See The Professionalism Of Casey Anthony’s Defense Attorney Cheney Mason!

I don’t think this looks like a professional attitude for an attorney. If you people like this kind of silliness then this is the attorney for you. Cheney Mason!  For people that need directions type attorney’s address at top. lot of people use this finger. Mostly the stupidest people on earth. There are many uses for this finger.  I’m MAD!    I am or we are better than you!  So what we don’t care if we are wrong! If i were going to show my F you finger to the public i would wear this. I learned this from adults! HE! HE! HE!Me To! Attorney Cheney Mason. If this is mommy Mason we could see where Cheney Mason gets his professional attitute. Question – Would you hire Cheney Mason? Answer – Does this look like i would? This is the this means NO finger. What did Casey Anthony say? Fast action middle fingers. Now you see my finger, now you don’t. Cheney Mason.    Still under construction.

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