The Claim By Ed Schultz Of MSNBC & Also Circulating By “Certain” Other People That Neal Boortz Asked For Whites To Arm Themselves And Kill Urban (Black) Thugs Is An Ed Schultz & “Certain” Other People All Out Racial Lie! What Do They Have To Say About Their People Talking About Killing White People And Their Babies! Chicago Is Busting Out At The Seams With “Thugs” And Memorial Day “Thug” Mayhem Weekend Across America!

Ed Schultz of MSNBC doesn’t know when to stop! It appears there are people in this world that can make anything out of anything. Meaning certain people can say someone said something they didn’t say. The real reason all this racial uglyness over some comments Neal Boortz said about killing thugs is something we all know the truth about and that is what is really going on in this world. The word “THUG” is NOT defined as a RACE. Neal Boortz did NOT say “black” and he did NOT say “white.” It is the people that hates the truth that says he did. The word “thug” is defined as a criminal NOT as a black America. It is black Americans that describe themselves as thugs NOT whites. Most Americans know about and hear about crimes committed in this country and who commits them. If crimes in this country was committed mostly by white people we wouldn’t be hearing from all these people calling Neal Boortz comments racial. In fact they would be on TV & Radio agreeing with him. Its knowing the truth about what goes on in this country that has certain people outraged NOT Neal Boortz comments. Listen for yourself  – the question is did Neal Boortz ask for white people to arm themselves and kill blacks or is what these “Whitie The Racist” people are saying nothing more than a whitie hating lie.   If Neal Boortz would have asked for whites to kill blacks he would have been fired as well as talking to the police about committing murder. “Certain” people claiming he said this is more proof that “certain” people can make any claim they want and get away with it as well. As you can see i said “certain” people. These “certain” people know who they are and they will soon be calling what i am saying a racial comment or remark. There have been “certain” people taking about killing white people and their babies.   What you won’t see are any of these “certain” people on TV & Radio outraged and condemning this. Why,” is this different? Isn’t this RACIST? These people really are talking about murder. White people didn’t make this up or take what these blacks are saying out of content. If white people had “certain” people would then be outraged over that. If anybody should be apologizing to the public its the “certain” people claiming Neal Boortz said something he didn’t say. One thing we all do know for sure is most murders committed in this country are NOT committed by white people and the murder of “certain” peoples friends and family members are murdered by their own people. We all also know when white people says or does something “certain” people or Hispanics don’t like these white people are thought of as racist and or criminals. We all also know whatever “certain” people and Hispanics say or do is always excusable in one way or another. Meaning everything comes out BAD whitie and poor, poor, picked on “certain” people and poor, poor, picked on Hispanics. Whites have been and still are murdered by “certain” people in America and in Africa. I haven’t seen anyone on TV or Radio outraged about that. Why is this, is this murdering of “crackers” different? Someone asks if Neal Boortz should be prosecuted for incitement to murder. The only people i can see full of “incitement” are the people that don’t get outraged when blacks talk about killing white people and their babies. So now what do you “certain” outraged people think about and or got to say about all of this!  Certain People & Latin Americans!   Downtown Chicago crime escalated as well as attacks on Chicago police officers. An officer who spoke up about low morale and an undermanned police force endured official retaliation. Years of under-hiring have resulted in a police force that is unprepared for uncivil, unruly people and gang violence. Tourists and residents have been attacked by mobs of youths on buses, beaches and bicycle paths near the shops of the Magnificent Mile and outside their homes. Mobs of shoplifters plugued Mug Mile stores. “Certain people” have made Chicago and its beaches unsafe. Certain neighborhoods are war zones and the murder rate and gang violence has been high for years. Police officers have been gunned down in the streets. Local media hounds come out in force against the police, something they wouldn’t do if their families lives were threatened. June 4, 2011 youths attacked a shopper and two middle aged doctors visiting for an oncology convention in separate incidents. And there have been many incidents that we all don’t hear about. Of course! Chicago needs 3000 police officers before another outbreak of another crime wave takes place. Mainstream media has started to report crime in parts of town because it spun out of control into total lawlessness. The most reliable source of crime wave info is a blog called Second City Cop  Criminal minded mobs harassed beach goers and cyclists were pulled off their bikes and beaten. 500 youths took public transportation to the lakefront and harassed citizens. In May two bike riders on North Avenue Beach path had been mobed by 100 teens. They were knocked off their bikes and thrown into lake Michigan. Mobs have swarmed local businesses, shoplifted and intimidated shoppers at high end stores, attacked bus riders, attacked shoppers near Michigan Avenue, attacked touists and more. NBC reported a mob of 15 to 20 youths beat and robbed two people in Chicago’s downtown shopping area. On Memoral Day gangs swarmed beaches in Boston, Nashville, Long Island, Miami, Rochester and Charlotte. Mary McCarthy witnessed this and this is her account – At about 11pm Friday June 3rd i heard shouting, screaming, horns blaring and tires screeching from my apartment. When i looked out my window to the street below i saw a crowd of about 20 young people. Directly across the street from the entrance to my building. They were leaning on parked cars and clogged the streets. They were screaming at people walking and driving by. I watched them stop vehicles, including taxi cabs and pulled people from the vehicles. It was a frightening scene and i was sure someone was going to get hurt. Its true that many of the mobs are comprised of African Americans. Other mobs are Hispanic and still others of course are said to be god awful bad whitie. Then the story goes Oprah Winfey isn’t into wilding. And Mary McCarthy didn’t get a close up look at the mob outside her window so the mob appeared “white” definitely not African America. What does Oprah Winfey got to do with this? And is it the mention of Oprah Winfey that turns this mob white? The Memorial Day Mobs  This past Memorial Day was anything but civil and in many places it looked like a war. Crowd situations in many America cities became so unglued that massive police intervention was required to shut down activities at beaches, water parks and street festivals places normally intended for lighthearted recreation now has violent mob pandemonium. The mobs throwing gang signs and roving in huge packs and attacking strangers randomly were said to be mostly “guess who.” A series of fights between teens led to the shutdown of a water park in Decatur AL. An unruly crowd that included people jumping the fence to get into the park created chaos and several fights prematurely closed down Nashville’s Wave Country water park for the frist time in 30 years. In Milwaukee police closed a city beach a witness Shaylen McCaskill (who is black and therefore cannot be racist) told TV reporters in her words “they was jumpin on cars an jumpin around and throwin up gang signs.” The police claimed they closed the beach because they overestimating traffic and pedestrian congestion. In Long Beach NY a melee involving hundreds of people spilled out into the streets and a nearby bus depot and continued for hours until the police regained control. Police in Rochester NY shut down a beach park near the cities Rib Festival when fights broke out between 100 youths. Chicago police shut down North Avenue beach because the Mayor said a tremendous amount of calls regarding heat exhaustion in temperatures of 88 degrees. No other Chicago beaches were closed. Witnesses said dozens of gang bangers were pushing people off their bikes and high fiving each other, fighting, attacking people, robbing people and destroying anything they could. Accounts of this beach closure in the blog Second City Cop were more graphic. In one eight hour span in Myrtle Beach SC during “Black Bike Week” police were called to respond to reports of a stabbing, a shotgun pointed at a security guard, a shooting and a quintet of armed robberies. And the NAACP sues a restaurant for alleged discrimination of black bikers. I think we all know the NAACP doesn’t sue their own people for the discrimination of white people. Three times over four days Boston police were called to quash large scale disturbances on the south side’s Carson beach to break up gang fights among 1000 youths. In Charlotte NC early Sunday after the Speed Street Festival, things got chaotic amid a crowd of 30,000 leading to many fights that culminated in the shooting death of 22 year old Antwan Smith, Durante James was shot in the leg and police made over 70 arrests. Also on early Sunday morning shots rang out during Miami’s Urban beach weekend which draws an estimated 300,000 visitors who are mostly black Americans and nearly doubles the city’s population. Gunplay ensured after one overeager reveler allegedly tried running over a group of police and pedestrians with his car. At least seven people were injuryed, including three police officers and the accused was shot dead. A Miami cafe owner was murdered. And when local Herb Sosa called for an end to future urban beach weekends because of the vandalism of six cars on his block he was called a RACIST, surprise! As we know black on white crimes are not thought of as hate crimes. And to many its not even thought of as a crime. These crimes may have not been covered by media because that would bring the truth out about a people that is only discribed as “the born victim people.” If these victims were black and they were victims of “whitie” we all surely would have heard about each and every one almost forever. Violent black mob rampages May 2009 in Philadelphia when a group of youths beat a 53 year old white bicyclist unconscious. During the attack a the cyclist went into a seizure one of has assailants was described as entertained by his victims violent twiching. Philly would endure a half dozen or so similar events during the next two years, hitting a maniacal apex in March 2010 when black mobs swarmed South St. and were heard chanting “BLACK BOYS!” & “BURN THE CITY!” A 27 year old white woman was swarmed by male and female blacks who F’d her up so bad they split her lip and much of it was hanging from her face. Philadelphia mayor M. Nutter said the mob attacks were silly and insisted the attacks wasn’t racial. How could black on white crimes be racial? I bet the mayor thought of her hanging lip as silly looking as well. RIGHT! In Kansas City April 2011 between 700 to 900 juveniles invaded the Country Club Plaza. Multiple fights and attacks unsued with one white couple reportedly being robbed while the husband was thrashed by an estimated 15 youths. At the Iowa State Fair last August a roaming black mob numbering about 35 loudly announced it was “BEAT WHITIE NIGHT” the police report described it as black juveniles assaulting white citizens. One victim was hospitalized with severe injuries. Also over the past few years there has emerged a pattern of “smash and grab” robberies in the cities of Atlanta, Saint Paul, Washington, D.C. New York and Chicago. OK” White People Did It!           We all do know full well that if John McCain had said “white people” had started the Arizona fires there would have been little to none televised news coverage of it. So little news coverage you could hear the crickets in the field at night. This is the same sound we all hear with the non-televised black on white crimes that have accured over the past 40 years.

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5 Responses to The Claim By Ed Schultz Of MSNBC & Also Circulating By “Certain” Other People That Neal Boortz Asked For Whites To Arm Themselves And Kill Urban (Black) Thugs Is An Ed Schultz & “Certain” Other People All Out Racial Lie! What Do They Have To Say About Their People Talking About Killing White People And Their Babies! Chicago Is Busting Out At The Seams With “Thugs” And Memorial Day “Thug” Mayhem Weekend Across America!

  1. Mrs. Goldstein says:

    Your article was proven to be a lie when MSNBC played Boortz’ comments in their entirety. They were even worse
    when you heard the whole thing.

    You are not interested in the truth or the fact that Boortz is inciting more violence. When you open the door to hatred you may one day find that your own people are its victims and believe me you wouldn’t like it. Boortz’ kind of hatred serves only two purposes: Divisiveness and evil. It is clear you have no conscience or morals.

    You are destined to reap what you sow unless kindness, decency, and honor become more important than hatred and destroying the lives of others.

  2. I’m all for free speech but perhaps the anger isn ‘t about Mr. Boortz’ use of the word “Thug”. He initially used “Urban Thug” which is most commonly used to describe Americans of “African” descent. Maybe the writer of this article should re-listen to the recording he/she has reported? IMHO,..

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