I Have Been Hearing MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell Verbally Defending This South Of The Border Over Population Of Socialist As A Gift To America! If 80 Million Commie Baby Machines Is A Gift Here In The U.S. Then Why Is It Treated Like Vermin Where The Insane Breeding Frenzy All Started! Comrade Commie O’Donnell!

Early today i heared the admitted socialist Lawrence O’Donnell talking just for a moment about the supposed end of the world May 21 2011 deadline just like a teenage boy would with He, He, He, Snicker, Snicker, Snicker. Surely it would seem unlikely that we all will die tomorrow. But i believe if it takes the end of the world or just the end of the United States to stop this south of the border Indigenous socialist baby popper takeover then so be it. I would rather see the U.S. completely destroyed then see it completely ran over by a 100 million Gime, Gime, Gime, people, and i use the word people lightly. There is no way to create jobs for all of these baby machines anybody with good sense would know that. And there is more we are better than you Americans (white Americans) Indigenous socialist brats on the way. We all know and they all know the only way most of these people will survive here in America is on Welfare. Just as it pretty much has been since they first started forcing their way into this country 30 years ago. The only socialist that wear $600,00 on their commie feet comrade O’Donnell are the socialist that believe they are better than the common workers. Also socialist don’t demand pay raises without getting shot in commie land. So you and your baby poppers better be careful what you all wish for. Again Lawrence O’Donnell speaks to the TV picture tube for a minute or less about the first illegal alien soldier killed in Iraq that was given U.S. citizenship after his death. What comrade commie is really saying is we Americans should just give in a give instant full “RIGHTS” to any and everything south of the baby popping border. I say NO! Comrade commie is telling us how god awful it was he (the illegal) wasn’t given citizenship long before that. Like U.S. citizenship should be handed out at the southern border with a huge wad of America money. The first problem with this claim over citizenship with this soldier is, he should not have gotten into this country at age 14 in the first place. We all know he had to have adult supervision and be supported by somebody. WOW! And he went to America’s public schools. Did he graduate? The percentages of this is a big NO. Most of his people don’t. His people that do go to school has America schools so over crowded and now under their control Americans have to find ways to pay for private schools just so their kids can continue learning something. Thats more money americans have to spend because your precious baby machines have to be here. Also they get free school. Here a whinner asks – “How many kids have to die in order to get the American citizenship they deserve?” http://community.history.com/reply/455861/t/Soldier–Die–Iraq—Illegal-Immigrant-Killed–Friendly.html  There are only 6400 non citizens enlisted in the armed forces in the first place. Thats 6 thousand 4 hundred. There are 1,259,000 Americans enlisted in the armed forces. Thats 1 million 259 thousand. And the majority of these soldiers are white Americans. Most of all of the deaths overseas were white Americans.  After the parcel word govt, this is now happening here in America. As this does continue happening everywhere these people are still coming to this country and still breeding, having babies they can’t afford in America, Mexico and Central America. As soldiers get killed fighting terror overseas. Mexicans have been running away from a fight in their own country. Forcing their way into this country knowing their safe here mostly from everybody BUT their own people. Then they get uppity and violent in the faces of Americans like they have a “RIGHT” to as they make charges claiming white Americans are doing what their people are quilty of. And there are 27,800 ruthless gangs thats 27 thousand 800 hundred. and 1,200,000 ruthless gang members thats 1 million 200 thousand in the U.S. a least half of them are from south of the border. That means there are nearly just as many gang members as there are American citizens enlisted in the armed forces isn’t this a sorry ass waste of human life thats not to be proud of. The reason why is certain people spend much of their time defacing and destroying American neighborhoods as well as having their own wars in American city streets. Its people like this that believe they should be handed over full “RIGHTS” to do anything and get anything they want. Millions of American identities have been stolen and so many Americans have lost so much up to everything. Their lives are destroyed because people from 6 other countries forced their way into this country and had a free for all. One of my sisters identity had been stolen and handed out to several people so they could use her identity for jobs, Welfare and food stamps. We Americans are suppose to say this is cool because its them if we don’t they call us white Americans RACIST NAZIS. My sister is bi-racial so its just her white side of the family thats a “White Racist Nazi.” Right!In desperation to try to be right it didn’t take your people long to come up with this brain storm did it comrade O’Donnell. 12 Americans are killed daily, 4,380 a year, 48,000 since 9/11. How many of your precious socialist baby machines have been killed by white Americans commie O’Donnell. Your brainy socialist not only think they can get off using the magic word RACIST. They also believe claiming they own half of planet earth will give them RIGHTS in America. Here there claim of “We Come As Indigenous” claiming a race relation with Native Americans should get all of baby popper land every RIGHT in the Bill of Rights! Even the Native Americans believe or did believe nobody can own the earth. Their belief is you must give back to the earth what you take from it. Should i tell your highly evolved socialist or will you comrade commie. OK, I’ll do it. On planet earth, and thats anywhere on earth, to own anything you have to have something like this. If your not the holder of something like this.  Or this, you don’t own squat you uneducated buffoons. Do you know why they claim they own half of planet earth? I’ll tell you why. Somehow they believe claiming they own half the world will give them RIGHTS to this America money. This American money is all this continent owning is all about. All American money, bills, coins has pictures of white men on them Not a single one has a baby poppin continent owner on them. And the white mans Canadian money doesn’t either.Here is another brain storm that makes as much sense as owning half the planet with no proof. I want anybody that dare to explain to me just how did the southern border cross them (these people) without claiming North America belongs to Mexicans because Native Americans are here. Why is it everything they have come up with is so weak! If we white Americans do go back to Europe we are going to take all of our American money with us making Europe the new super power you RACIST Mexican asshole. Stacks of American money does not automatically come to you breeders other than American Welfare simply because your baby popping asses are here. Most of us Americans will never do this like people like Lawrence O’Donnell surely will. We Americans can stop the Welfare and we can stop you from getting “our” American money. And when or if we do leave what white mans country do you simple minded baby machines invade next. Canada maybe! Do you think the Canadians will let you come charging over their border after they have seen what you precious baby poppers have done to the United States. I think they will stop your GIME, GIME, invasion force at their border with armed man power just to save themselves before you destroy them. I don’t believe Canadians will allow 10’s of millions of out of control i’ll show you my middle finger people on their Welfare system. So what do you socialist think about that. Does this mean “No Human Is Illegal” in Mexico and Central America or does it mean “No Human Is Illegal” where there is a white mans Welfare system. This is the kind of people you are endorsing comrade commie. Mexicans believe only they are great and only their people should be respected. The brains it took to make this picture above is the same amount of brains that has all those babies they can’t afford and then its brains like these that believe they can make the people from another country pay for the baby popping mess they created.Thats why they are here to show us (white) Americans who the real boss is. I’ll send these photos to the Canadians telling them their flag maybe next. Right comrade commie! Your over sexed breeder machines (just as the born victim black Americans do) believe the way to become somebody is to cover your face and show everybody just how important you look looking like a criminal.  All this bullshit that is going on is all because these breeders can not control themselves. There wouldn’t be all this poverty in their countries if these scholars could control their over active sex organs. Even birth control is to good for them. Are they aware there are sexually transmitted diseases or do they think only white people can get them. I think this is the right approach for poverty! Do you HATE white people to comrade commie. Yes, why so socialist Comrade Commie O’Donnell! Stupid people believe the word RACIST is their word to use against white people. Since MSNBC’s Ed Schultz is black and commie Lawrence O’Donnell is a Mexican they can’t be RACIST either. HUH! 

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