Anything And Everything Latin America Don’t Like, Don’t Want To Do And Don’t Want To Hear In America Is Racist Or Racism! What Do Latin Americans Call What They Don’t Like, Don’t Want To Hear And Don’t Want To Do In Latin American Countries!

If light skinned people made this claim wouldn’t they be called Racist? That was a stupid question wasn’t it! Light skinned people can’t do this without being called RACIST!  RACIST Website!        Putting RACIST on “whitey” takes RACIST off of us!  These people seem to be stuck on this number. If they would have gotten an education they would know Europeans came to the Americans long before Christopher Columbus.  Texas Representative Leo Berman is proposing a tax of 8% for those who wire money from Texas to Latin American countries. The money from these higher fees could be given to county health care facilities.  By just making illegal aliens pay an 8% tax on money they are sending out of Texas we can raise about $400 million Berman says. This in no way is an assumption that anyone that uses a remittance service to sent out American money is illegal. What it does mean is most of all the American money being wired out is sent to Latin American countries.    The assumption could be that everyone that does wire American money out, everyone with brown skin that is, is here in America legally. Because Latin America says so. And because Latin America believes America should pay for their peoples health care. And Leo Berman not proposing the same fees to people sending American money to Europe or Asia is NOT really a problem or racist. Most people that live in European or Asian countries take care of their own people so there would be little reason to wire out American money if any to these countries. The reason to target Latin American countries would be 85% to 90% of the illegals in America are from Latin American countries. This proposed tax to help pay for health care in Texas is NOT sending the you are not welcome here message to the Latino community, particularly those who continue flooding into the U.S. supposably to work (defying U.S. laws & border patrol) knowing there are NO more jobs here. People like Maria Medes who sends American money to their families to Latin American countries say the tax is more than they can handle. Any American tax is more than Latin Americans can handle. Latin Americans claim they pay taxes here in America. 47 % of low and middle income families don’t pay Federal tax. A family of four making as much as $50,000 will owe no federal income tax as long as there are two children under 17. The IRS and HUD to help low income families cut taxes.   Leo Berman says we are just targeting an area of the world where 99% of illegals come from. Maria Medes and Arturo Escobar believes this proposal is RACIST because this proposal didn’t target the 1% that are NOT from south of the border. Maria Medes says “its not fair” and Arturo Escobar says, “thats unjust.” Leo Berman says it doesn’t matter what country you are from, just what country your sending money to. This means anybody black, brown, yellow, green or white would be paying the 8% tax fee if they are sending money to Latin American countries. Not just poor picked on Latinos! SpeedyPay info. condemns this proposal saying government has no business trying to penalize people because they come from a certain region. Again SpeedyPay info. this proposal is NOT about what country you come from, its about what countries you are sending American money to. The plan here is NOT to discourage people from sending American money to their family members overseas or south of the border but to tax more where 99% of it is going for a good cause. The real reason SpeedyPay info. condemns this proposal is they fear it may cut into their profits. These fees are determined by a 99% competitive markerplace over the 1% SpeedyPay info thats how business works. And has nothing to do with zealous ideology but the government hould thank you for the complement SpeedyPay info. The definition of zealous is  Someone who is zealous spends a lot of time or energy in supporting something they believe in very strongly, especially a political or religious ideal.  Another definiton of zealous is   Again the American government should thank you for the complement SpeedyPay info. Is there a “Tejas” here in this country? If any American states looked today the same way they did in 1846 these people would not be flooding into these states carrying their self righteous signs. I know, you know and they know they did NOT come here to America to reclaim anything. The reason why is, in the early 1800 hundreds there was nothing here but what the Spanish from Spain built here to reclaim. The Spanish are Europeans too! Mexicans have been reclaiming hawaii also was that island chain part of the continent to? Or is it they are packing their people onto this island chain to get what the European (whitey) built on this island chain.  Soon after George W. Bush became president very single day more and more of these people have been coming over, through or under the southern American border. They head for Canada turn around then sneak over the northern border and they come over the beaches from the pacific. About the only thing these people didn’t do is drop in somewhere in America by parachute. Still we are fed by media there are only 11 million illegals here in America. These people know there are NO jobs here now yet they still come. Soon after getting into this country where do they go? They don’t just walk the streets. Who takes them all in? It costs someone money for their care the moment they get here. They don’t get provided for magically. They don’t have and rub the genie’s lamp. So what does happen for 10’s of millions of people with NO money. They don’t come because their people owns the continent there is nothing they can do with the land. What they are after is what is on the lands of America and Canada because America and Canada didn’t build up Latinland the same way. If European business did pour into Mexico and Central America to built these lands up to the high-falutin standards of these proud people they would drop their protest signs and pour back onto these lands to reclaim them dancing in the streets of Mexico and Central America partying dropping drunk in the streets and waving their proud flags around like they deserved it. How is it the great out of control baby machine of Latin America can protest in Arizona with “You Are Not Above The Law” signs? Isn’t it they the people forcing themselves on the American system that believes their people are above American laws. Lawrence O’Donnell the socialist of MSNBC has been trying to feed us this s**t on immigration.  He says – With immigration you can only fear the future if you don’t know our past. If you know how this country really was built on immigration you’ll understand  that immigartion is an added value. It is an invalued energy infusion into this country it always has been if we close the door it changes the definition of who we are. I support legal immigration, NOT the – I will do what i want, where i want, when i want immigration with the stolen land excuse as a Latin Amemican self righteousness.      Real under control immigration processed immigrants into America, that had been an added value. Yes, Lawrence O’Donnell that has. Also this under control immigration didn’t bring us people with their noses and middle fingers up in our faces. They didn’t march in city streets making demands with their countries flags in hand throwing rocks and bottles, blocking traffic and beating up on the American people. Also they didn’t have titles to show they are the owners of the whole continent. They didn’t drop babies at the drop of a hat demanding more and more. And they didn’t call Americans a RACIST for any and everything they didn’t like. Past immigrants didn’t walk on, kick, burn or place the flag of their homeland over the American flag to show their defiance to American laws and the American people. They didn’t throw up European imperialism in our faces knowing full well they can’t live without the European influence and all the European goodies. They didn’t throw genocide up in our faces knowing full well their people take the all time blood thristy murder record of people as well as their own people over thousands of years. They didn’t believe themselves to be the greatest people on earth coming from countries that was happy to see them go. And they didn’t come here demanding control and “Comprehensive Immigration Reform.” What they did do is bring technologies for this country to prosper not just bring us 10’s of millions of dependents to pay out of our bungholes for. The countries they came from didn’t file law suits to stop American states from regaining control of their cities. The countries they came from where NOT the back seat drivers of this country. Past “legal” immigration didn’t tell Americans they couldn’t have their American flags out on the “legal” immigrants special holidays. Also their special celebrations here are NOT about their big victory or victories over another people or peoples. Canadians don’t throw rocks over the American northern border at border patrol or American citizens. Mad, because they are forever trying to get away with breaking American laws in one way or another. Past “legal” immigrants didn’t make America a throw back into the third world country it is quickly becoming today as we see nothing more than a downward spiral straight down the shitter. Its this out of control invasion called immigration all we Americans need to fear you sack of s**t. So much for the added value, the energy infusion and the definition of who we are. Right, comrade commie Lawrence O’Donnell.  Did past immigrants come to America looking like they were going to rob somebody? Is this look suppose to make these people look and feel like somebody important? This cartoon of Barack Obama appeared in Latin American countries. Is this RACIST!  Latinland is still pushing Obama to honor promises to hand over the U.S. with immigration reform so all of America’s goodies instantly belong to all of Latinland.Genocide of blacks in Colombia   Try screeching RACIST now Latin America.  Here Mexicans in denial!    Note the word “whiteys” and “i don’t think Mexicans are racist (they may have their preferences) The definition of preferences sounds RACIST to me. I bet if this came from “whitey” it would be. Right Mexicans!   The Subtle Racism of Latin America   Racial Discrimination in Argentina      Racist Mexican Televisa show.   The most racist article of the year award is presented to Correo Peru    Look what i found Mexicans feast your eyes on this. Seeing this article made my day. Remember Mexicans forever throwing  s**t up in our American faces about their deprived suffering people cleaning the toilets of the American monster. Take a look at who has been cleaning their Mexican toilets in Mexico the whole time these Mexicans here in America have been trying to make us Americans feel guilty. A MUST SEE!     Negro Mama & Paisana Jacinta    Racism in Latin America     Mexico – Give our people everything America and preserve their loyalty to Mexico     X-LULAC   Hate Speech    Racist latino gang targets blacks          A shocking racist website very educational    Los Angeles high school teacher calls for revolution in the United States . Remember these are the people demanding “Comprehensive Immigration Reform.”    Give us FREE everything or die! Is this above the law? Big budget violent movie about poor picked on Mexicans being cut down in the state of Texas as they continue forcing their way into America. As we all know nearly all Latin Americans are killed by Latin Americans in Latin America. The killing of politicians and law enforcement in Texas looks like a conspiracy of several people Mexican and pertend Mexicans. This movie also pertends all these people that cross into America from Mexico are workers that come and get jobs. In the real world NOT even half of all of Latinland in America have a job.  In this movie the American system is broken if all of Mexico can’t come into America to do any and everything they want. And an American gunman in this movie says to other gunmen “you know i been thinking we let these people into our homes, watch our kids, park our cars but we won’t let them into our country.” Question – If we Americans don’t let these people into our country then from where do they watch our kids, park our cars and how do they get into are homes. Wouldn’t they have to be in the country to do these things? Can you justify saying we Americans don’t let Mexicans into our country if all of broke baby popping Mexico hasn’t poured into this country yet. How many Mexicans has to be in this country before we can say we Americans do let them in?        Chicano students stage walkout at high school to protest American flag.    Not racism just “we are better than you” brown pride!    I think i’m getting it now. Darker skinned people can’t be RACIST because their PROUD! Lighter skinned people can’t be PROUD because their just RACIST!   Is that how it works?  There is that number 1492 again. Who taught these people wrong information? If we light skinned Americans did go to Europe to stay. We would take all of OUR money with us. And leave your people with millions of these signs. Your people loves signs right! We would destroy everything we built. No more of our weeeeeeeeeeeee Theme Parks! We would leave your continent owning people nothing but your continent.  And we would leave your people these to blow your dirt around. We would not leave any of these for your people to steal. Your people would be back to driving this.  Hate has many faces! This could be one of them! LATIN AMERICA!          American – For the Cause

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2 Responses to Anything And Everything Latin America Don’t Like, Don’t Want To Do And Don’t Want To Hear In America Is Racist Or Racism! What Do Latin Americans Call What They Don’t Like, Don’t Want To Hear And Don’t Want To Do In Latin American Countries!

  1. BoundByHonor says:

    How are they “pretend indians” if the average Chicanos/Mexicans carries indigenous blood? This article fails

    • The Native American is considered the “Indian” in North America not the self righteous Mexican. The Mexican Indigenous is the Maya people. Blood or not Mexicans are NOT American Indian. We all know the reason Mexicans marched around in the United States with “we are here as Indigenous” signs as well as the “white Americans are the illegals” signs among signs with many other insults. Is all about American money NOT this “we were here first” business. Owning the whole continent does not mean Mexicans own the American financial system like the Welfare roles that 80% of all Mexicans in the U.S. are on its this Mexicans are really after NOT the whole continent. Being an “Indian” you would know the Indian belief is nobody can own the lands of the continent. So therefore the Mexican Indigenous owns nothing. The flood of Mexicans coming to America as the “Indigenous” dropping a trail of babies the entire way was intended to make this invasion a self righteous act. So how is this for failure?

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