all the easy way. Not many religions are know for blowing up themselves and public transportation. If Americans or Jews were waging a jihad blowing up cars, buses, trains or planes full of brown Muslims these Allah lovers wouldn’t be as relaxed as they are. They know its less likely their jihading family members will blow them up since they know they are not the targets. If these brown Muslims really were the targets to be religiously murdered you can bet they would be demanding special transportation to carry their picked on people alone. The brown Muslim believes its their people thats “racially profiled” at airports because (truth) “reality” is a hard pill to swallow. How many of these people that didn’t cause airport jihad security checks do you think will claim racial profiling? Is this white woman wrongfully singled out or is frisking her holy righteousness? How about this white woman she has her hands up? Maybe she has a bomb to blow up the plane and brown Muslims for Christianity! This white woman has her hands up to as shes checked by a black man. Can she claim racial profiling? This Asian man could be saying oh, you got me! Maybe he had planned to Buddha-had the plane in the name of Yoda. Checks like these are cool just so long as its not brown Muslims. RIGHT! Muslims HATE the Jew as did Hitler. Many people don’t know the Hitler family had/has Jew blood.Here is a treat for Muslim women all around the world. Here we see the Muslim calling the Jew the Nazi. As we know Mexicans in American states called Americans that tryed to pass laws that don’t go the Mexicans way the Nazi. Whack off the head is something Africans, Arabs and Mexicans have in common. A few photos of Muslim hate below. What kind of paradise do blood thristy murderers go to? And here we see Muslims accusing Christians of being Muslims. Do they know Jesus was a Jew? This is the Muslim way to teach children? Muslims in the UK attack buses carrying Catholic school children. See the HATE in this guys face. Sticks in hand these Muslims were yelling threats to white residents. Muslims beating and kicking white man in UK many black Americans will like seeing this. After the beating. This old man was beaten by Muslims. And this Christian was set on fire by Muslims in Egypt. 600 hundred homes were attacked by mobs of Muslims in Vallage Bahmani Kasur Punjab. South African mob hunting white people. I was watching a TV show called Cellblock 6-Female Lock Up on TLC this black inmate used the word “cracker” several times like “so what” in front of about 8 jail staff not once did the word RACIST ever appear. Is this acceptable, do darker skinned people simply get a free pass to say anything they want without repercussion?White woman beaten in Zimbabwe. Above – Girl beaten by 9 blacks in U.S.  And below – A black woman shouts i hate you fu**ing white people to the victim of this beating here in the U.S. Beat whitie night at Iowa fair. White boy beaten by blacks in U.S. Black mob yells kill all the white people and black gang lynches white youth in South Carolina. Muhammads goal was to kill 6 white people a day for 30 days.  

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MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell The Illegal Immigration Hand Puppet Of Illegal Immigration Activists! America under Mexican Imperialism & Bigotry! Is The Word “VOTER” The Now Politically Correct Way Of Saying Illegal Immigrant!

This is Lawrence (the hand puppet) O’Donnell of MSNBC! Above are just a few of the hands behind the scenes controlling the Lawrence O’Donnell hand puppet. Oct 27. 2011 – Jose Diaz Balert appears on MSNBC today to say his people are upset that Barack Obama deported many Mexicans regardless of their forceable entry being against the law. He mentions his peoples unemployment being high like their being over looked for jobs as he and many of his people have before. Are these people aware that Mexican and Central American unemployment is “HIGH” before they leave Mexico and Central America. There had been brief mention of deporting criminals but the Mexican citizens here in the U.S. don’t really want that either since many criminals are they family members and Mexicans are still upset that Barack Obama hasn’t handed over the United States to all of Mexico yet and that they are less concerned about the American economy meaning hand it all over first and fix the the economy after. He boost about Latinos now admitting to 50 million of their people here in America just a few months ago they admitted to 48 million and boosted that his people are still having babies at record numbers despite the American economy being in the sh**er! It would be 100% obvious these people are NOT having alllllllllllllllllllllllll these babies for Mexico or any other Indigenous country to support. Regardless of 11 million we have been hearing about since the number was 12 million 5 years ago millions more of these baby machines will continue coming over that border (we all know which one) over the next few years as they are still demanding “Immigration Reform” which means reform your immigration policies and procedures to fit our peoples needs NOT yours. These people obvious don’t know or don’t care when enough is enough. Their BIG plan is to continue their breeding policies here in the U.S. at least until there are far more of them than any other race of people in America. Breeding profusely is the only way Mexico can take over America knowing they can’t take control by military force. Mexicans having babies uncontrollably when jobs are hard to come by is a slap in the face to the American people. Dropping babies like there coming off the assembly line doesn’t make them look very smart either. Jose Diaz Balart also mentioned the talk of electrifying a border fence isn’t very funny to the people that will keep trying to get into this country. And they still call this immigration if white Americans was doing this to any country in the world it would be called an invasion. The glory days of what was once California will in time succumb into the slums of Mexico regardless of the on going building of new business buildings, city improvements and more and more buildings that house more and more people. The only difference here in America is Public Assistance (Welfare) and more to rob and steal. Other states and cities have and will have large pockets of Hispanics, unless these people are highly educated and are making good money these areas will also quickly begin to look like the slums of Mexico as well as crime ridden just like black neigborhoods have been since African’s settled off plantations into city neighborhoods. I walked passed the 7/11 near my home i saw 4 of those guys laying in the parking lot on the side of the building and another standing drinking a beer. There used to be a law OH” there still is for Americans the no loitering law. Americans are not aloud to drink beer among other things in public either. We Americans and the police are not aloud to bother these people or stop them from doing anything because stopping or asking them anything could lead to “illegal.” All these people had to do to become so special in America was just break the law sneaking over the southern border. If i snuck into Mexico would i be “special.”Maybe in a Mexican prison…RIGHT!Mexican “Imperialism”    For the past two years state and federal judges have blocked any and everything that might get in the way of the great baby making welfare machine. Mexico sues American states over immigration laws as the flood of broke baby making Mexicans continue costing states billions. It now appears state/city officials all across America just like Republicans have lost their minds with police layoffs or so-called layoffs. As time goes on more south of the border baby machines with be getting in and heading straight to the Public Assistance Office in the state they are dropped off into draining the system even more because citizens of Mexico & Central America have “RIGHTS” in America and to the south of the border criminal element this is like giving candy to happy faced kids!Mexican “Bigotry” at its finest!   Under Mexican law it is a  to be an illegal immigrant in Mexico. “Indigenous” the GODS of the American continents.  And these photos left to right suggests the way the Indigenous people see the North, Central & South American Continents is self explanatory. America’s so-called immigration past and what is going on at the southern border now is two different things. Past immigration before Mexico didn’t spend every waking minute sneaking about America’s borders watching and planning daily deviant behavior playing a cat and mouse game with law enforcement. What these people have done and are still doing is disrespectful and dangerous to the American economy and to the very lives of the American people. These people threaten the lives of law enforcement on a daily basis and joke about it believing they have the upper hand. What the whole world has seen happening here in America over the past few years is NOT the way 400 years of past immigrants have conducted themselves. Mexico is the only country throughout the history of mankind that has ever tryed every evil dirty trick to dump its entire nation of broke and busted baby machines into another country and to say our people has every RIGHT to occupy the U.S. and drain all of America’s resources so if this makes life harder for the American people its to bad because our people come first. Lawrence (the hand puppet) O’Donnell says “With immigration you can only fear the future if you don’t know our past.” Here is our unbiased past.     Past immigration to America since the 1600’s was nearly all legal immigration until Mexico got involved.  Why the American government will not stop the insane invasion of America!   Lawrence (the hand puppet) O’Donnell says ” If you know how this country really was built on immigration you understand that immigration is an added value.”  Past immigration was an added value today its costing the people and the states heavy. States like Mexifornia that spends the most don’t care how much Mexico’s citizens cost as long as states like Mexifornia has their precious baby machines.  Also past immigrants didn’t come to America as immigration law breaking smartasses. It appears the covered faces of the righteous are still fighting the American Mexican War and if borders are the arbitrary economic compacts of the globol elite then why are there a north and south Mexican border? Again these people ramble on with bulls**t using words like “suppress” as if we Americans are suppressing these poor people in some way. Knowing that it is their people that is wrong these half-wit Indigenous use words like “suppress” “genocide” “racist” with the intent to force the hand in their favor, to force “their way” here in America. Like when they say “no borders” they mean no American border for their people only. I don’t get this business is this the “I’m Somebody Important” look?  Definition of Imperialism – A policy of extending a country’s power and influence through their language Spanish, their overwhelming numbers of their people, their ridiculous breeding practices, their illegal drugs, their incredibly high number of gang members, their demanding of everything, their defiance of American laws, their people dominating U.S. jails and prisons, spreading their country’s influence to all 50 states, their Indigenous intent is to dominate and exercise control of the whole Northern American continent, and their peoples lack of respect to the peoples homeland they invaded, their countries and their fellow Indigenous countries despicable acts and frivolous lawsuits against American states trying to safe themselves from being financially overwhelmed by a people that can’t provide for their own people that by American law have no real RIGHT to be in that American state….just to name a few!We Americans really treat Mexicans so bad don’t we. Maybe we Americans should pour into Mexico by the millions and break every law the Mexicans have and see how they like that.,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=fe49d561ad75bea3&biw=1024&bih=596   Racism in Mexico rearing its ugly head sure made it BIG on the world wide web. Do Mexicans really understand bigotry or do they just understand what they want everything to be?  Lawrence (the hand puppet) O’Donnell says “It (immigration) is an invaluable energy infusion into this country, it always has been.” Below is a sample of the invaluable energy infusion into this country from Mexico. I have been hearing so much about so many unemployed Latinos it says here Latino Women have more jobs than anybody in America. Is this really good for society or is this just good for Latino society? Lawrence (the hand puppet) O’Donnell says “If we close the door it changes the definition of who we are.” We have been continuously lied to and deceived throughout this invasion.  If we don’t close “this” door this out of control invasion not only will change the definition of who we are it will destroy us all.  No animal on earth breeds like the Mexican. By definition “immigration” is the wrong word for this flood over or under the southern American border. This photo is the right analogy. Or is it reform immigration in America for the good of Mexico and the Mexican people?  We Mexicans want immigration reform in Mexico for a hundred million Americans! We Americans are now suppose to believe this invasion of America is nothing more than a nation of “VOTERS” dumping into another nation for the good of America. All of America is now believed to be the personal playground of the Central American and the Mexican people. I have seen commercials like this one since the early 1960’s. We will never stop seeing these commercials and we will always be asked to pay and pay for other peoples sexual antics until these uneducated oversexed sex machines that can’t support themselves, their own people and every baby they drop are forced to stop breeding profusely.Just like the black American claims their people get arrested for being black the first largest population of a people in jails and prisons the second largest population in American jails and prisons the Latino is saying they get arrested for being Latino. I have seen every one of these TV shows listed below and i haven’t seen anybody get arrest for being black or brown. Navajo Cops protects the largest Indian reservation from their own people and from migrants. NOT bad white people. I believe the Cleveland ball team should be called something that represents white European America or Oriental as well as everything else in America that was created by Americans, Europeans and Orientals. Why should anything in America be named after a prehistoric tribes people. Its not like they deserve it. RIGHT!

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Is Herman Cain Really “White” …WOW” Really!… He Doesn’t Look Racist! Or Is It This Wave Of Blacks Accusing Herman Cain Of Being A “Uncle Tom” Is More Of The We Can’t Be “Racist” Because We Are Not White! This Article Will Show You Where Much Of The Racism, Hate And Hate Crimes Is Coming From!

OH, GOD” I’m white! Well according to many blacks he thinks he is.   I had read this article   and realized it was time to put my article out. From 1966 to 1984 i had seen black whitie hating racism throughout the city of Detroit. This, we can’t be racist is total s**thole. I’m not suprised many blacks believe this nonsense and refuse to except the fact the whitie does not cause all of their problems. White people did not make many black Americans kleptomanics. Many blacks have been fired from their jobs for decades NOT because their black. They where fired for stealing from the companies. For decades many black Americans have openly bragged about willingly not doing that 9 to 5 because they can make more money faster (in their words) braking “the white mans laws.” This choice is NOT whities fault. I have heard for decades the drugs in black neighborhoods is whities fault. I bet many black Americans would travel far and wide to get at those illegal drugs to sell as i know so many already have. White people don’t make black Americans quickly jump into vehicles that don’t belong to them as they are saying “we got this bitch” meaning the vehicle. White people are NOT the cause of unwanted black pregnancies and white people did NOT make them have the sex that got them pregnant in the first place. White people do NOT cause the problems in schools dominated by blacks and Mexicans. White people didn’t cause the Mexican problems that brought them here in the first place. Herman Cain is saying something about its not about race. To blacks and Mexicans its all about race. Herman Cain says there is not ramped racism. The finger pointing “only white people can be racist” people proves “yes” there is. I here black Americans on televison saying Herman Cain is playing the race card because 95% of all black Americans voted for Barack Obama. Right now many black Americans seem to be getting “pissed-off” because they believe people like Larry Elder and Herman Cain are trying to take their “whitie the racist” away from them. Question – “If we black Americans and Mexicans can’t blame white people who can we blame?” I bet that thought is dreadful to these people as their thinking, NO” we won’t blame are selves or are own people for our problems. Its all whities fault. Larry Elder says, Hey” do i really look white?     He is another “Uncle Tom” according to many black Americans. Could these “uncle tom” accusations be RACIST? The reason why black men like Herman Cain and Larry Elder are called “uncle toms” is they are NOT helping the black and Mexican cause by saying… “BAD WHITIE the RACIST NAZI!” During another Tea Party and tea party tipe discussion on MSNBC on Sep 27, 2011 Willie Brown says “you begin to get an environment where its OK to be racist.” Hum,”that is when its your our people!Right now i’m watching a television show call Detroit Gang Squad on the National Geographic Channel what i am seeing doesn’t look like “whities fault” i see it as the fault of the people that gave birth to these overly aggressive murdering criminals. I just heard a gang member refer to his self and his little gang as “thugs” i bet most of us remember what happened when a white man used this word on the radio recently. I had also seen the TV show Gangland “clash of the crips” 2010 the east coast crips street gang was profiled. One crip boldly says you either be the victim or the victimizer. I watched a TV show called “The Squeeze, Hostile Takeover” its about Chicago gang members trying to takeover other gang members operations. This sounds like they are mimicking the Mexican drug cartals. Whities fault here to..huh! Wasn’t there someone saying blacks of the world don’t have the power? It looks like here these guys have BLACK POWER! I don’t get this business is this the “I’m Somebody” look.  Black gangs targeting white males in Denver hate the white devils says,  Louis Farrakhan  – The orgin of the white race and the making of the devil parts 1,2,3   Here is the real world we live in. When white people get f’d up or killed in black and now Mexican gang infested neighborhoods we all here “well, its their own fault they shouldn’t have been there”. When blacks or Mexicans get so much as a “surprise” on their front lawn its always assumed “whitie” did it and it becomes BIG news all over TV and radio for days if not weeks or even months. Where is the racism here?  See the third frame…..whitey!Here is a story from a black woman saying more black men have been through the prison system than enslaved in 1850. Another black Professor that teaches what they want instead of the truth. I would have thought students would want to be taught the truth and what is real instead of going to fantasy colleges to be taught what makes them feel better about themselves.   And here we see more on this by more blacks that took this story and ran with it. Yea, bad white people yea!,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=8b39c7b95b72b1c1&biw=1024&bih=596   This thought of “bad white people” incites many blacks and Latinos beyond belief. A chapter on “reverse racism” should be added in these black American and Latino/Hispanic/Indigenous books.,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=bcbe901454e3f0e0&biw=1024&bih=602 During all of 1973 and half of ’74 i worked at the MCHRD The Mayor’s Committee for Human Resources Development building in Detroit. During that time two black youths had also worked their briefly they didn’t really want to work they just wanted money to spend. One lasted a month or so the other left two weeks later with my radio. Both blame white rule for their dismissal. I worked mostly in the mail room located by the front doors of the building. A black Muslim came into the building everyday with the BIGGEST smile on his face. I had never seen anyone so happy to be alive. His pleasure was coming from the Nixon impeachment proceedings he was so stoked over the fact that a “white” man had been accused of a criminal act, BAD WHITIE! His face looked everyday like this “Tricky Dick” business was a gift from heaven. Here is another attempt to make blacks that brake laws and get caught look like victims of whitie. The interesting studies this man speaks of are made up by blacks and are far from the truth.   Here is the truth on this subject by a more “reliable source.” You will find it under (2. Illegal Drug Use) Race/Ethnicity   Get The Facts!  on who’s doing what?    The percentages you see here are murder percentages NOT “The New Jim Crow” we are victims of drug arrest percentages.      An American Dilemma: Was Slavery a Racist Institution – As Johnny Cochran said after the O.J Simpson murder verdict in response to the disbelief by whites “GET OVER IT!” Since slavery had been abolished well over a hundred years ago and blacks today really have no idea what it was like other than what they do to themselves and their own people. Or black pimps treating white women like s**t. My response to this story is “GET OVER IT.”   This little story says The Congressional Black Caucus is an organization that excludes people from joining based on skin color. I bet many black Americans would love to see white people hanging from trees.   Since the 1600’s the number by race hanged in North America is White 5,903  Black 7,084  Slaves 1,749  Hispanic 295  Native American 353  Asian 142  unknown 700+     The pastor of Life Always Board Stephen Broden says black peoples future is in jeopardy as a genocidal diabolical plot is being carried out through abortion. And some blacks claim the photo of the black child used for the abortion ad is “racist”. In reality the reason for the use of a black child is simple. The number of black women getting pregnant is rising do to to much party penis and so are black abortions. The true culprit here is poor judgement not some conspiracy to wipe out the black race. So who’s the boogie man here? If your an employer and your forced to hire Americans that refuse to speak English because they have RIGHTS and you don’t you can get some idea of what they are saying to your customers here.,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=642b4f1d3dc2172f&biw=1024&bih=602   This ad is out because to many black women party down get pregnant and don’t want or can’t afford a baby. Is speaking proper English talking white or is making up talk that in no way is real words just plain stupid.,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=642b4f1d3dc2172f&biw=1024&bih=602&bs=1   Here are more articles that suggests black Americans don’t have to speak English properly even if it does make them look very uneducated as in not incredible bright! If black owned businesses want to hire their own even if they can’t speak English properly then more power to them. And now its disenfranchising to black Americans requiring voters to show a photo ID.    Non citizen Mexicans and Central Americans (illegals) can vote in America now and its now illegal to ask them for any form of ID.  When will it be unlawful to force white people to have ID?  This story suggests racism is to blame for the loss of black residents in Boston over a ten year period. White residents also decreased over the ten year period. And i bet there are certain people saying thats a good thing. Also as you may have guessed there was a huge rise of Hispanics in the city of Boston as well as everywhere else in the U.S.   This rise in Latino doesn’t mean they are having that many babies it means these people are still coming over, through or under the American southern border and they will NOT stop until life itself cease to exist all because they want all thats in America. Until life cease to exist in the U.S. we will still be told there is only 11 million. All Latinos south of the American border already claim the U.S. and all thats in it belongs to their people believing the “We Were Here First” gives them this right. I can still remember when i was 6 years old other children saying “i was here first” or “i had it first” as i recall speaking those words didn’t make them right. Are these words spoken holy righteousness for The Great Breeder?  Here is a story about racism accusations rearing its ugly head by you know whom and the damage these accusations can cause.       Somehow many blacks have defined the word “racism” with what they call “power” and white supremacy. So if i looked in the dictionary of black would i see the word “power” defined as “racism?” It would appear these blacks in question claim only people in “power” can be racist. Are rich blacks without control over their own lives? How about black business owners don’t they have control over their businesses, the people that work for them and control over their own lives. Is there black Americans in government positions a biracial man as president. Have they no power? Don’t blacks and Hispanics have the power to speak out to tell cock and bull stories? To say blacks are without power is utter bulls**t.  Here is another example of utter bulls**t.    Sure blacks don’t rule the world but this doesn’t mean blacks are without some kind of power with their own lives and over so many of their own people.  Anyone that believes you have to have power and privilege to be a “racist” can’t be very smart. Also to say blacks are without “prejudice” is a total B faced lie. And to have your “own” truth doesn’t mean you speak the truth.    Don’t black men have the “power” just like white men to do this? Beatings like this happens all the time and has for decades. Most black men with this much “power” get away with wailing on a white woman.  Whites suffer more racism than blacks? With what i had found on the world wide web and put into this article we can say that is true.   Is black racism rampant in America and in other countries around the world?    Are African Americans mort racist than white people today?   Here is more on the delusion that power is racism. If a white man was teaching racial nonsense i bet he would quickly be fired.   Here a black American asks if blacks are beginning to practice what they preach which is are black people becoming racist?   Federal Statistics of black on white violence, with links and mathematical extrapolation formulas   Don’t black Americans just as blacks all around the world have the “power” to inflict violent beatings upon white people? The very white people stupid blacks claim have all the power in the world.     Michael Eric Tyson says the economy is in the hands of the black. If this were true that would mean the black are NOT without “power” this would mean according to the black that the black are RACIST!  This is what you would call in your face.  In 1966 i got my first taste at an interracial school it was mostly like any other school except black kids couldn’t make it through a day without fighting or talking about someones momma. I had never seen so many fights so much aggression in my life until i started seeing the black side of America. By 1968 life got a lot harder for white people they became targets for the MAD whitie hating “i’ll do anything i want to do to you” black Americans. At the 1970’s went by i had been told to my face by many black Americans they hate white people they say slavery was the main reason. Living in a black neigborhood is far more dangerous than living in any other especially if your white. After 45 years of the black experience i know as fact whitie is expected to “get over it” every time yet blacks don’t have to get over s**t.    More on Michael Eric Dyson racist whitie steal black music? Did Charlie Pride steal country music?   The internet has many web pages on black on white crimes.,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=8b39c7b95b72b1c1&biw=1024&bih=596    All around the world is black on white crime.,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=8b39c7b95b72b1c1&biw=1024&bih=596Are they mad because he bought fried chicken? Racism in Africa!    I love this woman Carol M. Swain she lives in the real world seeing the realities of her surroundings shes not afriad to speak the truth any more than Larry Elder is, it takes  good strong intelligent person to tell it as it really is. Instead of making up nonsense in an attempt to benefit their own avoiding what is really going on for their own version of it.    As i had said befor black Americans told me to my face that they are racist and they hate white people. So can black people be racist is NOT questionable to me. Here we see more delusions about race.   I would like to put a question to you. Do you think these jelly beans are being RACIST to these jelly beans?   H*** NO” that naked thing don’t look like me!         Delusions at its best, this guy believe that a black female manikin called Michelle is someones idea of an insult to Michelle Obama. In no way does this manikin resemble Michelle Obama. Maybe this guy should see a doctor.   Black delusions about race go on and on.  The only real damage here would be to deny this film is more of a reality than many black Americans are willing to admit.    Did you know whitie is a racist when black people eat chicken on television or at the movies?   Should this woman had been on the racist Popeyes chicken commercial and should that woman had made so much racist whitie money? Or should her job had gone to a white woman so she could have maded all that racist whitie money so that could be called racist. RIGHT!  Your right cartoons like this should NOT exist!    Here black and brown people claim cartoon racism.   I wish American cartoon makers would stop using the voices of black Americans, Native Americans or Hispanics. WHO,” wants to see them anyway?     Cartoons are far better with white people YES, i agree! Now this cartoon i do want to see real bad! I hate the Spanish though. I hate the cartoon characters that now have black voices characters that never had black voices before. I see that as a insult to the characters. I wonder what the hell were those studios thinking? PLEASE cartoon makers STOP making cartoons with black Americans, Hispanics or Native Americans in them.  And PLEASE,”  STOP using their voices. PLEASE! Cartoon makers make cartoons with white people in them only. South of the border racist is just as much of a reality as black racists. They also do what they preach against.  Racism in Mexico rears its ugly head.,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&cad=bPersonally i wish the use of indian names stop. Why should they be remembered why should anybody care.

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I Have The Right Alterative To Pick America’s Farm Produce That Is Less Costly Than Migrants! Herman Cain Says Words On Camp Signs Is Offensive And Insensitive He’s Right They Are And Herman Cain Says Wallstreet Protesters Should Shutup And Kiss The ### Of The Greedy Rich Like He Does! Was George Junius Stinney Innocent Of The 1944 Double Murder Of Two White Girls, Meet Willie Bosket Jr. He Shot To Death Two NY Subway Riders In 1977!

The migrant workers and their supports have been throwing up in our American faces that the fruit and vegetables we Americans buy and eat comes from their efforts and that we Americans can not survive without them. This talk is also another tool for their continuous demand for immigration reform for their people. This man Jose Diaz Balert can not complete a subject without pluging “immigration reform” at least three times. Is immigration reform good for America? Is immigration reform good for the American people? Is immigration reform in America good for Mexico? Or should we say immigration reform works only for the people having it their way? TV shows like “Border Wars” like episode “Murder, Capitol” shows proof Mexico/Mexicans as are other south of the border countries are in an undeclared war with the U.S. and its people. As the invasion of America continues and we are still being told 11 million. As these south of the border people come to America to do what they want and get all they can, here is an article by a so-called Professor Lorenzo Cano at the University in Houston intitled The Future U.S. Invasion of Mexico   articles like this is suppose to cover for what the south of border invaders are doing here in America. This article has a more reliable source – The United States and the Crisis in Mexico   CASA de Maryland the illegals ACORN,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=d6b4e92255e236a9&biw=1024&bih=596 It is now time for the American people to heavy protest the so-called U.S. Justice Department, the so-called federal court and the individuals involved to halt their interference in state immigration laws. When the Justice Department, the federal court and judges involved start paying out of their pockets for this invasion mess then their interference will be welcome. As the American economy gets far worse and American financial problem’s worsen beyond European financial problems and the flood over the southern border continues will the Justice Department, federal court and interfering judges give up their jobs, their bank accounts and their lives to the righteous invaders? When the rioting that can’t be stopped starts these Americans and Mexicans that had made millions off this Mexican invasion will pack up their families move their bank accounts if they hadn’t already and flee to a safer country. Leaving us Americans they forced into this mess here to deal with it. How many jobs can the U.S. create here in America? Can enough millions & millions & millions & millions of jobs be created for the flood flooding over the southern border? How many Americans will have to go without jobs so Mexicans, Central Americans and South Americans can have them? Do Mexicans, Central Americans and South Americans get first pick? I have been hearing that Alabama immigration law is the worse in the country. As we recall it wasn’t that long ago Arizona was the boogie man. I heard a newscaster say immigrants are deporting themselves from Alabama. They are deporting themselves to other states NOT back over the southern border. When Americans move from one state to another or should we say when Americans flee hysterically for their lives its not call deporting. So when undocumented invaders flee hysterically for their lives from the bad immigration law to another American state that is called moving from one state to another NOT deporting to another state. Why is America now responsible for the welfare of every Mexican every Central American and a few million South Americans? Do these people ever take a day off from baby making? Will they ever take responsibility for their own actions? Or will their actions continue being America’s fault! (1) Countries that can’t or won’t take care of their own people are RACIST. (2) Countries that push large numbers of their people onto the Welfare system of another country are RACIST. (3) People from any country that are determined they are going to have their way in a country they are not a citizen of are RACIST. (4) People that demand RIGHTS in a country they are not a citizen of are RACIST. (5) People that are determined they are going to change the laws of a country they invaded to suit their people are RACIST. (6) People that use the word RACIST fluenty are RACIST. (7) People from one country that are determined to take over a country they are not a citizen of simply because they want everything the people of that country have are RACIST. (8) People that demand their families stop being broken up knowing full well they are the cause of the brake up of their families are RACIST. People from the invading countries that now have their own people in the government, federal court, justice department, among other seats of the invaded country are RACIST. (10) A people that has more babies they can’t afford faster than any other people on earth are RACIST. (11) A people that can’t live or survive without the material things created by the people they are forever calling a RACIST are RACIST. (12) A people that gets MAD and calls another people a RACIST when that people tells them the truth about themselves and their people are RACIST. (13) A people from the invading country invading a country they didn’t come from that tells the people of the invaded country to go back to a continent they didn’t come from are RACIST. There are more but you get the idea RACIST.      The constant wrongful use of the word racist by a people believing they are helping their people by the use of this word will only bring much mistrust and dislike to their people. Meaning their constant wrongful “RACIST” accusations will work against them. And the separation of the racists will continue thanks to them making life harder for everybody instead of the use of the word racist making it easier for their people. A smart people would have known this!  Believe these invaders are just victims. This is how low these people will stoop to get American money and American goodies. the invasion supports have been throwing up “tomato’s rotting on the vine” as to say this is what you Americans get for trying to make laws we Mexicans do not and will not support. America doesn’t need a people from an out of control country telling us Americans just how things are going to be here in America now for their benefit. Most Illegal migrants in Alabama hired off the side of the road to cut grass, rake leaves and do other menial jobs didn’t flee for their every lives just the migrants that pick for farmers. What does that tell you? More farms all across the country could become U-Picks Farms “pick your own” lowering the cost to the consumer. Do America/American’s really need migrants. Or do migrants need America. Below is what America needs to pick produce. NO MORE ROTTING TOMATO’S      These pickers and harvesters don’t sleep, complain, protest, need a pay check, have sex, say RACIST, NAZI or NAZI RACIST! A factory could be built and employ America’s to build more produce machines and these machines could be operated by American’s to do jobs migrants won’t do.A bean harvester! A potato harvester! A broccoli harvester! A corn harvester! A cotton harvester! A hemp seed harvester! There are harvester and pickers for all fruits and vegetables. This one picks strawberries. Robot harvests and pickers don’t make babies! And robot pickers don’t get uppity! Mexicans and Central American’s have been pulling their kids from schools to avoid a law that forces them to show their status. Most schools in America today look like they belong to the south of the border baby machine. Before the year 2000 this is not what we American’s were accustom to seeing. Mexicans way now – I found out Mexicans have created the new way to stand in line for what ever anyone would stand in a line for. It works like this – so many people begin standing in a line as time goes by more people (Mexicans) walk up to someone standing in this line where ever this person may be. They start talking to these people in line if these people in line speak back the person or persons that just walked up are now automatically in this line where they stand. Meaning by the time you get where you want to be in this line you are now set back 10 or more people further behind. When Mexicans are told they can have (1) i see some of them picking up (2) or more. More proof rules and laws in America mean nothing to these people.Since school overcrowding is a bad thing. The more kids the south of the border law brakers pull from American schools the better it will be for the rest of the students. Mexican and Central American kids are the largest population living in poverty for two reasons (1) Their parents make babies whether they can afford to or not. (2) And poverty is why they came to America in the first place. These people want us to believe their just victims of the system like black American. Herman Cain says these signs have offending words. The second sign as acne.And Herman Cain says this word  OH….WHAT! He wasn’t talking about whitie words?   My bad! A personal note – I think Herman Cain should rise to stardom on his accomplishments and what he could do for America. And not black American’s believing he had been voted into office just for their benefit.. Rising off of “whitie the racist” is not an accomplishment. Oct 5, 2011 – Herman Cain calls Wallstreet protesters anti-American & anti- capitalistic. To people looking for his autograph on copies of his memoir he says, “don’t be jealous, don’t be envious” & “i don’t have patience for someone that does not want to achieve their American dream the old fashioned way. ”   Is Herman Cain saying don’t be jealous and envious of him because big banks and Wallstreet keeps him with a job? Who cares about his patience? Achieving the American dream the old fashion way has NOT been practiced by big banks, Wallstreet, people that own or have control of the largest companies, or Republicans since 1980. 1980 is NOT old fashion. Herman Cain says Wallstreet protesters are basically saying that somehow the government is supposed to take from those that have succeeded and give to those who want to protest. He adds “thats not the way America was built.” We Americans know now American money is taken from the have little and given to the have a lot. We Americans also know Republican’s like Herman Cain are given 100’s of millions every year for campaigns, to line their Republican pockets and to run their big Republican mouths to benefit the greeding rich. That is NOT the way America was built. Protesting has always been the American way until American protesters are getting in the way of corporate criminals. Or until Americans or American protesters are getting in the way of a people from south of the border countries. Herman Cain says Americans should protest the government because Barack Obama a Democrat has the presidency. If a Republican was president Herman Cain would be calling Whitehouse protesters anti-American. Herman Cain conviently forgets who is paying for the mess the greedly rich has gotting all of us Americans into. Herman Cain conviently forgets many of the payers have no job as puppets for the geedly rich like Herman Cain will have a job as long as people like Herman Cain keeps kissing their greedly rich asses. As we can see here Herman Cain is NOT for black American’s that have a low income. Herman Cain says “this country is based on the people who achieve their dreams and work.” Thanks to people like Herman Cain and his masters many American dreams have been destroyed and jobs have been lost. As Herman Cain is still run his big stupid mouth talking nonsense about protesters “should go figure out what America is all about.” Herman Cain should remember he is trying to run a campaign for president, will Herman Cain get enough votes from the people that pays him to run his big mouth to win the presidency? I betting…NOT! Herman Cain says his father said work hard and buy that cadillac instead of stealing someone else’s unless that cadillac belongs to Barack Obama. He means don’t try to get your money back from the thieving banks and Wallstreet because they pay his way. Its not surprising he would use stealing a car as his strike back at Wallstreet protesters knowing other than the vehicle thieves from south of the border who’s people is stealing most of the vehicles in America. Al Sharpton says Herman Cain is not really black, since Herman Cain is not light skined Al Sharpton must be saying Herman Cain is not for the black race. Its a good thing Al Sharpton wasn’t white when he said this. RIGHT!   Herman Cain is no Michael Jackson!I’m Herman (big mouth) Cain guess who’s pulling my strings? Barack Obama tells Republicans like Herman Cain to pass the jobs bill or hit the road before the anti-Americans tar & feather somebody.George Junius Stinney 5ft 1in. weighing 95 pounds when he was led to the gas chamber in 1944 he was 14 and the youngest to be executed in the U.S. He was convicted of murdering two white girls and was said to have confessed to the murders. Stinney was said to have told a bystander that he had seen the girls earlier that day. Reports claim police officers offered Stinney ice cream if he would confess to committing the double murder. Certain people believe him to be a victim of the white man.Meet Willie Bosket Jr. born Dec 9, 1962 in Harlem NY – A homicidal maniac has limited opportunities. He could spend the rest of his life in prison, or he could be put to death by the state. Willie Bosket Jr. is not your everyday homicidal maniac. He is a self described monster and he is said to be intelligent. Personally i don’t believe intelligence leads anyone to prison, prison is not an accomplishment. Willie Bosket now has his own special dungeon at the upstate Woodbourne Correctional Facility he is scheduled to live there until 2020. If his intelligence could stop hurling food and feces at the guards he assaults he could be moved into conventional quarter. His room is lined with plexiglas and has three video cameras. He is known to commit mayhem when anybody gets to close to him. For the safety of overs Bosket is chained backward to the inside of his cell door. When the door is swung open Bosket is pinned to the bars like a specimen in a bug collection. You ask what did Bosket do to deserve such barbarous treatment? The anwser is…plenty! In 1977 he was 15 when he shot to death two NY subway riders newspaper headlines reads Baby Faced Butcher. Is there a coincidence here? Two girls murdered in 1944 then two NY riders shot to death in 1977? Since then Willie Bosket Jr. tried to rob a half blind 72 yr.old man. While in prison he stabbed a prison guard, smashed the skull of another prison guard with a lead pipe. Set his cell on fire seven times, choked a secretary, battered a reformatory teacher with a nail studded club. He tryed to blow up a truck, he sodomized inmates, he beat up a psychiatrist and mailed a death threat to Ronald Reagan. At his own admission Bosket claimed to have committed 2,000 crimes by the time he was 15.  He also claims to be a loving and caring person. He says if the system hadn’t had been so quick to incarcerate him as a child he could have become a well known attorney or a Senator. Instead he says he’s a “political prisoner” embarked on a “revolutionary stuggle” aimed at killing anyone who represents oppression. Willie Bosket says if NY brings back the death penalty he won’t kill he’ll just maim. He wants to continue living just to make, in his own words “them regret what they done to me.” Apparently his only concern is for his self and not for anyone he has victimized. The product of a broken home in Harlem. By age 9 Willie Bosket Jr. was a chronic and violent troublemaker. He had been given mental tests and he threatened to set fire to the hospital ward and kill a doctor. Tests showed bosket was suffering from antisocial personality disorder. His helpless mom had him sent to a reform school, where he began to emulate his father. Bosket never met his father but the parallels between the two are dramatic. Both has only a third grade education, Bosket’s father was sentenced to the same reform school at age 9 his father commited double murders. In prison Bosket’s father studied hard and became the first convict to be inducted into the Phi Beta Kappa honor society. After his release from prison in 1983 Bosket Sr. found work as a university teaching assistant. In 1985 Bosket Sr. was arrested for molesting a 6 yr. old child. Later after a shoot out with police during an escape attempt, Bosket Sr. shot and killed his girlfriend and then blew his own brains out. Bosket Jr. has filed a lawsuit against his mother, charging cruel and unusual punishment at Woodbourne. He is also angry about authorities ignoring an eight page handwritten letter. Bosket had volunteered himself for study as a way to help prevent future Boskets. En route to court Bosket Jr. kicked a guard then shouted to photographers , “Did you get that picture?” “Did you get that on film?” Bosket Jr. plunged a makeshift 11-in. knife into the chest of a guard, in full view of a newspaper reporter. “Sensationalism sells newspapers” the baby faced butcher blithely explains,” and the system responds to violence.

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Do You Know Whats “Racist” And Whats Not! American Trade With Mexico And Who’s Getting The Better Deal!

At a time when the American people is scratching and clawing to survive. The great Indigenous baby machine in the U.S. and south of the border is MAD because Barack Obama didn’t hand over the United States to all of Indigenous baby popper land yet. The south of the border Indigenous people don’t care if the U.S. is falling apart all they do care about is give it all to our people Barack Obama through immigration reform. These Indigenous people must be thinking we Americans won’t let America cease to exist. We Americans will fix everything just so they can get it all. America has been under attack from Mexico since Mexico became a country in 1824 this poster is from 1853.Mexico wants it all and this is what we Americans can expect from them. Another gift from Mexico for America over the past few years is unbearable traffic congestion due to the millions & millions & millions & millions & millions of “gime this” and “gime that” people. Below is one of their slap in the face Mexican protest signs. Their lack of an education shows well.The North, South & Central American continents are called the “Americas” NOT America.   Example – When someone overseas says i am going to America the whole world knows this means the United States of America. The world also knows this person is NOT going to “drug land” South America or “gangster land” Central America or “out of control” Mexico.        Maybe the American people should spend more time protesting since they are out of a job. And how true this is. Still at work!

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