Do You Know Whats “Racist” And Whats Not! American Trade With Mexico And Who’s Getting The Better Deal!

At a time when the American people is scratching and clawing to survive. The great Indigenous baby machine in the U.S. and south of the border is MAD because Barack Obama didn’t hand over the United States to all of Indigenous baby popper land yet. The south of the border Indigenous people don’t care if the U.S. is falling apart all they do care about is give it all to our people Barack Obama through immigration reform. These Indigenous people must be thinking we Americans won’t let America cease to exist. We Americans will fix everything just so they can get it all. America has been under attack from Mexico since Mexico became a country in 1824 this poster is from 1853.Mexico wants it all and this is what we Americans can expect from them. Another gift from Mexico for America over the past few years is unbearable traffic congestion due to the millions & millions & millions & millions & millions of “gime this” and “gime that” people. Below is one of their slap in the face Mexican protest signs. Their lack of an education shows well.The North, South & Central American continents are called the “Americas” NOT America.   Example – When someone overseas says i am going to America the whole world knows this means the United States of America. The world also knows this person is NOT going to “drug land” South America or “gangster land” Central America or “out of control” Mexico.        Maybe the American people should spend more time protesting since they are out of a job. And how true this is. Still at work!

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