Stupid People Believe Barack Obama Should Be A One Term President! I Don’t!

As i see it America has not had a president like Barack Obama since Robert & John F. Kennedy. This man is trying! So many believe NOT fast enough for “their” people. Republicans have been out to destroy this presidency, this country and any hope we all may have simply because they are not in control now. Republicans have accused Obama of doing everything they themselves have done in past times and everything they are still doing today. I believe Republicans are afraid Barack Obama can and will do for America what they themselves can not do so they are known as the party of NO! The Republican’s running for the presidency for 2012 will NOT do anything special for America if they were elected. Anyone thinking they will is a fool.  Sep 7, 2011 – Today the Republicans GOP debate included talk of securing the southern border pretty much the same blah, blah, blah, we have been hearing throughout the entire Mexican invasion. And more talk of about 11 million by one person and 11 and a half million from another and the same we can’t “just” deport this many people. Knowning full well there are far more than 11 million illegals in America believing they and their people are the boss here now. The truth here is this stupid American government had since the 1980’s to stop this craziness going on in Mexico and Central America that has now spread over the American border into all 50 states. It has to be obvious the American government intends on doing nothing but letting “The Great Brown Baby Machine” have it their way.  I haven’t seen American government officials acting like stupid fools and cry babies until Barack Obama started running for the presidency of 2008. Until then i would have never of thought they could be so unprofessional. Republicans Today! Many black Americans including many high profile blacks some how believed when Barack Obama became president all of black America was now in the Whitehouse. Like America was now in their hands. Now that these black Americans are NOT seeing it this way now they are stark raving mad.  Maxine Waters also is MAD as HELL because Barack Obama didn’t put black America on top yet. At a Black Caucus Town Hall meeting in Detriot Rep. Waters says to her people – “we’re getting tired y’all, we want to give him (Barack Obama) every opportunity. But our people are hurting. The unemployment is unconscionable…..when you let us know it is time to let go, we’ll let go. We don’t know what the strategy is. We don’t know why on this trip that he’s in the United States now, he’s not in any black communities.”  Just after she says “we’ll let go” several blacks as her audience yells out “Let Go.”Does anybody really think their going to “Let Go” i bet they don’t. If they did who or what black American would they cling to next?  Maybe instead of traveling through the U.S. Barack Obama was on a cruise ship partying down with “White People.” And that his “big plan” becoming president was just to attented to the needs of “White People.” And when asked why he’s not attending to the needs (every whim) of black America he says he doesn’t get down like that. Instead of Barack Obama becoming president to lead the country for all people like others before him, since the election of 2008 blacks and Mexicans expected Barack Obama to put their people up on a pedestal leaving white people behind. We hear blacks kicking over no jobs. As i remember it as decades go by many blacks never wanted a job in the first place. When the huge Mexican invasion of 2006/2008 began forcing its way over the southern & northern borders in unbelievable numbers many black Americans thought their Hispanic brown skin would side with the black skin of American to create a larger dark skin team to hate white people. Now that 30 million people from Mexico & Central America that had invaded America have jobs here in this country thats 30 million jobs blacks could of had. And since Hispanics can’t be given enough. Blacks and Hispanics claim “whitie” has it all. Since the whole country hasn’t been handed over on a silver platter to blacks and Hispanics and their lives suck butt its Barack Obama’s and “whities” fault. Hispanics from south of the border began their better life the moment they got over or under the southern & northern borders. Far better than their lives could ever be where they came from, and their still complaining because America can’t keep up with their out of control populations to provide to each and everyone of them. Mexico & Central America can’t do it either and thats why they are here in the U.S. making demands. Hispanics blame white people for their f’d up baby popping lives in Mexico & Central America just as they do here. They believe they can conveniently blame white people for what they have done to themselves and their own people just as blacks do. I had lived in the black neighborhoods of Detroit from 1966 to 1984. I know what goes on in black neighborhoods. That means i know white people did not make black lives as they are blacks did that. Everytime blacks would start taking over a neighborhood and whites would move out in fear of their lives, blacks laughed and seen that as a sign of whitie weakness. I personally seen them destroy neighborhoods and say whitie left it that way.  The despicable dissipation of the people you see on the TV show “Hardcore Pawn” is the same attitudes i had seen everyday in Detroit. Is anybody going to hire people with attitudes like that?   Sep 5, 2011 – President Obama speaks in Detroit on this day about jobs. All of Detroit is basically one BIG black neighborhood so if anyone says this speech was intended for white people they need to put one of these in their mouth. As Obama speaks and continues speaking it doesn’t look or sound like anybody’s….”Letting Go!”And now where is the civil rights activist Al Sharpton as this “where are the jobs” business continues. Is he helping his people get or create jobs? He spent much of his time inciting Mexicans to refuse American laws that got in their Mexican way. And enticed them to use the magic word “RACIST” everytime they saw or heard something they didn’t like just as black Americans do. He helped Mexico disrupt American lives here in America. Just to provoke disorder believing these are just “whities” laws and blacks don’t like that to. He helped disrupt the job market for Americans by embracing the Mexican invasion as a holy righteousness. Then he spents a day or two a week helping Ed Schultz on MSNBC talk about “whitie the racist.” Is there not much money in being a “whitie the racist” preaching civil rights activist? Now he’s a lame sucky newscaster for MSNBC. It appears he has a job. Just like millions of Mexicans & Central Americans do now. Where are the jobs for your black brothers and sisters Al Sharpton? Are Mexicans & black Americans going to create jobs in America? Or is that for “whitie the racist” to do! Who’s giving Al Sharpton a pay check so he can live a lavish life? Is it Mexicans or black Americans or is it “whitie the racist”I have a job “WOOHOO!”The people south of the border that were aloud to invade America by the 10’s of millions believe Barack Obama promised them America! They are known to us Americans as “voters” now for self righteous reasons and were voting for Barack Obama on account he supposably promised them “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” for all of Mexico and Central America. Which would be the final nail in the coffin for the American people. Since Obama took office there are claims of just under 400,000 illegals deported. That number is “nothing” compared to the 11 million “number” of illegals we all have been hearing about since 2005. We did hear 12 million briefly. And we all know these numbers are given to us purposely to cover for the more much higher realistic numbers. When we hear deported illegals we then hear south of the border people saying “FOUL.”  “Your deporting our people!” “Your American laws don’t apply to us.” “Your braking up our families.” And O’yea the never ending use of the word RACIST! As it is known any and everything the advantage takers don’t want to see or hear is thought of as like this (gif to the left.) In reality its the people defying American laws that are putting their families in jeopardy not the RACIST. If these precious people had not been breeding beyond their means to support themselves and their families there wouldn’t be this “your breaking up our families” s**t! And what happens after they do get into America? They have even more babies than ever before. The most south of the border has to offer America is more people to support, babies, drugs and more than 50% of gang members in America. Also if the illegals being deported were mostly Europeans we Americans wouldn’t be hearing from “The Great Baby Popper.” If this invasion of America called immigration was right in any way, shape or form we all wouldn’t have been lied to and deceived the whole time it has been going on. As word gets out throughout Mexico & Central America that deportations of invaders with no criminal records have stopped and Obama’s job plan is broadcasted throughout Mexico & Central America. The southern border will soon be flooded again with hundreds weekly then thousands monthly and millions every year of more self righteous poor baby making “voters” wanting everything. Quickly there will be more and more bla, bla, bla, Spanish everywhere. More and more brown middle fingers and noses up. And more and more of that dreaded Mexican accordion music blasting loudly in American streets. As this goes on we all will still hear there are only 11 million illegals in America. Meaning we will be told more lies. And of course more and more of “your a RACIST whitie” if you don’t like what we Mexicans & Central Americans are doing to NOT for your country. As more and more of America becomes Mexico & Central America that is helping them and their countries, its NOT helping Americans and America. As more and more of these law abiding people flood into America we will see a lot more of them on TV shows like truTV’s baitcar. Lawrence O’Donnell of MSNBC is back at it again in defence of his precious baby machines this time talking something about a stronger work force and something about certain people just not getting it. So Lawrence (Big mouth) O’Donnell can back up his words and Mexicans and Central Americans can send all of their bills to this man (photo to the left). Lawrence O’Donnell best get his a** in gear and create jobs for his 80 million precious baby makers so they can be this stronger work force he is now running his big mouth about. And buy them all adeguate school escentuals out of his own pay check. He can afford it.One thing Americans can NOT afford now is more of this. As this goes on more and more schools have to be built and more and more mouths haves to be fed. And more and more jobs have to be created. None of this will be the responsibility of the countries that created these people in the first place.The best thing we Americans could do to save America (to move this country forward) would be to have faith in the president and to do what we all can to help instead of doing the cry baby opposite. And to eat our cereal.

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