Was The Deadly Beating Of Kelly Thomas The Result Of A “Racial” Act? Gretchen Carlson Said On A Fox & Friends Broadcast That She Wonders If Serena Williams Comments During A Tennis Match Had Racial Undertones! Oh” The Humanity! It Appears Grechen Carlson Didn’t Get The Memo Stating White People Are Not Aloud To Question What Black Americans, Hispanics Or The Arab World May Say Or Do!

This is what Kelly Thomas looked like before Officer Manuel Ramos was said to say “i’m going to F you up.”          Sep 21, 2011 – Was the beating of Kelly Thomas in Fullerton Mexifornia the result of a perpetrated racial act by Officer Manuel Ramos? Before the killing of Kelly Thomas began Officer Manuel Ramos was the first officer to approach Kelly Thomas and is accused of saying to Kelly Thomas in a menacing manner after putting latex gloves on his hands. These fists are going to F you up! If Manuel Ramos would have been a “white” police officer and Kelly Thomas a brown or black man we all, all around the world would be hearing on television & radio all day long, weeks and maybe months from many people “Whitie The Racist!” We especially would have heard “RACIST” from Al Sharpton and Ed Schultz on MSNBC. Lawrence O’Donnell of MSNBC being a huge worshipping supporter of south of the border illegal immigration probably would be talking about the white racist as well. Lawrence O’Donnell believes its OK to break American laws as long as you are a senseless out of control baby maker from south of the border. Its OK.” America will pay and pay and pay. Lawrence O’Donnell doesn’t care if 20 million, 60 million or 100 million force their way into America or how much it cost or how much you Americans lose over this sick insanity just so long as its the baby makers gain. Black America believed their brown brothers and sisters had every RIGHT to flood America. Now they want to kick and complain that their black popualation don’t have jobs. Kelly was said to be begging for his life his numerous pleas of “i’m sorry” “i can’t breath” “help” and “dad” was ignored. So far only Jay Cicinelli was said to have tasered Thomas for times, kneed him in the head twice and hit him with the taser eight times. Looking at the damage done to the face of Kelly Thomas its clear Officer Jay Cicinelli was NOT the only officer F’ing Kelly Thomas up. Kelly Thomas was said to be unresponsive when the blows to his face accurred. The cause of death was said to be chest compression that left him unable to breath. Don’t Gretchen Carlson know that anything with the words RACIAL in it is our peoples words to use against white people. Any sentence with the word RACIST in them is also our peoples words to use against the white gringo. The white gringo thinks the United States is their country. American money belongs to our people.First Arab – Aargh! Maybe we can say, you white racist jew lover? Second Arab – Yes, Allah is great! Racial undertone examples, note only the accused are the bad people here.   http://www.wordnik.com/words/racial%20undertones Gretchen Carlson gets the bad whitie of the week award for her comment on Sep 12, 2011. This is for all the poor picked on mistreated innocent victims of the world.  And for the people from other countries around the world. I mean BAD

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