Why Is The American & Mexican Governments Powerless To Stop The Mexican Drug Cartels? Political Correctness, An Invention To Suppress The Truth! American Big Banks & Wall Street Is Public Enemy No. 1!

The drug problems in the Americas is in reality caused by the Indigenous demand for American money and American, European and Oriental goods and goodies!  If Americans are the major cause of this Indignous drug problem then as more drugs are seized by authorities explain why are attacks on Americans and border patrol increasing as well? Shipments of drugs and undocumented invaders are now vigorously protected by gangs using high speed automobiles prepared for direct confrontations with authorties. A bulletin obtained by Homeland Security claimed that the Gulf Cartel has directed that no more drug loads be lost to law enforcement. Would the drug cartels be stepping up criminal acts in the U.S. for the American people or would they be doing it for themselves and their own people? Mexican invaders frequently throw rocks, sticks and bottles at Americans and border patrol all along the southern border when these invaders are confronted by Americans and border patrol. These violent acts are for not letting Mexico step up their criminal acts in America and bleeding of the American system. The United States and its people are not to be blamed or punished for the Indigenous breeding problems.      Anytime the America government wants to take down a foreign power they quickly send in American military might to bring it down. Yet the American government can’t handle the Mexican drug cartels. Why? Is the Mexican drug cartels super beings? The Mexican drug cartels are armed criminals NOT a military force. These despicable animals will stoop to the lowest levels to get their garbage into the U.S. even using children, dogs, pigeons and GOD knows what. They kill the dogs after they get them into the U.S. Hundreds of millions up to billions are spent on Mexican trash. These millions/billions could be used to support America. Some of these despicable devils march in American city streets with signs covered in lies.Are they the drug cartels the all mighty world power? I expected the Mexican government not to be capable of handling their own people but from the American government i had expected much more. Nearly 150 minors had been arrested trying to bring illegal drugs into the U.S. from Mexico in a recent 8 month period two thirds American and one third Mexican. As it is here in American neighborhoods these kids are told “you will get off so do what we criminals want you to do so we don’t go to jail.” Kids as young as 8 to 12 are using illegal drugs in America. The American government is afraid to deal with the southern border problem because border security would had stopped the flood of broke breeders from forcing their way into the U.S. and onto the American system. Even old women willingly cross the southern border with Mexican cartel drugs strapped to their wrinkled up bodys for 50 American bucks. Law abiding citizens, RIGHT! Child south of the border drug users. This drug use is NOT caused by the so-called U.S. demand. Drug users in Ciudad Mexico this also is NOT caused by the so-called U.S. demand.  There are smart### people saying Mexico doesn’t have a drug problem its just Americans. I don’t believe there is a country on earth that doesn’t have drug abusers. Anyone claiming there is should be embarrassed of their unbelievable stupidity.Drug sells on public school grounds has been going on for decades. I’m going to use Mexican drugs when i grow up. Because they will always be widely available.The GODS of Mexico! This map makes Mexico look like one BIG cesspool of criminal activity. Drug routes into Texas. You can see nearly every inch of the southern border into Texas is covered by the drug traffickers. “Our Drugs didn’t cross the border, the border crossed our drugs” Note” even the Hawaiian islands in the south pacific crossed their drugs! Immigrants (the invaders) are on the Hawaiian islands now. Would that be to live off the American system? To get American money. Were Mexicans there first? Maybe us Americans can get jobs from the drug cartels? A job is a job RIGHT! Common Sense – Something most people don’t have. It doesn’t stop me! You know! Bad white people. We don’t have to “zip it” advantage takers. Answer – People get out of control. This is NOT me!Puerto Rican protestors burn American flag. Puerto Ricans should have their independence and they should be stripped of U.S. citizenship and stop getting U.S. benefits. NO MORE AMERICAN MONEY FOR PUERTO RICANS! Puerto Ricans love walking on American flag too. Stop American support to Puerto Rico! Let Puerto Ricans get support from Mexico. Or some Central American or South America country/countries.La Moneda Peru    Note that the brown south of the border people like calling everybody thats NOT brown skin leeches, Nazis!And here is just a fraction of the south of the border butts the stupid pro immigration Americans are kissing. Chile protestors.     Pucker up” American invasion lovers! Mexican’s outside Veteran’s Cemetery. Do they look like they came for a better life? Mexican’s outside Veteran’s Cemetery. This doesn’t look like they love America. Mexican attacking Veteran outside Veteran’s Cemetery. “We didn’t burn your American flag, your American flag burned us” “We didn’t walk all over your American flag, your American flag walked all over us” What do these people look like they came to America for? Did they really come for a better life? Or did they come to take yours?American BIG banks and Wall Street! A present for Big banks & Wall Street.

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