Is Herman Cain Really “White” …WOW” Really!… He Doesn’t Look Racist! Or Is It This Wave Of Blacks Accusing Herman Cain Of Being A “Uncle Tom” Is More Of The We Can’t Be “Racist” Because We Are Not White! This Article Will Show You Where Much Of The Racism, Hate And Hate Crimes Is Coming From!

OH, GOD” I’m white! Well according to many blacks he thinks he is.   I had read this article   and realized it was time to put my article out. From 1966 to 1984 i had seen black whitie hating racism throughout the city of Detroit. This, we can’t be racist is total s**thole. I’m not suprised many blacks believe this nonsense and refuse to except the fact the whitie does not cause all of their problems. White people did not make many black Americans kleptomanics. Many blacks have been fired from their jobs for decades NOT because their black. They where fired for stealing from the companies. For decades many black Americans have openly bragged about willingly not doing that 9 to 5 because they can make more money faster (in their words) braking “the white mans laws.” This choice is NOT whities fault. I have heard for decades the drugs in black neighborhoods is whities fault. I bet many black Americans would travel far and wide to get at those illegal drugs to sell as i know so many already have. White people don’t make black Americans quickly jump into vehicles that don’t belong to them as they are saying “we got this bitch” meaning the vehicle. White people are NOT the cause of unwanted black pregnancies and white people did NOT make them have the sex that got them pregnant in the first place. White people do NOT cause the problems in schools dominated by blacks and Mexicans. White people didn’t cause the Mexican problems that brought them here in the first place. Herman Cain is saying something about its not about race. To blacks and Mexicans its all about race. Herman Cain says there is not ramped racism. The finger pointing “only white people can be racist” people proves “yes” there is. I here black Americans on televison saying Herman Cain is playing the race card because 95% of all black Americans voted for Barack Obama. Right now many black Americans seem to be getting “pissed-off” because they believe people like Larry Elder and Herman Cain are trying to take their “whitie the racist” away from them. Question – “If we black Americans and Mexicans can’t blame white people who can we blame?” I bet that thought is dreadful to these people as their thinking, NO” we won’t blame are selves or are own people for our problems. Its all whities fault. Larry Elder says, Hey” do i really look white?     He is another “Uncle Tom” according to many black Americans. Could these “uncle tom” accusations be RACIST? The reason why black men like Herman Cain and Larry Elder are called “uncle toms” is they are NOT helping the black and Mexican cause by saying… “BAD WHITIE the RACIST NAZI!” During another Tea Party and tea party tipe discussion on MSNBC on Sep 27, 2011 Willie Brown says “you begin to get an environment where its OK to be racist.” Hum,”that is when its your our people!Right now i’m watching a television show call Detroit Gang Squad on the National Geographic Channel what i am seeing doesn’t look like “whities fault” i see it as the fault of the people that gave birth to these overly aggressive murdering criminals. I just heard a gang member refer to his self and his little gang as “thugs” i bet most of us remember what happened when a white man used this word on the radio recently. I had also seen the TV show Gangland “clash of the crips” 2010 the east coast crips street gang was profiled. One crip boldly says you either be the victim or the victimizer. I watched a TV show called “The Squeeze, Hostile Takeover” its about Chicago gang members trying to takeover other gang members operations. This sounds like they are mimicking the Mexican drug cartals. Whities fault here to..huh! Wasn’t there someone saying blacks of the world don’t have the power? It looks like here these guys have BLACK POWER! I don’t get this business is this the “I’m Somebody” look.  Black gangs targeting white males in Denver hate the white devils says,  Louis Farrakhan  – The orgin of the white race and the making of the devil parts 1,2,3   Here is the real world we live in. When white people get f’d up or killed in black and now Mexican gang infested neighborhoods we all here “well, its their own fault they shouldn’t have been there”. When blacks or Mexicans get so much as a “surprise” on their front lawn its always assumed “whitie” did it and it becomes BIG news all over TV and radio for days if not weeks or even months. Where is the racism here?  See the third frame…..whitey!Here is a story from a black woman saying more black men have been through the prison system than enslaved in 1850. Another black Professor that teaches what they want instead of the truth. I would have thought students would want to be taught the truth and what is real instead of going to fantasy colleges to be taught what makes them feel better about themselves.   And here we see more on this by more blacks that took this story and ran with it. Yea, bad white people yea!,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=8b39c7b95b72b1c1&biw=1024&bih=596   This thought of “bad white people” incites many blacks and Latinos beyond belief. A chapter on “reverse racism” should be added in these black American and Latino/Hispanic/Indigenous books.,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=bcbe901454e3f0e0&biw=1024&bih=602 During all of 1973 and half of ’74 i worked at the MCHRD The Mayor’s Committee for Human Resources Development building in Detroit. During that time two black youths had also worked their briefly they didn’t really want to work they just wanted money to spend. One lasted a month or so the other left two weeks later with my radio. Both blame white rule for their dismissal. I worked mostly in the mail room located by the front doors of the building. A black Muslim came into the building everyday with the BIGGEST smile on his face. I had never seen anyone so happy to be alive. His pleasure was coming from the Nixon impeachment proceedings he was so stoked over the fact that a “white” man had been accused of a criminal act, BAD WHITIE! His face looked everyday like this “Tricky Dick” business was a gift from heaven. Here is another attempt to make blacks that brake laws and get caught look like victims of whitie. The interesting studies this man speaks of are made up by blacks and are far from the truth.   Here is the truth on this subject by a more “reliable source.” You will find it under (2. Illegal Drug Use) Race/Ethnicity   Get The Facts!  on who’s doing what?    The percentages you see here are murder percentages NOT “The New Jim Crow” we are victims of drug arrest percentages.      An American Dilemma: Was Slavery a Racist Institution – As Johnny Cochran said after the O.J Simpson murder verdict in response to the disbelief by whites “GET OVER IT!” Since slavery had been abolished well over a hundred years ago and blacks today really have no idea what it was like other than what they do to themselves and their own people. Or black pimps treating white women like s**t. My response to this story is “GET OVER IT.”   This little story says The Congressional Black Caucus is an organization that excludes people from joining based on skin color. I bet many black Americans would love to see white people hanging from trees.   Since the 1600’s the number by race hanged in North America is White 5,903  Black 7,084  Slaves 1,749  Hispanic 295  Native American 353  Asian 142  unknown 700+     The pastor of Life Always Board Stephen Broden says black peoples future is in jeopardy as a genocidal diabolical plot is being carried out through abortion. And some blacks claim the photo of the black child used for the abortion ad is “racist”. In reality the reason for the use of a black child is simple. The number of black women getting pregnant is rising do to to much party penis and so are black abortions. The true culprit here is poor judgement not some conspiracy to wipe out the black race. So who’s the boogie man here? If your an employer and your forced to hire Americans that refuse to speak English because they have RIGHTS and you don’t you can get some idea of what they are saying to your customers here.,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=642b4f1d3dc2172f&biw=1024&bih=602   This ad is out because to many black women party down get pregnant and don’t want or can’t afford a baby. Is speaking proper English talking white or is making up talk that in no way is real words just plain stupid.,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=642b4f1d3dc2172f&biw=1024&bih=602&bs=1   Here are more articles that suggests black Americans don’t have to speak English properly even if it does make them look very uneducated as in not incredible bright! If black owned businesses want to hire their own even if they can’t speak English properly then more power to them. And now its disenfranchising to black Americans requiring voters to show a photo ID.    Non citizen Mexicans and Central Americans (illegals) can vote in America now and its now illegal to ask them for any form of ID.  When will it be unlawful to force white people to have ID?  This story suggests racism is to blame for the loss of black residents in Boston over a ten year period. White residents also decreased over the ten year period. And i bet there are certain people saying thats a good thing. Also as you may have guessed there was a huge rise of Hispanics in the city of Boston as well as everywhere else in the U.S.   This rise in Latino doesn’t mean they are having that many babies it means these people are still coming over, through or under the American southern border and they will NOT stop until life itself cease to exist all because they want all thats in America. Until life cease to exist in the U.S. we will still be told there is only 11 million. All Latinos south of the American border already claim the U.S. and all thats in it belongs to their people believing the “We Were Here First” gives them this right. I can still remember when i was 6 years old other children saying “i was here first” or “i had it first” as i recall speaking those words didn’t make them right. Are these words spoken holy righteousness for The Great Breeder?  Here is a story about racism accusations rearing its ugly head by you know whom and the damage these accusations can cause.       Somehow many blacks have defined the word “racism” with what they call “power” and white supremacy. So if i looked in the dictionary of black would i see the word “power” defined as “racism?” It would appear these blacks in question claim only people in “power” can be racist. Are rich blacks without control over their own lives? How about black business owners don’t they have control over their businesses, the people that work for them and control over their own lives. Is there black Americans in government positions a biracial man as president. Have they no power? Don’t blacks and Hispanics have the power to speak out to tell cock and bull stories? To say blacks are without power is utter bulls**t.  Here is another example of utter bulls**t.    Sure blacks don’t rule the world but this doesn’t mean blacks are without some kind of power with their own lives and over so many of their own people.  Anyone that believes you have to have power and privilege to be a “racist” can’t be very smart. Also to say blacks are without “prejudice” is a total B faced lie. And to have your “own” truth doesn’t mean you speak the truth.    Don’t black men have the “power” just like white men to do this? Beatings like this happens all the time and has for decades. Most black men with this much “power” get away with wailing on a white woman.  Whites suffer more racism than blacks? With what i had found on the world wide web and put into this article we can say that is true.   Is black racism rampant in America and in other countries around the world?    Are African Americans mort racist than white people today?   Here is more on the delusion that power is racism. If a white man was teaching racial nonsense i bet he would quickly be fired.   Here a black American asks if blacks are beginning to practice what they preach which is are black people becoming racist?   Federal Statistics of black on white violence, with links and mathematical extrapolation formulas   Don’t black Americans just as blacks all around the world have the “power” to inflict violent beatings upon white people? The very white people stupid blacks claim have all the power in the world.     Michael Eric Tyson says the economy is in the hands of the black. If this were true that would mean the black are NOT without “power” this would mean according to the black that the black are RACIST!  This is what you would call in your face.  In 1966 i got my first taste at an interracial school it was mostly like any other school except black kids couldn’t make it through a day without fighting or talking about someones momma. I had never seen so many fights so much aggression in my life until i started seeing the black side of America. By 1968 life got a lot harder for white people they became targets for the MAD whitie hating “i’ll do anything i want to do to you” black Americans. At the 1970’s went by i had been told to my face by many black Americans they hate white people they say slavery was the main reason. Living in a black neigborhood is far more dangerous than living in any other especially if your white. After 45 years of the black experience i know as fact whitie is expected to “get over it” every time yet blacks don’t have to get over s**t.    More on Michael Eric Dyson racist whitie steal black music? Did Charlie Pride steal country music?   The internet has many web pages on black on white crimes.,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=8b39c7b95b72b1c1&biw=1024&bih=596    All around the world is black on white crime.,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=8b39c7b95b72b1c1&biw=1024&bih=596Are they mad because he bought fried chicken? Racism in Africa!    I love this woman Carol M. Swain she lives in the real world seeing the realities of her surroundings shes not afriad to speak the truth any more than Larry Elder is, it takes  good strong intelligent person to tell it as it really is. Instead of making up nonsense in an attempt to benefit their own avoiding what is really going on for their own version of it.    As i had said befor black Americans told me to my face that they are racist and they hate white people. So can black people be racist is NOT questionable to me. Here we see more delusions about race.   I would like to put a question to you. Do you think these jelly beans are being RACIST to these jelly beans?   H*** NO” that naked thing don’t look like me!         Delusions at its best, this guy believe that a black female manikin called Michelle is someones idea of an insult to Michelle Obama. In no way does this manikin resemble Michelle Obama. Maybe this guy should see a doctor.   Black delusions about race go on and on.  The only real damage here would be to deny this film is more of a reality than many black Americans are willing to admit.    Did you know whitie is a racist when black people eat chicken on television or at the movies?   Should this woman had been on the racist Popeyes chicken commercial and should that woman had made so much racist whitie money? Or should her job had gone to a white woman so she could have maded all that racist whitie money so that could be called racist. RIGHT!  Your right cartoons like this should NOT exist!    Here black and brown people claim cartoon racism.   I wish American cartoon makers would stop using the voices of black Americans, Native Americans or Hispanics. WHO,” wants to see them anyway?     Cartoons are far better with white people YES, i agree! Now this cartoon i do want to see real bad! I hate the Spanish though. I hate the cartoon characters that now have black voices characters that never had black voices before. I see that as a insult to the characters. I wonder what the hell were those studios thinking? PLEASE cartoon makers STOP making cartoons with black Americans, Hispanics or Native Americans in them.  And PLEASE,”  STOP using their voices. PLEASE! Cartoon makers make cartoons with white people in them only. South of the border racist is just as much of a reality as black racists. They also do what they preach against.  Racism in Mexico rears its ugly head.,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&cad=bPersonally i wish the use of indian names stop. Why should they be remembered why should anybody care.

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