Ed Schultz of MSNBC Makes Another Stupid “Whitie The Racist” Accusation This Time Without His “Whitie The Racist” Hating Buddy Al Sharpton! Maybe This Time Al Sharpton Thought To Accuse Whitie Of Racism Over Beer, Malt Liquor and Rap Would Be Stupid!

Are you high Ed. Do you know what is racist or are you just doing what many black Americans and everything flooding from the southern border is doing. Which is claiming everything whitie does or says that blacks and Mexicans don’t like is racist. Do you believe only white people are racist just as they do Ed. I lived in black neighborhoods Ed unlike yourself, and i know white people drink beer or malt liquor (40 ounces) to. Rattle those rocks in your head and explain to us all Ed what part of talking about Barack Obama drinking a beer in Ireland is racist? Obama was looking for his white roots rock head. Since Barack Obama is seen as black to certain people is the Democratic party now the black party against the Republician “whitie the racist” party. Thats it right! And is drinking 40 ounces and rap (nursery rhymes) a black and brown people thing only or can white people do it. If rap is a black and brown people thing only then thats racist marblehead. Maybe it was the fact words about beer, 40 ounce, rap and Barack Obama all in the same sentence that came out of a white persons mouth is racist. Would a sentence with these words coming from a black man be racist? How about if a Mexican said it? The accused this time are the Republicians again and Eric Bolling. That’s it isn’t it Ed. I bet “jackass” if a black or brown person said anything like this we wouldn’t be hearing from you would we whitie hater. It has been more than noticeable that newscasters at MSNBC has a hate vendetta with Fox News. Is this why you went after Eric Bolling on “racist” charges jughead. You do know all these “Whitie The Racist” accusations makes you a racist to, not save you from it. (The ED to the left is a whole lot smarter). Whites like yourself joins the “whitie the racist” calling party and talks about other whites being racist because they and your so fearful a black person or a baby popper will direct the word racist in your direction. I know all about it holmes. I have seen blacks admit to my face since the late 60’s that they hate white people. Is this racist “turn coat” or is it you still have to be white to be racist. To see these people as i know them watch the show “Hardcore Pawn” here you will see who and what these people really are. You won’t see them being victims of whitie.  I have seen many racist Indigenous websites, blogs, and responses to many articles. I have seen many racist protest signs and banners carried by Mexicans. But then of course these websites, blogs, signs and banners would only be racist coming from or in the hands of white Americans or white people from anywhere, right Ed. If you look for the word “racist” in the dictionary you won’t see white people Ed. Please squeeze the trigger Ed. Then hand the finger pistol to comrade commie Lawrence O’Donnell. Was what i just said racist Ed. Or would i have to say this to a black American or a Mexican to be racist. Knowing that if a black American or a Mexican would say this or anything about inflicting harm upon myself, not a mouse would be stirring at MSNBC. Not even Al Sharpton, right Ed.

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