Luis Gutierrez And His Invasion Supports Will Protest South Carolina Now For Passing Immigration Laws Just As 3 Other States Have, And Will They Protest Another 13 States Ready To Pass Immigration Laws? Luis Gutierrez’s World Of Racial Profiling In America! Regardless Of The Denial Of Mexican Racism The Truth Is Racism Does Indeed Exist In Mexico!

Luis Gutierrez says “why don’t you white Americans just give up, our people are winning one way or another.”  Luis Gutierrez also says – “American states can not pass immigration laws only the federal government can do that. ” Why is he saying only the federal government can pass immigration laws? Would it be Gutierrez and other Latino invasion supports allows the American government to pass immigration laws only when the federal government doesn’t do it. Realistically the only immigration law invasion supports want passed is “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” which means for all of their people NOT just the Latinos that already had forced their way into the U.S. but also for every Latino that hasn’t made it passed border patrol yet. Luis Gutierrez spoke of South Carolina on MSNBC today (Nov 29, 2011) like they are the “criminals” because this state has stepped in front of his people as Arizona, Alabama, Georgia and Iowa did, other states said to be passing immigration laws are Arkansas, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylania, Texas and Utah. If all these states tried to pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform would Luis Gutierrez and his Mexican supporters say they can’t do that? Would they say only the federal government can pass Comnprehensive Immigration Reform? Would they all say these American states passing Comprehensive Immigration Reform is unconstitutional? Would we all see Mexicans marching around in any American state that tried to pass a law called Comprehensive Immigration Reform? Would Mexicans say American states can’t pass a law called Amnesty? Would they say the white Americans are among other things with smarta## protest signs if these white Americans passed Comprehensive Immigration Reform and or Amnesty? I’m sure we all know “NO” they would not. Every single time a Latino that has no legal right to be in the United States is stopped whether they are walking, running from the police or driving without a drivers license Mexicans cry loudly “racial profiling” Mexicans believe they can make white America the criminals by using the words. Luis Gutierrez spoke of many of his people having deep roots in America. That would be the Latinos that had come to America in decades passed most of the 50+ million in the U.S. now had played the cat and mouse game with border patrol to have it their way after the year 2000 most of them forced their way into the U.S. during the BIG invasion and protests of 2006/2008. These are NOT Latinos with deep roots in America. American politicians, illegal immigration supporters and the U.S. media should admit that is a lie or as politicians would say a misspoken falsehood. In a letter dated 2004 Senator John McCain recognized that border patrol apprehension figures estimated almost 4 million crossed the southern border in 2002 and experts on the subject agree that illegal crossings have only increased since then. By 2004 an increase of 10,000 added to the population each day. Smarta## Mexicans throwing rocks at Mexican police.     In 2006 these peoples numbers were up enough for them to get brave and uppity with their middle fingers extended as they planned illegal immigration marches for the next 2 years 2006/2008. They blocked streets and highways as well as public building entrances. They through rocks, bricks and bottles at police and lied so they come out the innocent victims. They beat up on Americans having their own protests. They used protest signs covered in bulls##ttin lies knowing full well they are the guilty parties. They desecrated buildings, cars and the American flag with their middle fingers up for all to see. They come here to America to show us Americans how its going to be here now because the American government let them do this. During this time i would see more and more south of the border people out on the streets of California daily until i would see fewer Americans and far more south of the border people than any other people. Even the Catholic Pope had to come to America at this time and tryed to “Holy Righteous” this (we can’t control our baby poppping sex organ) invasion. Now government officials and Latino activist as well as illegal immigration supports are trying to tell us that most of the 50.5 million and climbing south of the border population in America were born here. Not that many of us Americans are stupid enough to believe this bulls##t. But then of course the invaders, the invader supporters and the American government don’t really care whether we believe their lies or not as long as they believe there is nothing we Americans can do about it. Realistically 30 or so million snuck into the U.S. throughout the 2000’s not the 70’s, 80’s or 90’s and NOT like law abiding citizens but very much like how criminals sneak about trying to elude law enforcement. As we watch television shows like “Border Wars” we can see what is really going on at the southern American border and what we see is the opposite of what illegal immigration supporters are telling us. They tell us these people stopped coming, they told us some of them went back. What we see happening on shows like “Border Wars” we see the coyotes or the drug smugglers rushing back to Mexico before they get caught by border patrol. Even after rushing back on the Mexican side they do it all over again and again. A new television show called “Cops & Coyotes” brings the world the truth about this war with Mexicans all because the American government has no will to stop these criminal acts. Fact – The people of Mexico are the only people in the world forcing themselves and their garbage on another people of another country.   This insanity going on at the southern American border will only stop when these people are made to stop the bulls##t. As the flood of south of the border broke and busted baby makers continue the cat and mouse game with border patrol. As this invasion continues we will be told most of them were born here in the U.S. and that most of them were here 25 years or better. When this big mess started we were called bad Americans because these out of control baby makers were only trying to provide for their families. Now illegal immigration supporters are jumping for joy because their wonderful people are having babies here in America just like they did and do in Mexico. Checking on how fast the Hispanic population has grown since the amnesty of 1986 their population has grown far to fast for them to have had that many babies that fast. The only way they could have gave birth to as many babies in the U.S. as we are being told they did they would have to have been sexual active 24/7 and stuck to each other like two sexual vibrators with batteries that never run down. Also if all these people were born here in America or if they were here for 25 years or more there wouldn’t be all this “Whitie The Racist Nazi” and all of this illegal immigration. If Hispanic land in America was having that many babies here in America the black population would have been growing about the same. Blacks do have a lot of senseless sex to and blacks are not having that many abortions.   Nov 7, 2011 – Two women on MSNBC’s Jansing & Co talking about illegal immigration used the words “unfinished business” and “immigration isn’t done” what do you think they meant do you think they meant “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” or “amnesty” for everyone from south of the border. Lets give them all in Mexico and Central America a  to live off the America system. Maybe the American government can open up Social Security and Welfare offices throughtout Mexico and Central America to save them the trouble of trying to defeat border patrol on a daily basis. As the American middle class disappears as do the American jobs who’s going to pay for all of these people, Mexico? illegal immigration supporters? As their numbers continue to rise beyond reason where are all the resources going to come from to sustain these people? Speaking of his people having babies in the U.S. Luis Gutierrez also said three times in one sentence like he’s saying I’m finally “HERE” in an American hospital after so many tries to get passed border patrol and i just had a baby, i mean a or a for all of my people to have “RIGHTS” in America now. Dropping this over the southern border means and of course aHaving these in American hospitals meansGuess what this is below? This isThis is This is  This is There are NO of the whole continent! Mexicans believe birth control is a sin thanks to the child molesting Catholics. Do Mexicans know that the Catholic religion is a European religion brought to the Americas from Europe? Meaning its NOT Indigenous. Why don’t Mexicans believe f-ing everybody in sight in a sin? Why do Mexicans think protecting yourself from STD’s is a sin? Why don’t Mexicans believe having 100 million babies to live miserably in poverty is a sin. Why do Mexicans believe American laws are a sin? Why do Mexicans believe that forcing yourself on another country or another people is a sin only if your NOT a Mexican or Indigenous?  STD statistics by race s##t sign should say light skinned racist go back to Mexico. The brown skin Mexicans can claim they are impervious to racial thoughts but realistically they are human they have admitted to that much. As they try using the “We Are Human” to make them look like the victims here in America. The Mexican marches in America are make up to look like the black American civil rights marches of 1960’s. The organizers of these Mexican marches are counting on their poor us Mexican marches to work for them as it did for the black Americans decades passed.     Black descendants of slaves in Mexico stuggle against entrenched racism.    Just as blacks believe Mexicans believe only the “whitie” can be racist.   Mexicans idea of racism in Mexico is different for them…..of course.    Racism in Mexico has a long history.   Racism in Mexico is evident.    It turns out the lighter skin Mexicans are not happy with the darker skin brokea## baby making Mexicans so thats why the lighter skin Mexicans want the darker skin Mexicans to flood into the U.S. to call white Americans racist as they try to takeover America.    Mexican racism today is no different than it was in Alabama in the 1960’s.    Articles on Mexican racism in Mexico is never ending.       This is what you blacks look like to Mexicans. Try saying RACIST in Mexico when your asked for “stinkin” papers smarta##. You know your dumba## will go to a jail or prison if you don’t a##hole. This is the respect these people have for the man they expect to hand over “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” or “Amnesty” so they can live on easy street in the United States like it really is their right.   I believe i made my point with the NO racism in Mexico is a bald face lie. The search engine is full of articles on Mexican racism i only covered the first page. Have a look for yourself.,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb  As you Mexicans continue making your smarta## demands like its your right consider this. This below is for all the people that can’t be wrong because their not white. Mexicans climbing border fence and their all sayingThe reason why the great Latino is trying so hard to be the bosses of the American people now is simple (1) American laws are far more relaxed than Mexican laws. Mexicans see this as an American weakness. (2) Its these relaxed American laws that gives these smarta## incubators their bravery to get uppity and to get up in our American faces trying to tell us what its going to be like here now. (3) Just as black Americans do they believe when whitie gives in to their demands whitie is stupid a fool and should be taken advantage of. (4) The great south of the border baby machine is the only people on earth that believes they own America and all thats in it. They are the only people on earth that has forced their way into another country by 35 million or more to date and the number will continue climbing as they continue their cat and mouse game with border patrol. Once they are in this country they and their supports believe they are untouchable. They have gotten far more in America since 2006 than they could ever have got in Mexico or Central America in many life times. As greed would have it they want it all NOT just a share. This house is in occupied Los Angeles Mexifornia.      Unfinnished!

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