Why Don’t We Bad White Americans Hand Out Southern Border Door Prizes For Anything And Everything Determined To Get Into America For Lawrence (Turncoat) O’Donnell Of MSNBC! Isn’t This Baby Talk? “We Were Here First” “We Were Here First”

Door prizes for busting into America the “we are going to have it our way” people can get. Why don’t we! Why don’t we Americans (white Americans) just give in and wear the “Kick Me” signs the poor picked on out of control baby popper and their supporters expect us to wear. According to them this would be the respect they think they all deserve. And why do they deserve so much? Is it because they were here first? According to them the  “We Were Here First”  “We Were Here First” people believes being somewhere first gives you the RIGHT to anything and everything that belongs to someone else. All my life i heard small children talk like this. I was here first! OK, let me get this right. The great baby popper says they have a RIGHT to take advantage of the American system because – (1) Their people was here in North America first even though there was no country here before America and they have no legal papers that say they own anything. And because certain people tells them they have these RIGHTS to get the responsibilty for them off of Mexico. Even though they (the great baby popper) was here first and they (their people) owns the whole continent all that is here in North America was NOT created by the great baby popper and they (the great baby popper) do NOT have any legal RIGHT to anything. (2) The country Mexico is a hand me down from the Spanish and Mexico as it is today would NOT exist if it wasn’t for the Spanish occupation. Since Mexico became a country Mexico has existed mostly on American money. And Mexico believes Mexico has every RIGHT to exist at the expence of the United States. And Mexico has the RIGHT to tell America how things are going to be here in America for their out of control baby popper people.  Lawrence (Turncoat) O’Donnell tells us how god awful it was an illegal got American citizenship after his death overseas. He doesn’t bother to mention there are about 6,400 illegals in the American military and about 600 thousand and growing Latino gang members in the U.S..  Lawrence (Turncoat) O’Donnell also didn’t say the illegal he was referring to should have gotten a standing ovation for sneaking into the U.S. at age 14 but he did come just that close to doing just that. Imagine some American kid doing something like that without getting scolded as well as deported. Imagine Americans trying to do much of anything in Mexico or Central America without getting raped, robbed and or murdered. Yet the advantage taking baby machine and their governments are the poor picked on victims here in America. Why don’t we Americans hand out Gold Medals to everybody that makes it over the southern border without getting caught.  Or a Gold Cup to every truck load of baby machines getting in to get on America’s Public Assistance Program. And we Americans should be handing out Blue Ribbons because nobody is as special as the poor picked on people from the south because they (their people) were here first! And because they (their people) deserve “respect” they have no intention of giving back. Believing they don’t have to because it is they (their people) that is more important than any other people. Yet its whitie thats the racist. We Americans should also hand over citizenship or just full RIGHTS at the southern border to do or get anything they want which that is what they really want. We Americans also can hand over make it yourself cards because their so special. And lets not forget what they are all really here for. We Americans should hand over stacks of America money we can’t get ourselves because they deserve so much for breeding like a stupid fool. A lot of them need American money so they can buy this. Or this, so they can show us Americans just how important they are and who is in control of American streets. The Mexican government doesn’t care what their people does with these firearms in America just as long as they don’t take them into Mexico. This is what America should be, right?Parental supervision at its best.  Millions of kids like these kids will grow up or should i say get older if they get older and become victims of the “White Racist Nazi.” Someday this kid maybe in prison for murder. Who’s fault is that?  This is the man that should be paying for the great baby popper to live in America comfortably. Lawrence (Turncoat) O’Donnell also says America’s Health Care doesn’t go far enough saying it only goes half way. Here is the solution for that problem, the Lawrence (Turncoat) O’Donnell Health Care System payed for out of Lawrence (Turncoat) O’Donnell’s paycheck. Here is the Lawrence (Turncoat) O’Donnell Mexican and Central American Health Insurance Card coverage payed for by Lawrence (Turncoat) O’Donnell.  Let us into your country and we’ll steal all of your American cars ese!   America’s Conquerors – CINCO DE MAYO did commemorate the Mexican militia victory over the French army at The Battle of Puebla in 1862 in the state of Puebla with limited recognition in other parts of Mexico. In the U.S. all across America CINCO DE MAYO is celebrated as the Mexican victory over white America. This is why Americans are not aloud to show patriotism in their own country on this day. Because Americans showing patriotism on CINCO DE MAYO (victory day over white America) is Americans showing disrespect to their Mexican conquerors.      America’s Indignous bosses in many countries south of the border are determined Americans will pay for their baby machines to live and have more babies for Americans to pay for so Mexico and Central America don’t have to. The delegation of eight Mexican senators that went to Nogales May 24, 2010 as part of a so called “fact” finding mission filed frivolous lawsuits with the inter-American Commission on Human Rights to stop Arizona’s “human rights” to make tougher immigration laws came from high fleeing Mexican states. There plan was to ensure Arizona pay for their Mexican people to live a lush life in America. So there is no chance of their people going back where they came from. The plan is to ensure these Mexican states rid themselves of the huge costs their baby poppers create sticking the American people with Mexico’s bill. The Americans with this Mexican delegation was eager to show they were still kissing Mexico’s ass.                             A Immigration Reform Solution Is No Solution For America – As America is bleeding with the suffering of the American people. Many Latino Organizations try to camouflage themselves in self righteous logic using numbers to prove their point. (Moses Apsan is an immigration attorney he will purposely deceive the American people for his baby popping clients so he is doing the same thing as all Latino Organizations and Latino Officals so he is solely for the Mexican invasion of America). Yet in reality its all subterfuge for a massive takeover. And a dislike for white Americans that don’t like being walked on. An example is Mexico telling us Americans we cannot have any laws they disagree with. The purpose is to stop us Americans from trying to stop their invasion of America. Any move on our part to achieve this results into RACIST, NAZI, STOP THE HATE, YOU WHITES STOLE OUR LANDS, ILLEGAL SINCE 1492, among a list of other things. Living illegally in America has become a self righteous Indigenous RIGHT. These “we are going to have it our way” invaders have already broken every law on the books. These people will NOT go back home if they can’t earn a living. (1) Mexico does not want them back. (2) America is better than Mexico no matter how they live here. (3) 85% of all Mexicans and Central Americans have already admitted to living on Public Assistance. (4) They can get away with far more here in America than they ever could in Mexico. Mexico believes it is their duty to get these baby making machines the hell out of Mexico by hook or crook. There is no way the invasion of Mexico will ever benefit America’s culture or the economy. They will bring this country down if anything. To many people is NOT a good thing if it were they would still be in Mexico benefitting Mexico’s culture and Mexico’s economy. If any country in North America has NAZI like laws its without a doubt Mexico. Advocates for the great baby poppers are claiming deportation on a massive scale isn’t plausible. That is just more proof there are far to many of them here with more on the the way with every passing day. Sure deportation would plague our overcrowded detention system. What in America isn’t overcrowded with Mexicans? Rounding these people up create hundreds if not thousands of jobs. Immigation courts would be overwhelmed just as all court proceedings are all ready. The cost of deporting illegals reaching $285 billion in five years and claiming undocumented illegals removed from the economy would reduce U.S. GDP by 2.6 trillion over ten years is a lame excuse for Comprehensive Immigration Reform. Illegal immigration cost the U.S. 113 billion a year. Or 1.2 trillion over ten years if their population numbers remain the same and 100’s of millions more if their population numbers are higher over this period. I don’t believe the United States would lose any money deporting these people they cost plenty keeping them here. America was doing just fine without these people before the Mexican invasion and America could do just fine again if they all went back where they came from. If these Mexicans were all that for the economy they would still be in Mexico making Mexico’s economy great instead of Mexico pushing them out to bleed the America economy and American resources completely dry. This invasion of America is to solely benefit Mexico and the Mexican people. Mexico did NOT send their good for the economy people to America out of the kindness of Mexico’s heart. So Moses Apsan should go back to elementary school and re-learn basic math or change his name to Stupid Dumbass!  WE WERE FIRST!  WE WERE FIRST!  The way i see it these words “WE WERE FIRST” gives no RIGHT to the goodies of the American system. Or anything else thats in America. The great baby popper and their supporters sees it this way. Its OK for Mexicans to flood into the U.S. in unheard of numbers because their people in Mexico don’t want to support them and because 4 or 5 states plus parts of 2 or 3 more were called Mexico 163 years ago. That of course was when all that these people are after was NOT here then. Meaning Mexicans are claiming what their people didn’t have because what they didn’t have is now sitting on parts of what they did have for only 24 years. Also what is now in the southwest of the U.S. is not enough for these gime, gime, gime, people so they are now also claiming all of white mans American because indians setted and roamed these lands. Not because indians left these Mexicans anything.  The history of the great baby popper in America still gives NO righteous claim to America or anything thats in America. Lets say it works something like this – If some Mexican kids played on some dirt 163 years ago and white kids had come along claiming the dirt as their own as they send the Mexican kids away. As timegoes by (many years) whites develop this dirt making it the coolest dirt in the land. Lets say now this fun place is overrun by the great baby popper claiming they own this cool place because they say “We Were Here First” 163 years before. This is the shit that is now going on in America. Mexican supporters continue claiming their people cause no problems here in the U.S. Unless we are retarded we all know thats total shit. If these people didn’t cause problems they all would still be in Mexico instead of getting the pink slip. Mexicans are steadily trying to give us Americans a history lesson but still that legally gives Mexico no RIGHTS to nothing here in America. Here a Mexican trys to tell us Americans the holy righteousness of Mexicans speaking Spanish. (Spanish is a European language, you know illegal since 1492.)  http://www.experienceproject.com/stories/Am-Mexican-American/385001    She believes we Americans hear Italian Americans speaking Italian. Maybe some do, maybe some more than others. In the 54 years i lived in America i don’t remember hearing Italians speaking Italian. In fact i never hear Spanish most of my life unless it was on TV. At that time they was no Spanish on the radio. I didn’t hear baby popper until i came to Mexifornia which at that time was called California. I didn’t hear constant wall to wall baby popper until after 2004. Everywhere i go i hear Spanish. I can’t go anywhere without seeing Mexicans or without hearing Spanish. This never happen before ever throughout the history of America with any other people that were real immigrants. I don’t even have to leave where i live to hear Spanish. Also Italians didn’t march in American streets making demands ever. Probably because they didn’t break every law in the books and trying to cover it all up with RIGHTS and RACIST. And NO Mexicans are not the only illegals their just 80% of them and Central Americans are 15% of all illegals. The remaining 5% are everybody else in the whole world. Whether are not you do any research on human trafficking the percentages still come out baby popperland is 95% of this problem. It makes me sick to hear Mexican supporters talking about Mexicans cleaning American toliets or doing other undesirable jobs. I know from experience if you have shit for an education you don’t have a lot of choices in life but it looks like if your the great baby popper you can demand them anyway. I hear so much talk about Mexicans paying taxes. We all know nobody wants to pay taxes so the great Mexican is no exception. Most Mexicans pay taxes on the goods they buy only, mostly with Food Stamps or a Welfare card. Most Mexicans that do work make that magic number that exempts them from federal taxes. State and city has their own rules. The reason why most Mexicans don’t make all the American money they want is – they need to know far more than they did or do in Mexico. And no they don’t deserve squat simply because there Mexican. Mexicans may not be the only people taking advantage of services but thats no excuse either. I know as fact black Americans were the all time criminals of America abusing everything they could. Now its mostly black Americans and Mexicans that abuse the system any and every way they can. Yes, i know RACIST! Unlike the whities today that had joined the accuse white people of racism everytime they open their mouth. I grew up in whitie hating black neighborhoods and i can tell you that was no treat. I’m lucky to still be alive. So being called a RACIST doesn’t mean shit to me. I can imagine being told to get over it because white people are the only people that has to. We also know the people pouring in from the southern border got this magic word from black people because they were told how well it supposably works when you know your wrong and you have no realistic argument. This is whats going on. White people that don’t want to lose everything are RACIST because Mexicans now have to be here in America breeding like fools 80 million strong and counting because the Mexicans with money don’t want their broke breeding asses there. Also whitie is the RACIST because must blacks live off the system so most of them have nothing Mexicans want unless they want to have sex with them or unless they want to steal their cars or trucks. There is at least one Mexican that wants to believe Mexicans are not bringing in the drugs. Mexicans believe they can make a lot of American money being a drug trafficker and Mexican drug cartels take in 64 billion a year so yes, again the great Mexican is innocent. Its no secret diseases that was once under control in America are now back. And yes these diseases come with Mexicans regardless of what the deniers say. There is no excuse for over crowding of American jails and prisons statistics say your people are guilty regradless of the bullshit. Mexican jails and prisons are over crowded as well, who’s fault is that? The big deal with blacks and Latinos is the gangster image as well as i’m a man and your a bitch. For anybody to make themselves believe Mexicans have no affect on the American economy is only fooling theirself. Again if Mexicans were great for the economy they would still be in Mexico making Mexico’s economy great. The great depression of the 1929 was not the first there were 3 others in the 19th century just as the 2008 recession all caused by bankers. Still that doesn’t give Mexicans any points. From where i’m sitting its whitie with the labels. Labels they get just for opening their mouth or should i say for saying something black and brown people don’t want to hear. The bottom line is Mexicans are victims of their own people NOT white Americans.  

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