Toilet Mouth Woman Spends $7,200 At Clothing Store In Oceanside Mexifornia For Mexicans Only! Who Should Be Held Responsible For The Separation Of South Of The Border Families As They Continue To Defy U.S. Laws! More Hispanic Latino’s Less Crime! Is That How It Works?

A sailor mouth man hating woman Claudia Smith 66 bought $7,200 worth of clothing Tuesday night for more than 50 Mexican women only at a discount clothing store. Store manager Paolia Garcia said Smith came in and told Mexican women to buy whatever they wanted. She said they snatched and grabbed everything in sight being so greedy. I have seen this many times before Mexicans forcing their way in front of you and snatching and grabbing anything they want like wide animals. Claudia Smith lived in San Felipe Mexico for several years and wanted to buy things for Mexicans only. If anybody did this for white women only i know we all know this would happen next. She probably lived in Mexico until Mexican authorities demanded the U.S. take her back. On Wedesday morning hundreds of the baby poppers showed up at the store waiting for Miss American money bags to spend another $5,000 on 50 Mexican women. Smith criticized men and gave absurd (foolish) advice. These baby machine women won’t take your advice crazy woman but they will take your American money. As Mexicans and Central Americans continue their determination to get into the U.S. at any cost to get American money and everything Americans have or had who should be held responsible for the separation of their families they continue having knowing they cannot support them as they continue defying American laws. Should white Americans be blamed for these peoples insane breeding frenzy out of control sex lives or should the baby popping south of the border Indigenous Mexicans and Central Americans take responsibility for their own foolish actions.  If this womans legs as many other Indigenous women’s legs hadn’t of been wide open she as they could have seeked employment or an education somewhere. “Wide open” as Mexicans and Central Americans expect the southern border to be. If she can get passed border patrol into the U.S. she can head straight for a Welfare Office in any state and get everything she needs to stay in America. Then she can quickly have more babies with the Indigenous Hispanic of her choice for a bigger Welfare check. That will make the lives of Americans better. Right!    As Immigration Rose Crime Dipped?  Who’s dumb enough to believe this? Do you believe as city populations get bigger these cities have fewer crimes, fewer criminals? Or is it when cities, American cities are full to the hilt with Hispanics, Latinos, Chicanos, Mexicans, Central Americans the world is a much better place. This would mean if you live in a bad place or neighborhood just fill this place or neighborhood up with these people and all of your lives will be beautiful. If Mexicans and Central Americans make everybodies life more pleasant then why are jails and prisons taking in a lot of them? Is it bad whitie again? Whities fault? Mexico and Central America must have little to no crime ever. The crime these countries do have are probably caused by white Americans sneaking over the Mexican border. When are these people going to fix the economy they were said to be so good for? Are Mexicans and Central Americans going to create jobs in America, Mexico or Central America or are they waiting for white Americans to do that. Have these people seen their people on all the “cop shows” like the TV show Cops since the 1990’s? Have they seen their people on the TV show Bait Car? These don’t look like law abiding citizens to me! Or is it we are told these south of the border people are so great for everything and that they are here to make all of ours lives so much better. So we will all believe they are so good, so great, so wonderful that all of ours lives would be total shit without them. And the only thing that will make our lives even better would be the rest of them (another 80 million) pooring into the U.S. to have even more babies than they were having where they came from. WEEEEEEEEEEEE more mouths to feed!

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