The Great Baby Poppers South Of The Border Somehow Believes America Owes Them All A Free Life! How Is That! Will This Fix The Economy? How Much More Insane Nonsense From These Crazy Baby Machines Are We Americans Going To Be Forced To Put Up With! How Can The American Government Think This Insanity Is OK!

Have all these “WE ARE HUMANS” lost their minds! How can they believe America owes their baby popping asses anything! I’m living it up comfortably in America on the white mans Welfare. Now all i have to do is lay up have babies for Americans to pay for and get fat. Yes i got this brat safely over the border and now i’m headed straight for the Welfare Office with stolen American identity that got passed around many times. I’m having another great Mexican for Americans to pay for.      Are these psychotic male and female nemphos claiming America owes their over sexed bodys a free life because they F’d up their criminal countries and they want things here. Did they get a free life in baby popperland? Is it OK for an out of control breeder people to make death threats and their NOT even in their own country? But Americans and state officials can’t do shit that gets in these baby poppers way in their country, why is this? Is it OK for Americans to make death threats in their own country? Do the Mexican and American governments know any fool can have a baby. But only smart people are responsable so they make money before having babies. Why can’t the great baby popper do that? Do they think their to good?   My people is so good and so important we can bust into your country and do anything we all want. You Americans can’t do what you want in ours.         What makes these people so important?  Are Mexicans and Central Americans saying their owed a free life because Native Americans live here. Who do these baby machines think is going to pay for 100 million penises and vaginas to live so they can continue making more gime, gime, gime, people for “who” to pay for? Their minds are so blown they think they can come here and give orders and make demands like these. Can Americans go to their countries and make these demands or would they look like fools just before there robbed and killed. Isn’t there enough of their juvenile delinquency, gang members and criminal family members here now. Must we really need to have 10’s of millions more. If the great baby popper stayed in their own country these deaths wouldn’t occur. Somehow they think they have the RIGHT to take advantage of America and claim the deaths of their baby machines are the white American peoples fault. Why should just the American southern border be wide open for a free for all. Also the great baby popper has been claiming nonsense that they are like the Jews of North America and Americans (white Americans) are the Nazis so they can claim to be the poor picked on victims knowing they are the quilty people. The only mass murdering going on is done by their mass murdering people. Maybe this out of control over population of “you white American’s pay for us to live” liars should be thrown into America’s concentration camps.  Will we put their smartasses in Americans FEMA (concentration) camps? The final solution to control an out of control animal people! Shouldn’t someone that looks like this be locked up? Does this look like an educated scholar?Are they forcing the hand of the law they don’t control?How is it this is right. Who do these insane people believe is NOT above the law. What law? Whos law? Our people and families are better than yours Americans so pay for our free lives!

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