Jansing & Co Of MSNBC Today Says The Hispanic Population Has Quickly Grown To 50.5 Million! Great More Hispanics! The U.S. Has 24 Million Unemployed Americans Thats 13.3 % of America And California Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez Quickly Calls Them Voters To Cover For The Word, “Invasion!” As Mexican (We Have A RIGHT To Your Country) Protestors Continue Their Make Believe Of The European Genocide Of Indigenous People Mexico Continues To Poison Europeans!

This womans face was just on televison grinning from ear to ear over the news that her peoples population is exploding far faster than anticipated. So the newscaster says. This Hispanic invasion force is growing beyond belief just as i knew it would. I don’t see how more Hispanics is better in any sensible way there is no reasonable excuse for a country or countries to be busting at the seams with these people. To much of anything is never a good thing. The only reason these people could be so proud of this breeding insanity would be a population takeover of America. The “we love kids” defence would only fool stupid people. No people on earth could love kids so much that they would purposely have millions just to live miserably in poverty on purpose. Would they? Does that sound smart? Now that they can have their way in America their baby making sex organs have been working overtime. Its obvious Mexicans and Central Americans don’t care if North Americans don’t like paying for this irresponsible foolishness. Most of these people should have been charged over the passed 50 years with child abuse, child endangerment and reckless parenting. When the people flooding in from south of the border are brought into a conversion Democrats are thought of as the good guys. And the Republicans are thought of as the bad guys. The reason why is, so far the Democrats tell this population explosion of over population what they want to hear. As the number of these people continue to rise like as would millions of breeding rabbits we are still being told the illegal percentage still holds at 11 million. How is this, how can these people continue pooring into this country and still have an illegal percentage holding at 11 million? Mathematically this does not compute. Obviously our intelligence is still being insulted by people that thinks we are to stupid to count. Border Patrol don’t sit around with nothing to do. And Border Patrol don’t just have a drug problem to control. The people south of the American border are forever trying to find new and better ways just as still using the old ways to get into the United States just as they have been. Nothing has changed, except the runaway number of the population of these people. The official unemployment rate is just under 10%. Try these numbers. The U.S. has 24 million unemployed Americans meaning 13.3 percent of America is unemployed. More Hispanics will NOT create jobs and will NOT fix the economy. And more Hispanics will NOT make America great. Heres facts for Loretta Sanchez to be proud of. As her humping up and down people continue breeding like theres no tomorrow who is going to pay for all of these new GIME, GIME, GIME, people? Mexico, Mexican Congressmen, and women in the U.S. Lawrence O’Donnell, Loretta Sanchez grinning from ear to ear as she hands over her pay check to feed more “unnecessary births” or will there just be more and bigger Welfare Checks handed over to baby popperland that America NOT Mexico pays for. And why? Does more “voters” sound like a great excuse for more mouths to feed? I bet Mexico didn’t think so, thats why they all have to be here now. Because the American government let these GIME, GIME, GIME, people run amock throughout the 50 states. Will more and more Hispanics create jobs? Will more and more Hispanics fix the economy? Their Hispanic people hasn’t “magically” created better lives for anybody than their own. And all they did to do that was to come here. I don’t believe more and more Hispanic “voters” is going to make a better country or countries anywhere on planet earth. What have Hispanics done for any country so far? Who is going to believe they are here to make this country great? Now the American government can clearly see these people will never stop breeding and they will never stop demanding the whole country be handed over to their baby popper people. A large percentage of her (Loretta Sanchez) people don’t believe in taking a turn in line. They believe they have the RIGHT to cut ahead in line because of all the privileges now handed over to them. I have seen many of these people snatching and grabbing give away goodies many times. Watching them you would think the building is being looted like a riot was under way.  Here is a photo of “voter” Mexifornia. “Voter” being the key word for Hispanic self righteousness. Mexifornia has standing room only now with very little air to breath. And their all saying where’s my American Welfare Check! Here is another disaster Loretta Sanchez can grin from ear to ear about. And that would be the E.coli genocide of Europeans by the great baby popperland of Mexico. In Germany the food poison from Mexico has killed 14 and made 330 seriously ill, the port city of Hamburg had 488 cases alone. 36 cases in Sweden, other European countries taking a hit from the Mexican death are Britain, Denmark, France and the Netherlands. Now we are told this E.coli is posioning Americans again. If Mexicans clean American toilets like they clean their produce for market they need to let Americans clean their own toilets. Do Mexicans believe their killing NAZIS? Do Mexicans see the German people as they see the white Arizona racist NAZIS? Mexican protestors in Arizona had already threatened to kill more police like they have a RIGHT to. Maybe Mexicans now believe they have a RIGHT to kill anybody thats not brown or Indigenous. No one is illegal, Canada is illegal? Huh!   Are Mexicans saying no one is illegal when they come from Mexico or another Indigenous country? And that only white people are illegal. Isn’t that RACIST? OH” yea, right only white people can be racist. Do Mexicans know what the word “Contradiction” means, how about “Contradiccion” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Contradiction  The invaders from Mexico do understand they are saying Canadians are illegal in a country that does NOT belong to them. Right? One good way to end “poverty” is to take the brown penis out of the brown vagina and keep it out. Thats not a game. And “Justice” is NOT you white Americans give our brown people everything we want.Do the Indigenous baby poppers know that Dictators come with Socialism? I think they should the Indigenous have countries full of them. What this protest sign means is – No white American laws that get in our Indigenous peoples way in Arizona, Ohio or any other American state “WE” want for “OUR” people. “Immigration Rights Now” means –  Full (complete) takeover RIGHTS of your American country for our nation of out of control baby poppers.

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