Support Free Speech Support WikiLeaks Don’t Let Government Or Let Guilty People Calling You A Racist Stop You From Telling Or Getting Out The Truth! Since The Latin Invasion Of America Has Gone Nearly Unchallenged Latin Nations And Their People Believe They Are Above The Law Here In America! And Again These Latin Countries Use Jeopardizing Diplomatic Relations As A Threat As They Continue To Dump Their Responsibility To Their Own People Into The U.S. Demanding The U.S. Provide Everything To Their Breeders! Does The U.S. Really Need Diplomatic Relations With Nations Of Leeches?

I support WikiLeaks and i support the truth. believe in telling the truth about people even if the guilty call you a RACIST! Protect free speech not just for the people that call themselves victims of white people but protect free speech for white people. The worst thing about being lied to is knowing you weren’t worth the truth. AAAAAAAAAAAA! More and more Latin gime, gime, gime, American money leeches everywhere all across the whole America continent. RUN! Again the Latin nations of leeches south of the American border continue believing they are the American peoples bosses here in America. They continue to believe America is NOT aloud to have any laws that interferes with the Latin takeover of America so these Latin countries don’t have any responsibilities to their own out of control breeders in their own out of control nations. The nations that believe they are the greatest nations of leeches on earth with the greatest leeching people on earth that leech off America are Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Peru. AMERICA!  Hand over to the “Great Baby Makers” and their Latin crime ridden, American state suing nations tons of the Barack Obama bucks they, the “Greatest Nations” of the “Greatest People” on earth OWN! A few months ago i was told about an elderly man in his 80’s his name is John and he lives in Carson Mexifornia. His daughter had hired a Hispanic man to clean the debris from his home. Instead this Hispanic removed everything of value from this mans home. All the electronics, his coin collection and many other things of value. When this elderly man got home and noticed he had been robbed he found this Hispanic thief and his truck just down the street. This old man was looking in this truck when this baby popping thief walked up. The old man asked him why is his belongings in his truck and the U.S. invading thief asked the old man why is he looking in his truck and not to bother him. Maybe the old man should have said excuse me for bothering you Mr. to important to be bothered but my belongings are in your truck. Since then this old man still sees this thieves truck parked on the street and has been reluctant to recover anything of his. Probably from fear of intimidation. Also my mom had worded for an elderly woman for years one day in 2006 4 Hispanics had walked into this womans home sat her down by force and ransacked her home. The police said there had been a rash of home invasion in that area by people that fit this description. And all of these robberies occurred near El Segundo Mexifornia. Thousands of robberies like these have occurred in this country because Hispanics that don’t belong here in this country now have “magical rights” here. Rights they don’t have in their own countries. We hear crime is down, this claim is used as an excuse for black Americans and the Latin invasion of America. More and more Americans are victimized by these people as time goes on and all we hear about is these poor picked on baby machines are victims of white Americans and victims of American laws. These Latin countries now believe its unconstitutional for America to have laws that could prevent their people from committing crimes like these as well as many other crimes. Simply by claiming its their people that are the victims. If Hispanics are victims they are victims of their own people and their own stupidity in their own countries. Also these Latin countries have their nerve suing American states for trying to save themselves and their own people from these Hispanic thieving invaders. And these Latin American countries and their people are trying hard to rob the American people of their rights and America of its laws to hand control of this land to the Latin America people. It is this that should be RACIST and unconstitutional.This baby is a RACIST because this baby was born white. I know its RACIST for a white person to say these Latin American people are guilty of what they do but thats to bad. So what!

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