Why Don’t We Americans Legalize The Whole World Why Can’t The Whole World Have The Good Life, A Better Life In America!

No one in the whole world is illegal in America! Yay! Everybody in the whole world is only illegal in Indigenous countries below the America border! Yay! Because their Indigenous people are better than everybody else in the world. Yay!Yes, everybody in the whole world is legal in America. Just NOT here in our Indigenous countries only our people are legal here. Yay!Lets legalize touching this womans boobs here in America but NOT in any Indigenous country. Yey! No touchy, touchy for you “We Are Human” people. No socky, socky, the Welfare babies to this woman. Yay!Lets legalize any and everything! Nothings illegal in America! Yay! Everythings only illegal south of the American border. Yay! Do you Americans think Mexico, the Mexican government and the Mexican people will quietly let us Americans give away every newly confiscated America good life the great baby popper has taken for their people to people from the other side of the world. I bet they don’t. I bet they march all around in every city in America demanding the America good life belongs to their baby machines. And we better keep them out. And i bet the Mexican president starts talking about Mexican and American relations is getting the thumbs down again. Yay! OH, is that a Yay!

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