MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell The Illegal Immigration Hand Puppet Of Illegal Immigration Activists! America under Mexican Imperialism & Bigotry! Is The Word “VOTER” The Now Politically Correct Way Of Saying Illegal Immigrant!

This is Lawrence (the hand puppet) O’Donnell of MSNBC! Above are just a few of the hands behind the scenes controlling the Lawrence O’Donnell hand puppet. Oct 27. 2011 – Jose Diaz Balert appears on MSNBC today to say his people are upset that Barack Obama deported many Mexicans regardless of their forceable entry being against the law. He mentions his peoples unemployment being high like their being over looked for jobs as he and many of his people have before. Are these people aware that Mexican and Central American unemployment is “HIGH” before they leave Mexico and Central America. There had been brief mention of deporting criminals but the Mexican citizens here in the U.S. don’t really want that either since many criminals are they family members and Mexicans are still upset that Barack Obama hasn’t handed over the United States to all of Mexico yet and that they are less concerned about the American economy meaning hand it all over first and fix the the economy after. He boost about Latinos now admitting to 50 million of their people here in America just a few months ago they admitted to 48 million and boosted that his people are still having babies at record numbers despite the American economy being in the sh**er! It would be 100% obvious these people are NOT having alllllllllllllllllllllllll these babies for Mexico or any other Indigenous country to support. Regardless of 11 million we have been hearing about since the number was 12 million 5 years ago millions more of these baby machines will continue coming over that border (we all know which one) over the next few years as they are still demanding “Immigration Reform” which means reform your immigration policies and procedures to fit our peoples needs NOT yours. These people obvious don’t know or don’t care when enough is enough. Their BIG plan is to continue their breeding policies here in the U.S. at least until there are far more of them than any other race of people in America. Breeding profusely is the only way Mexico can take over America knowing they can’t take control by military force. Mexicans having babies uncontrollably when jobs are hard to come by is a slap in the face to the American people. Dropping babies like there coming off the assembly line doesn’t make them look very smart either. Jose Diaz Balart also mentioned the talk of electrifying a border fence isn’t very funny to the people that will keep trying to get into this country. And they still call this immigration if white Americans was doing this to any country in the world it would be called an invasion. The glory days of what was once California will in time succumb into the slums of Mexico regardless of the on going building of new business buildings, city improvements and more and more buildings that house more and more people. The only difference here in America is Public Assistance (Welfare) and more to rob and steal. Other states and cities have and will have large pockets of Hispanics, unless these people are highly educated and are making good money these areas will also quickly begin to look like the slums of Mexico as well as crime ridden just like black neigborhoods have been since African’s settled off plantations into city neighborhoods. I walked passed the 7/11 near my home i saw 4 of those guys laying in the parking lot on the side of the building and another standing drinking a beer. There used to be a law OH” there still is for Americans the no loitering law. Americans are not aloud to drink beer among other things in public either. We Americans and the police are not aloud to bother these people or stop them from doing anything because stopping or asking them anything could lead to “illegal.” All these people had to do to become so special in America was just break the law sneaking over the southern border. If i snuck into Mexico would i be “special.”Maybe in a Mexican prison…RIGHT!Mexican “Imperialism”    For the past two years state and federal judges have blocked any and everything that might get in the way of the great baby making welfare machine. Mexico sues American states over immigration laws as the flood of broke baby making Mexicans continue costing states billions. It now appears state/city officials all across America just like Republicans have lost their minds with police layoffs or so-called layoffs. As time goes on more south of the border baby machines with be getting in and heading straight to the Public Assistance Office in the state they are dropped off into draining the system even more because citizens of Mexico & Central America have “RIGHTS” in America and to the south of the border criminal element this is like giving candy to happy faced kids!Mexican “Bigotry” at its finest!   Under Mexican law it is a  to be an illegal immigrant in Mexico. “Indigenous” the GODS of the American continents.  And these photos left to right suggests the way the Indigenous people see the North, Central & South American Continents is self explanatory. America’s so-called immigration past and what is going on at the southern border now is two different things. Past immigration before Mexico didn’t spend every waking minute sneaking about America’s borders watching and planning daily deviant behavior playing a cat and mouse game with law enforcement. What these people have done and are still doing is disrespectful and dangerous to the American economy and to the very lives of the American people. These people threaten the lives of law enforcement on a daily basis and joke about it believing they have the upper hand. What the whole world has seen happening here in America over the past few years is NOT the way 400 years of past immigrants have conducted themselves. Mexico is the only country throughout the history of mankind that has ever tryed every evil dirty trick to dump its entire nation of broke and busted baby machines into another country and to say our people has every RIGHT to occupy the U.S. and drain all of America’s resources so if this makes life harder for the American people its to bad because our people come first. Lawrence (the hand puppet) O’Donnell says “With immigration you can only fear the future if you don’t know our past.” Here is our unbiased past.     Past immigration to America since the 1600’s was nearly all legal immigration until Mexico got involved.  Why the American government will not stop the insane invasion of America!   Lawrence (the hand puppet) O’Donnell says ” If you know how this country really was built on immigration you understand that immigration is an added value.”  Past immigration was an added value today its costing the people and the states heavy. States like Mexifornia that spends the most don’t care how much Mexico’s citizens cost as long as states like Mexifornia has their precious baby machines.  Also past immigrants didn’t come to America as immigration law breaking smartasses. It appears the covered faces of the righteous are still fighting the American Mexican War and if borders are the arbitrary economic compacts of the globol elite then why are there a north and south Mexican border? Again these people ramble on with bulls**t using words like “suppress” as if we Americans are suppressing these poor people in some way. Knowing that it is their people that is wrong these half-wit Indigenous use words like “suppress” “genocide” “racist” with the intent to force the hand in their favor, to force “their way” here in America. Like when they say “no borders” they mean no American border for their people only. I don’t get this business is this the “I’m Somebody Important” look?  Definition of Imperialism – A policy of extending a country’s power and influence through their language Spanish, their overwhelming numbers of their people, their ridiculous breeding practices, their illegal drugs, their incredibly high number of gang members, their demanding of everything, their defiance of American laws, their people dominating U.S. jails and prisons, spreading their country’s influence to all 50 states, their Indigenous intent is to dominate and exercise control of the whole Northern American continent, and their peoples lack of respect to the peoples homeland they invaded, their countries and their fellow Indigenous countries despicable acts and frivolous lawsuits against American states trying to safe themselves from being financially overwhelmed by a people that can’t provide for their own people that by American law have no real RIGHT to be in that American state….just to name a few!We Americans really treat Mexicans so bad don’t we. Maybe we Americans should pour into Mexico by the millions and break every law the Mexicans have and see how they like that.,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=fe49d561ad75bea3&biw=1024&bih=596   Racism in Mexico rearing its ugly head sure made it BIG on the world wide web. Do Mexicans really understand bigotry or do they just understand what they want everything to be?  Lawrence (the hand puppet) O’Donnell says “It (immigration) is an invaluable energy infusion into this country, it always has been.” Below is a sample of the invaluable energy infusion into this country from Mexico. I have been hearing so much about so many unemployed Latinos it says here Latino Women have more jobs than anybody in America. Is this really good for society or is this just good for Latino society? Lawrence (the hand puppet) O’Donnell says “If we close the door it changes the definition of who we are.” We have been continuously lied to and deceived throughout this invasion.  If we don’t close “this” door this out of control invasion not only will change the definition of who we are it will destroy us all.  No animal on earth breeds like the Mexican. By definition “immigration” is the wrong word for this flood over or under the southern American border. This photo is the right analogy. Or is it reform immigration in America for the good of Mexico and the Mexican people?  We Mexicans want immigration reform in Mexico for a hundred million Americans! We Americans are now suppose to believe this invasion of America is nothing more than a nation of “VOTERS” dumping into another nation for the good of America. All of America is now believed to be the personal playground of the Central American and the Mexican people. I have seen commercials like this one since the early 1960’s. We will never stop seeing these commercials and we will always be asked to pay and pay for other peoples sexual antics until these uneducated oversexed sex machines that can’t support themselves, their own people and every baby they drop are forced to stop breeding profusely.Just like the black American claims their people get arrested for being black the first largest population of a people in jails and prisons the second largest population in American jails and prisons the Latino is saying they get arrested for being Latino. I have seen every one of these TV shows listed below and i haven’t seen anybody get arrest for being black or brown. Navajo Cops protects the largest Indian reservation from their own people and from migrants. NOT bad white people. I believe the Cleveland ball team should be called something that represents white European America or Oriental as well as everything else in America that was created by Americans, Europeans and Orientals. Why should anything in America be named after a prehistoric tribes people. Its not like they deserve it. RIGHT!

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