Why Don’t We Americans Make Every Indigenous Hispanic Latino In The Whole World A “Voter” And Possibly A Citizen Of The United States! And Why Don’t The U.S. Create Jobs For 590 million Latin Americans, Then Maybe Just Maybe The U.S. Can Create Jobs For Americans! Plus Get Your Loretta Sanchez Endorsed America Voters ID To Vote For Jobs And “Amnesty” For 590 Million Indigenous Hispanic Latino Baby Machines!

And get it all, everything your heart desires from Since the great proud Latino can’t get it from their own countries.   What do Latin countries do? I always hear something about Asian, European and American stock markets but never anything about Latin, Hispanic, Latino Indigenous stock markets. Unless its a Latin market passing around Escherichia coli (e-coli) why is this? Why is it Puerto Ricans in Puerto Rico can’t vote in the U.S. when everything with two legs and a sex organ south of the border can vote just as soon as they get past U.S. border patrol? Why don’t we Americans make every Indigenous Latin Hispanic Latino in the whole world a voter of the U.S. and create a job for every single one of them? Lets see that would be 590 million Latin Americans so all we Americans need to do now is give Comprehensive Immigration Reform and jobs to 590 million baby making machines. We all are quite aware Comprehensive Immigration Reform was never about immigrants or immigration aren’t we? Comprehensive Immigration Reform was and is all about and for Hispanics, Latinos, Latin Americans, the brown baby popping people only. Do we or anybody hear any other people on earth talk about or bring up Comprehensive Immigration Reform or is it just Indigenous Hispanic Latinos? After the U.S. creates jobs for every Indigenous Hispanic Latino in the whole world maybe just maybe the U.S. could create a job for an American. This woman Loretta Sanchez is frustrated because so far every single Mexican or should i say “Latino voter” didn’t get Comprehensive Immigration Reform and everything else Mexicans (Latino voters) want from the United States like lots and lots of American money, cars, trucks, free homes, wide screen TV’s, leaf blowers, Welfare and free medical care as well as everything else in America. AMERICA! Hand over tons of your precious Barack Obama bucks The Great Baby Machines and their Latin crime ridden, American state suing, and the greatest nations of people on earth deserve. Spend it happily! Anthony Weiner is now discribed as a man without a country. If Anthony Weiner were Indigenous Hispanic Latino he could say the border crossed him or there are no borders for him. Or he could say he owns the whole continent so he and his people are the boss here in America. After The U.S. the American government takes special care of every single Indigenous Hispanic Latino in the whole world maybe just maybe then the U.S. the American government could take care of their own people. Thats if there is anything left for Americans. All the “goodies” and wonderful fun things in America belongs to all of our people white European Americans.If all of our Indigenous Hispanic Latinos all over the world could get U.S. voter ID’s and white Americans would get out of our faces so we can overrun America completely unchallenged and not “bother” us that would make me so happy. Proud Indigenous Hispanic Latinos all over the whole world demand your Loretta Sanchez endorsed American voters ID today! Demand you will only vote for Barack Obama “IF” he gives all of “YOUR PEOPLE” Comprehensive Immigration Reform (Amnesty)! America and everything in America belongs to our over sexed baby machine people Barack Obama. Give it to us we demand it!

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