For The NAACP’s People To Get A State ID It Won’t Hurt Them As Much As They Might Think Even Non-Citizens Can Get State ID! The NAACP’s Victim People Beautifying America!

Getting a state ID really isn’t that painful its not as hard as the picked on people might think. This is what state ID looks like you don’t have to use a mugshot of yourself your picture will be taken at the DMV. If you don’t want to get ID to try to keep the police from finding out who you are that won’t work they will find out anyway. State ID is really easy to get all you need do is apply yourself it really won’t hurt you that much. So if you are interested in getting a state ID, the procedure is simply. If a non-citizen can get one you can to. Go to your local Department of Motor Vehicles and fill out an application. You may have to ask for one thats not that hard either. American citizens will need proof of citizenship and two forms of residency. If you needed an ID to get HIGH i bet you would get one quick. You will need a social security card and a birth certificate if you don’t have these either then your not a responsible person. As you have problems living your life without these items you only have yourself to blame. Its NOT racial. If you live off somebody and don’t pay bills of anykind you will need mail of somekind to proof you live there. You will need money to pay for the application fee if you don’t have any just get it the same way you get cigarette, alcohol and drug money. Many black Americans work at the DMV’s throughout the U.S. so they won’t say you can’t have one if your not white. I ‘d like the NAACP to know i don’t drive so i don’t have a drivers license either. I have a state ID it didn’t take that long to get and the black Americans that worked at the DMV i went to didn’t discriminate against me either. For everyone to have a photo ID! As we all know Mexicans and Central Americans believe they don’t need no “stinkin papers” the reason for this smarta## attitude is most of the 50.5 million and climbing population of south of the border people in America are really illegals and NOT the American citizens we are told they are. American citizens don’t have a problem getting photo ID unless there irresponsible or trying to hide something. Whatever happened to these were are the Mexicans selling fake American ID’s?  Some of the people less likely to have photo ID below. The men standing in this photo maybe the only men with photo ID. Maybe! Could you see this face on a photo ID card. Imagine someone in a liquor store looking at this guys ID and saying this ain’t you! So this guy pulls the bandana up over his face and the liquor store clerk says, OH, yea.” Do i see something dirty here? Work in progress. These taggers where said to be using their famous foul mouth words. A lot of people like these people force their way into America and become foul mouth highfalutin bigshots. And they may not have photo ID. wall in Los Angeles Mexifornia. I don’t think these educated scholars spell yet.Educated scholars i bet? Wouldn’t you hate to come out to get your car and find this.Beautifying your neighborhood. A beautiful paint job in Denver some of the people that do this to this country marched around in city streets with protest signs making demands, demands they continue making.A paint over in Chicago, in green it says “We Killing Stupid Niggas” is just one of few things people like these people do best. Note the stolen stripped car.Something a lot of us Americans have seen for decades. You seen a lot of new and used car lots. Maybe one of these bandana covered face people could open up Uncle Tom’s Stolen Car Lot! or Aztlan’s number uno stolen car lot in Azlan! Is this the number 1# stolen golf cart salesman?Its not surprising Mexifornia in the stolen car capital. Try to steal this car. I was put in her because the judge is white the jur-e is white everybody in the court room is white. I was put in her because i’m black.I was put in here because i have brown skin. I was blamed for a crime or many crimes because of the white mans law. And because white people with blue eyes messed up the economy. Does that mean i didn’t do it my eyes are brown?

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